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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Attending the 1997 Rose Bowl
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: After watching him win the heisman my freshman year I gotta say Eddie George
  • NFL TEAM: The Brownies
  • NHL TEAM: Red Wings
  • NBA TEAM: Philly
  • MLB TEAM: Detroit Tigers
  • SOCCER TEAM: ????????

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Comment 26 Jan 2016

What I keep coming back to on the whole contract issue is that a good number of these kids would be entering into these agreements as minors which automatically gives them a contractual advantage. Any contracts not made for necessities (food, drink, clothing, lodging etc...) are automatically voidable by the minor. So they could basically walk away from the agreement anytime before they turn 18 with zero consequences (not that I think that's necessarily a bad thing). 

Looks like we're getting all Contracts I up in here.

Comment 04 Oct 2015

8 Penalties for 109 yards.

That's a pretty significant stat for me. The last time Ohio State committed over 100 yards in penalties in a game was over three years ago on Sept. 15th, 2012 when they committed 11 penalties for 101 yards and barely managed to beat a Cal team that ended up going 3-9 by a touchdown at home. Penalties are a killer.

Comment 31 Jan 2015

I would. Seems like he coached at San Diego State and Stanford for a combined 7 seasons without any infractions (unless I'm missing something there) and managed to be extremely successful. I don't understand why anyone would expect that to change.

Comment 30 Dec 2014

If this Harbaugh hire has done anything in my world, it has reminded me how many of my "acquantainces" on social media are Michigan fans. My twitter and facebook feeds have been overrun with their excited posts about khakis, "Those who stay" and all that other bullshit. The trash talk has already commenced in earnest. After getting their dicks kicked in for damn near 15 years, they had all gone pretty quiet. I guess it's time for them to stop pretending like they don't really care that much about football anymore.

I must say I missed these overly confident smug Michigan fans, and I welcome their return. They make winning feel soooooo much better.

Comment 09 Dec 2014

Well, Lesson learned.

I've never dipped my toe in the fabled eleven warriors forums before, and I seem to have suffered from poor judgment here. 

My intent was to ask a question on a topic I'd seen or heard nothing else about, not to rumor monger. That being said, I now see how this sort of seemingly harmless query fuels further unfounded speculation. Your justice has been swift, and I'm feeling thoroughly dealt with.  You have properly schooled a naive first time poster. Some of you more diplomatically (and originally) than others. 

I will now return to my regular reading of the front page and occasional commenting, and I will certainly try to exercise better judgment in regards to any future forum topics (lest I cause someone to "suck start a shotgun").

Comment 29 Nov 2014

My only question now is do we have a chance to make the 4 team playoff without Barrett? Even if we win the B1G championship game, Call me a pessimist, but I can't help but think the playoff committee passes us over when we don't have the guy responsible for 40+ touchdowns this season on the field

Comment 11 Nov 2014

I don't think he's going to transfer, but I certainly wouldn't hate him if he did. 

Comment 01 Sep 2014

That option call on 3rd and short inside the 5 yard line was a doozy as well.

Comment 26 Jun 2014

Pretty sure Univision is streaming all the world cup games online for free.

Comment 29 Jan 2014

Ouch. For this team games like this are a definite must win. At this rate, it's highly possible that they finish out the regular season with 10 or 11 losses, which would mean we're looking at a potential bubble team for the tourney depending on how they do in the big ten tournament. I'd like to think they get it together and start playing better basketball, but they aren't instilling a ton of confidence at the moment. Can't lose games like this. Hope they can figure it out.

Comment 14 May 2013

If his football skills are anything like his rap skills, Sparty isn't missing out on much.

Comment 19 Apr 2013

Seconded. Two Hearted is probably my favorite beer.

Comment 02 Oct 2012

The University should consider showing this video to prospective students who come in for a campus tour.  It could help a lot of kids, and parents, decide if they're really up to the standard of excellence that is required to attend such a fine institution of higher learning.