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Eleanor, WV (via Cleveland area)

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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Tito Paul planting Derrick Mason into the turf.
    Andy Katzenmoyer planting Corby Jones into the turf.
    Matt Wilhelm planting Ken Dorsey into the turf.
  • NFL TEAM: Cleveland Browns
  • NBA TEAM: Cleveland Cavaliers
  • MLB TEAM: Cleveland Indians

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Comment 08 Sep 2019
Same bullshit, different day
Comment 20 Aug 2019

And after all Browns fans have gone thru since 1999, who gives a shit what the QB did 2 years ago?  He won 7 games last year and shows talent, promise, and a big arm.  I choose to embrace the good.  I hardly think I'm compromising any morals because he stuck a flag in turf, hates Sam Ehlinger, and may have had a thought about Jones that was taken out of context.  Jeez.

Comment 20 Aug 2019

And he's our punk.  This happened two years ago, I'm over it, and if he wins games despite being abrasive, I'm fine with it.  The people on the teams I cheer for don't need to be angels.  Give me a team full of Baker Mayfields and Charles Barkleys.