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Born and raised in Columbus, O-H-I-O! Graduate, and former employee of tOSU, so very vested in history and tradition of Ohio State.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Dorsey's incomplete pass falls to the turf, and the Buckeyes are National Champions.
  • NFL TEAM: Cincinnati Bengals
  • NHL TEAM: Columbus Blue Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: Chicago Bulls
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds
  • SOCCER TEAM: Columbus Crew

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Comment 09 Dec 2019

Reminds me a bit of the 2002 situation. Bucks were given no chance to beat Miami, had to earn several wins during the course of the regular season, while Miami coasted through a down year in the ACC, and then pre-planned victory parties. It was a competitive game, MIami had not seen a defense of that caliber all year, and it showed. I expect the same in 3 weeks.

Kind of glad the B1G championship game played out the way it did. Now you have a disrespected OSU team with 3 weeks to prepare, stew and listen to talking-heads say how much better Clemson is, and Bucks are the under-dog in Vegas. 


Comment 08 Feb 2019

What a wild game! Had great seats in 3rd row just a little over from the broadcast team, so got to see the FB recognition up close, very cool! Seats were a present for my 12-year old's B-day, and he was in heaven. Bucks tried to give this one away, as usual, but the win was special for us.

Only downside was experiencing the dead-zone first hand, as all of those people just sit on their asses the whole game, except their last 2 minutes of course. Two 60-somethings behind us bad-mouthing the team the entire game. My son asked me why they had nothing good to say, and I didn't have an answer other than some people are just negative. I'll beat this dead, bloody horse again and be a proponent of extending the student section around the entire lower court. I know, I know, $$$$$$, but geez how pathetic. 

Regardless, had a great time, all the while instilling how to be a good Buckeye fan in another generation.

Go Bucks!

Comment 07 Jan 2019

and to be the first Ohio State quarterback selected in the first round of the draft since Art Schlichter was the No. 4 overall pick in the 1982 NFL draft.

Boggles the mind.

Good luck to you Mr. Haskins, can't wait to see you're accomplishments next year in Across the Shield!

Go Bucks!