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Comment 08 Apr 2013

I hate that team up north so much.  But I find myself struggling with the idea of who I want to win this game tonight.  We've been hearing all year that the B1G is the best basketball conference, and the only way to live up to this hype is for the B1G to win a championship.  I am sick and tired of hearing B1G haters talk about much the B1G major sports suck, and rightfully so its been ten years since the B1G has won a champtionchip in either basketball or football.  Not only does a win tonight by ttun make the B1G look better, but it also makes Ohio  State look better because we beat scUM once this season.  With that said, i'm not as turned off to sun winning the championship as I thought.  Does anyone else feel this way????   

Comment 18 Mar 2013

I obviously really like our chances in the tournament,  It will be interesting to see us against teams with good/consistent bigs.  Amir Williams is a liability on our team, and rav is good but hes just "small" for a big.  Matta going "small" with Scott, Craft, DT, (Smith/Ross), Thompson is a genius move, so maybe that might be able to offset not having a dominate big.  It is a bunch of hogwash for those who say Matta cant coach!

Comment 16 Mar 2012

I have OSU winning the whole thing, obvi, but its hard to realistically see them win the whole thing if they play like they played yesterday.

Comment 03 Mar 2012

"I was told Coach Meyer wouldn't be there because he was on vacation."

Either Urbz is actually spending time with the family or hes down in Florida taking his "vacation" visiting some 5-star recruits.

I would guess the second option.

Comment 22 Feb 2012

Its sad to see williams so underdevloped...Mattas has done such a nice job developing young big guys guys fast (i.e Greg, Kosta, BJ, Jared).  

Comment 22 Feb 2012

I like the Matta's idea of subing in Scott for Smith, and Thompson for Buford.  It gives us more depth and keeps the defense guessing.  

Comment 21 Feb 2012

I hope Amir plays tonight...

Comment 21 Feb 2012

is williams really just that bad or does matta just not see that we need williams dow low?

Comment 21 Feb 2012

Why not this lineup?

PG - Craft

G - Buford

G - Thomas

PF - Sullinger

C - Williams


Do you think Thomas could keep up with the other guards in the B10?  I know Williams could make up for Thomas mishaps on defense by being a dynamic shot-blocker that we are missing down low.  

Sullinger would be hard to guard at the PF position, but he would also most likely have a hard time guarding a PF, but at the same time he doens't really play that great of defense down low anyways.

Comment 21 Feb 2012

You can't put everything on buford...its a combination of lack of depth and young talent developing more slowly than we thought.  I mean other "elite" teams in the country, when one of their guys is having a bad shooting night they put someone else in to lift the team up.  We can't really do that with thompson, scott, ravenal, or sibert because their either inexperienced, streaky, or just cant shooot.  We also have a much tougher scheudule than last year, and hopefully these loses teach the team something come march!

Comment 16 Feb 2012

Why doesn't Amir Williams play more?  In "game over" situations hes been great, and when hes played when the game was still on the line he didn't hurt the team at all.  Were in desperate need of a shot-blocking presence down low.