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Comment 15 Aug 2017

So cool...  I'll be burning up my data plan all week watching the different version on You-Tube... Provided the outcome is as expected. 

The coaches version of the national champ game is fantastic.   A must You-Tube watch.... 

Kieth Jackson is missed...  He was the best.... 

Comment 10 Feb 2016

Hill, Munger, and Sprinkle are all red shirt JRs in the Fall. Prob them unless beat out by some big unknowns.

Three red shirt Freshman - Allabi, Hamilton, Landers. Big question marks. Maybe Spring ball will shed some light. Landers is the best of this group? 

Also looks like Cornell and most especially Jones have grown into DT bodies even thought they came in as DE. Which has the added benefit of a shorter depth cart for Bosa to climb. 

Comment 08 Feb 2016

Ed W in the booth all year... Gibson and Mack on O.  D Jones and hopefully some bodies step up in the secondary on D. The secondary is by far the biggest concern for 2016. 

Comment 03 Feb 2016

Wondering if we'll see a OG move to DT. HAve had some outstanding looking kids sign the last three years at OG. Get that talent on the field one way of another? OL with the JUCO is loaded. Can move Jamario to OG? 

Comment 01 Feb 2016

Gordon Gee must have done this as ties are counted as wins for OSU? I love OSU but just saying. A little bit off... Certainly not much. I can only think of two ties in the last 30 years. 

Comment 08 Jan 2016

Fickel said they are excited about Dre'Mont Jones at DT...  Diesel 2.0....  Landers will find his way into the rotation too... LOTS of Fresh bodies rotating in next year at DT... The rush package will be excellent (by mid year)... Lewis, Jones, BOSA, Hubbard...  Just call'in my shot... Copper and Cornell too!  D Line is in great shape..   O Line is even more exciting!

Comment 07 Jan 2016

Jones to DT is huge!!!  Diesel 2.0...  

Med Red Shirt Smith is Huge!!!  Mack in early (Chris Carter 2.0). KJ (H) and Gibson will impress too. Wilson at RB VERY interesting. 

Now move Worley to SS and I'll fell good about the wholes needing filled except for TE is really unknown... 

O line will crush next year... They will be good and deep. You could play two completely different lines at times. Did it 2006... Worked against UT...

Comment 14 Dec 2015

I was watching the OSU ND Bowl from Jan 2006. Tressel had the play card out and scanning it constantly and was communicating to the OC the whole time. UFM needs to take control. The O failure to live up to all the talent it had on the field was sickening...  Why did UFM allow this OC debacle to go on all year???  The O from the championship run to all of 2015 was obviously a drop off due to play calling and game planning. The talent was over flowing and wasted...  Braxton wasted...  What could have been...  ONly one decent team to beat to get to the playoff and that play calling???  I'll never get over what a waste of talent this year and 1996 were...   UFM pulled a Cooper this year...  

Comment 06 Dec 2015

Lee, Jalin, and ELi come bask... Smith at safety will do just fine.  Did Corey Smith get a med redshirt?

Can we move a OG to DT to help out there??? Scary lack of talent and depth at DT and TE... 

KJ and Gibson need to step up at WR.  Need to develop a #2 at QB with as much as they run JT...

Watching yesterday's non Big Ten teams. We don't have the same O as last year to hang with the top three. We need an air game badly. With Braxton, Marshal, Samuels, and Thomas you can NOT tell me this years passing debacle was a personnel thing??? Changes have to be made to the game planning and play calling. It sickened me to see MSU take (we gave them) the Big Ten Championship.... 

Stanford's wide open O will give us fits in a bowl game. Misdirection and creative.... Things we refused to do this year... 

With all that being said I like next years line up....   TE and DT steps up and OSU will be near the top again... Curtis S s at TB is very exciting...