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Comment 31 Mar 2019

Zeke's flu certainly had something to do with the lack of carries. 

The offense was off all year up until the TSUN and bowl game; the MSU loss was no shocker. Every year when we've had an obvious weakness it eventually bit us.

Despite the above comments Zeke  should have carried the rock a few more times that day. 

Comment 23 Feb 2019

I'd compare Hurts to Braxton Miller. He an a better athlete than JT and JT was a very good athlete. I think his best option would be switch to WR or RB where he could make an NFL roster. I don't see Hurts as an NFL QB.

Comment 03 Feb 2019

Jake McQuaide - The most dominant performance by a long snapper in the history of the Super Bowl!

A mere mortal would have been exhausted from all those long punt snaps, but not the Legendary Jake McQaide. Jake McQaide, instrumental in the Super Bowl record longest punt ever! He was pretty much unstoppable tonight. 

Comment 21 Jan 2019

I also like Frontier and The Last Kingdom. Just about to get caught up on season 3 of Frontier, great characters and action sequences. 

Comment 18 Jan 2019

There has never been a year where we didn't lose at least 3 between signing day and start of the season including under Tressel. Perhaps the portal speeds this process up, but I would not be surprised if we start the year with 81-82 guys on Schollie and had a few one year scholies to walk-ons then get a class of 25 in 2020. 

Comment 10 Jan 2019

That's exactly what Tate got. The Fields to OSU thing happened fast. It went from nowhere to a possibility to happening in a few weeks. 

I don't blame the players for transferring and I don't blame the schools for taking transfers. Ultimately it best for college football if both Haskins and Burrow are starting QBs if both Fromm and Fields (and perhaps Martell) are starting QBs. 

Comment 09 Jan 2019
It wasn't just Purdue. We had a bad six-game stretch that's half the season we looked mediocre. We became a damn good team those last three games but the first 11 not so much.
Comment 07 Jan 2019

Up until The Game, ND looked a lot better than OSU. It wasn't just the 29 point loss to 6-7 Purdue it was the entire 6 game stretch between a good but not great PSU and UM. Overtime against 5-7 Maryland, squeaking by Nebraska...these wins were no less ugly than NDs ugliest wins. In the UM game we became an elite team, were were pretty good against Northwestern too but too little too late. 

Comment 07 Jan 2019

I visit all the major news sites. If you go to Fox you will see a constant barrage of negative stories about SF to fill their narrative of a liberal city on the brink of destruction. People who have never been there actually believe it.

In reality one of the biggest problems SF is dealing with is the extraordinary high number of very very high paying jobs and the fact that so many people want to live there...pushing rental and housing prices through the roof. 

Comment 07 Jan 2019

The issue is not the better playoff system. An 8 team playoff like the one you just describes trashes the regular season. After we beat UM they still make the playoffs? And both Georgia and Alabama are in no matter what happens in the SEC conference championship game? College football would start doing the same thing the NFL does, rest your starters in the final regular season game once your playoff spot is secure. 

College basketball has a great playoff system, yet the regular season is a total snoozer. I like the 4 team playoff as is; it's the maximum number of teams that still makes the regular season by far the most interesting in all sports. 

Comment 06 Jan 2019

ThePritch makes a great point about why a player having the same value to every class would over value class size. Let's take it to the extreme, if we had a class with 100 recruits would adding our 12th 4 star OL add as much to our class as adding a 3rd 4 star OL to a class of 20-25? Of course not, you can only play so many guys. 

When a recruit gets added to a class the class ranking is basically saying how much does this recruit improve this class. Adding a 15th class member improves a class more than adding a 50th member just as adding $100 dollars to a homeless guy adds more to his life and adding $100 to a millionaire.

Comment 06 Jan 2019

Good point, but taking the season as a whole, Georgia was not remotely close to Alabama. GA was 50 points worse against LSU, 14 points lower margin of victory against Auburn, 15 point lower margin of victory against Mizzou, 11 point lower margin of victory against Tenn. This is why Alabama was a 13 point favorite over Georgia and probably would be again if they played next week. Alabama would have crushed Texas. In fact Alabama did convincingly beat the team that just beat Texas by 12 points. 

Comment 05 Jan 2019

You can praise a guy for sticking around while at the same time understanding why someone in the same situation may choose to leave. I can respect either choice. I don't think anyone is praising Fields for transferring, but we aren't blaming him either. 

Comment 05 Jan 2019

I bought on Stubhub, had to pay about $50 in fees per ticket. My best guess is tickets get cheaper, but selection decreases. I found cheap tickets up high but near the 50 yard line. 

I'm looking forward to the game. I love college football and these are easily the two best teams this year even if I have trouble rooting for either.