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Comment 08 Feb 2020

Great post SilverHaven. There is no doubt there has been a consolidation of talent in college football. If one did the analysis all the way through the top 100 recruits the results would be similar (i.e. the top 5 and even top 10 programs taking a larger % of the top x recruits than in the past). We don't just see the impact in seeing the same teams in the college playoff, we see it in the regular season when the average margin of victory for top 10 teams is increasing. There is a growing gap between Ohio State, Oklahoma, Clemson, and the average teams in their leagues. 

I don't think we can pin the reason on any one thing. Playoffs, national recruiting, selling a path to the NFL are part of it. 

I think Nick Saban is partially why this happened. Alabama got the top class every year for several straight years. Great recruits like Von Bell realized if they aren't going to Alabama they better go to another top program if they want a chance to win a championship. 

I believe we would see a similar effect in college basketball if players had to stay 3 years. If all those one and done recruits at KY and Duke had to stay 3 years those programs and a handful of others would utterly dominate the rest of college basketball even with a 68 team tournament. Imagine Duke with Zion this year and next...

Comment 08 Feb 2020

NCAA men's basketball regular season is a total snoozer. The games are pretty meaningless toward determining the national champ. I don't want college football to be like this. I don't want college teams doing what NFL teams do...resting starters once their playoff spot is locked up. 

Comment 29 Jan 2020

I was pi$$ed, then watching the title game was somewhat therapeutic seeing Clemson get the bad calls and Burrow destroy them. But then Clemson had the huge 2021 recruiting weekend and I'm pi$$ed again. They seem to be the hottest brand in college football right now. I can't help but to think beating them would have helped us recruit against them and other teams. Now I'm pi$$ed that the fumble 6 bad call and the Buckeye missed opportunities will cost us a couple high end recruits down the line and will help Clemson land one or two more. 

Comment 28 Jan 2020

Our class is done but some others will move up on signing day. None will move up enough to knock us out of the #5 spot. 

Noticed Illinois in the B1G cellar sitting at 13 commits. Hope they are getting some signing day recruits. 

Comment 22 Jan 2020

I don't see any difference between playing Citadel in November and Bowling Green in September. 

It would be perfectly legal for the Big10 to schedule bye weeks in November. This has absolutely no impact on how a team plays after 3-4 weeks off in their bowl game. 

Comment 21 Jan 2020

Oregon can't be Clemson because they are located in a recruit cold zone. Clemson is in a state bordering FL, GA, and there is a ton of talent within a driveable distance. One thing Oregon has going for it right now is that USC and UCLA are aweful and they can get great talent in CA, but the rest of the country is raiding CA now as well. 

Comment 20 Jan 2020

I don't think it will be that many, otherwise we would have let Gibbs visit.

Maybe 3 more transfer out or aren't here for a 5th year, then we leave one spot for an incoming transfer. 

Comment 15 Jan 2020

ACC did not do better than Pac-12 in bowls, the ACC got more match-ups against Group of 5 teams. Clemson over OSU was the only remotely good win the ACC got in Bowl season. 

Comment 15 Jan 2020

Cupp is probably our 4th best interior lineman, meaning if any of the 3 ahead of him get injured he is a starter. I very much hope he comes back. 

Comment 11 Jan 2020

Lawrence does dip his head, but Wade also leads with the crown of his helmet which is illegal, preventable, and unsafe. If Wade keeps his head up his facemask will still make contact with Lawrence's helmet, but Wade would not be risking his own safety and would likely not be called for targeting. 

Comment 10 Jan 2020

There was one horrendous call on the scoop and score. What makes it worse is the official's explanation "that the ball was becoming loosened"...yeah it became loosened AFTER the third step, after the WR moves the ball with deliberation from his left ear to his right hip and out again, and actually starts making a football move halting his backward/sideline momentum to turn upfield. Tee Higgins thought it was a fumble; he immediately goes for the ball but JO manages to hold him back just long enough. 

The other calls were all correct. Sucks that we lost a difference maker on D, but Wade dipped his helmet- a completely avoidable error on his part putting his own safety at risk. No way we lose if Wade avoids that mental error. 

After reading the definition of roughing the punter vs. running into the punter it's of no help. This is clearly a judgement call but I'd have to say most refs would have called that roughing. Brown hits the punter's kicking knee while he is still in the air. The refs missed a flagrant face mask by Clemson on that play, but the facemask is away from the ball and I'm not surprised the refs missed it. 

The self inflicted errors were a bigger impact than the bad officiating, but take away either and we win that game. 

Comment 09 Jan 2020

The targeting call was a good one and even the penalty was correct. This was not one of those plays where there was nothing the defender could do differently. Wade is taught to keep his head up; he failed to do so. By dipping his head he not only risks concussing Lawrence, he risks a serious neck injury to himself. If we want to make the game safer this was literally the textbook example of a high risk hit that is completely unnecessary and preventable. It sucks that one normally smart player made an uncharacteristic mistake which made at least a 14 point difference in the game. 

The fumble 6 reversal is one of the worst call reversals I have ever seen. 

Comment 09 Jan 2020

Very insightful way to break the game down into 3 sections. 

Only thing I'd add to that final segment is we failed to finish our second to last drive, failed to stop Clemson on their final drive, but if not for a freakish misread by our best receiver we likely finish that final drive with the go ahead TD. Game would not have been over, Clemson would have had 37 seconds and 1 timeout only needing a FG...but I like our odds there. 

I've watched that 3rd down play on our second to last drive many times. It looks like another bad break. Mack catches the screen with only one Clemson LB to beat, Watt Davis runs down field at the same time and Mack takes a half step back to avoid running into Davis. The Clemson LB cuts to the inside of Davis and makes the tackle for a 1 yard gain. If Davis was never there at all, Mack gets a couple more yards and maybe even picks up the first down (I think Day goes for it on 4th & 2 or less). If Davis were there a split second earlier he delays the Clemson LB and doesn't delay Mack and we get the first down.

There is one other critical play that were it not for this play we beat Clemson...Two and a half minutes to go in the 4th quarter against Penn State, Justin Fields injures his knee. His running ability is HUGE in the red zone. He scored 10 rushing TDs in 11 games prior to injury (many of those games he doesn't play in the second half), 0 rushing TDs thereafter. He's just not quiet the same with that big clunky knee brace.