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Comment 01 Jul 2020

Agree, there is such a steep drop-off between 1 thru 8.  But I really, really hate the idea of bye weeks for playoff teams.

Group of 5 and ND are the real issue here.  The crazy "best 4 teams" rule has to allow for a group of 5 and/or ND.  If the P5 did their own thing where conference champs were the only 5 teams under consideration.  Then the committee would just need to seed the 5 teams and take the top 4.

Comment 20 Apr 2020

The real issue is "quality" vs "developmental". Those two are in direct conflict with each other.  quality might give us a bunch of 27-30 yo former NFL players, but the NFL doesn't want to see that.  They already know how those players play against NFL talent.

If (big IF) the NFL "wants" anything it would be a Developmental league.  But they are not built to win, they play to give players time to grow and develop.  They might change QBs every half.  Or every other game.  Play 5 different RB over 2 games. That, is not fun for the fans to watch.  Especially once you realize your coaches/front-office are not playing to win but playing to build.

Comment 02 Jan 2020

So, it is to block press box (only on Baylor's side of the field) from viewing hand signals?  That's a bit paranoid.  I would think the play caller's body would block some of the signals under normal scenarios (though I understand many of the signals our done outside the caller's body width).

Comment 13 Dec 2019

Player and coach motivations are indeterminate in 'modern' bowl games. Bowl records shouldn't be counted or touted.  They are fun scrimmages that include a nice gift bag.  

Comment 11 Dec 2019

We (fans, bloggers, press) need to stop taking non-CFP bowls seriously.  With the transfer portal, 4 Game red-shirts, future NFL players holding out and coaches moving, it is nearly impossible to take these games seriously.  They should be called 'The Winter Scrimmage' (not too different than the Spring Game).  The primary benefit of these games is 15 days of extra off-season practice and a gift bag from the scrimmage's primary sponsor.

Comment 19 Nov 2019

Agree, sort of.  The committee should just rank the conference champs (and undefeated non-conf teams?  They need an 'in' for ND).  Win it on the field.  None of the best win, worst loss, eye test crap.  Plus that (most years) gives 4 power 5 teams into the playoffs.  And the #1 seed would probably have an easier path (today that would mean LSU playing Oregon??).

What other sport puts the best into their playoffs?  None!

Comment 01 Nov 2019

Will the school even matter?  We seem to be think of 'traditional' likeness usages (used car lot commercial, etc.).  What about social media?  Some goofball QB from a D3 school could have 1M followers and end up making more than the QB from OSU.

While a bigger school will more than likely bring more followers.  That doesn't have to be the case.  Ask your teenagers who are the 'biggest' social media 'stars' that they follow.  You'll probably want to drive your head thru a wall after seeing the stuff they actually make money on.  The world of 'social media influencers' is really crazy and quite fickle.

So, I wouldn't worry about the QB missing practice for shooting a commercial for a local used car lot.  I would be more concerned about the QB missing practice for shooting his latest YouTube video in which he does some crazy antics that he has been practicing in his 'off-time'.

Comment 22 Oct 2019

How is Clemson's SOS only few points behind ours (@40 we are @31)?  Their schedule seems to be really weak.

FWIW, here are a few more 'rankings' worth looking at now that we more than half-way thru the schedule.  Interesting to see where each one puts their emphasis....