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Comment 08 Aug 2019

Cool graphics for all programs. Quick glance shows Michigan’s glory days were long, long ago, when they played—and include in their win totals—Ann Arbor High School, Carlisle (a high school for native Americans coached by Pop Warner), Grand Rapids High School (not even a school team, but a pick up team of high school kids), and downtown athletic clubs of Detroit and Cleveland. And this was before Henry Ford starting maki g Cars (1903), before the forward pass was invented (1906), before WWI, and before electricity was in the majority of homes (1925). 

Comment 14 Jul 2019

Oberlin! It’s appropriate, since they’re last Ohio team to beat Ohio State —back in 1921. 

And the Buckeyes should play Oberlin the weekend before the ttun game. Good choice too because Citadel is booked with Bama through the century.

Plus, the B1G can be politically and socially correct if Oberlin has players “contributors” who don’t identify with any gender. Gus Johnson would be awesome with the different pronouns  

Comment 08 Jul 2019

Personally, I need more context before viewing this as a positive review. Investment managers can boast about positive returns of 1% but that’s terrible when the market average was +20%. Has OSU (and the Drake) outperformed the its peer group?  

Comment 04 Jul 2019

Is there an ideal height for OT? It seems like the guys tallest guys don’t work out as well as the guys around 6’6”? 

Comment 29 Jun 2019

Yeah, I think it’s been well established that this thread is not about ZS the person; rather, it’s about the behind-the-curtain info. 

So Courtney learned Zach was having some success, so she started her own blog just to post stuff to tear Zach down? Again? Wow, she won’t quit. It may be warranted, but she really hates the guy. 

They are still a toxic duo. Beyond sad; it’s tragic. 

Comment 25 Jun 2019

Assuming you mean Urban. The new December signing date means coaches need to get hired and flip recruits in a 2 week window after the season.  Flipping a player in 2 weeks after that player took months to decide between top schools will be tougher than in the past. Not impossible, but tougher. 

Comment 04 May 2019

1. Franklin

2. Texas Tom

3. Dabo

4. Whoever is in tsun job 

5. Whoever is coach of the University of SEC

6. Kelly (intentionally vague on which one)

7. Bert (yeah, still on list even after coaching)

Watchlist for future additions:


Frosty at Nebraska

Next coach of tsun (Campbell?)

locksley at Maryland

Not a fan but recognize they are entertaining in college football:

The Mullet





Lastly, will be curious to see how I feel about Urban when he takes over at USC. He did bring tOSU a natty and elevated recruiting, and he did get thrown under the bus in a public way by the Drake. Would feel better if he faced Bucks and lost 41-14 to tOSU  

Comment 19 Apr 2019

CS, let’s remove the terms salary and payment and just use the term income for a moment. Per the IRS, there are many forms of income (or if you prefer, compensation) other than cash.  Many benefits through a job are considered additional income even though the employee receives no cash. Life insurance is one example. Trips for doing your job and achieving sales goals is another benefit for which you’d get no cash payment but you’d owe income taxes.  Scholarships are generally not taxable for degree seeking students, but they can be taxable for say, a research assistant who is at the school performing a task but not truly there to get a degree. There are many examples but let’s not argue the Internal Revenue Code sections. My point is that SOME student athletes receive benefits that would be considered income in other circumstances and in other circumstances, income comes with restrictions.  And I think I get your point that cash income is what kids at that age prefer the most. 

Comment 19 Apr 2019

I’m still not sure of my position on the matter, but just for a point of reference from the corporate world, people sign and abide by non-compete agreements regularly. If they leave an employer, they can’t call on the same clients for a year. It’s the Corp equivalent of sitting for a year. The logic that both sides agree to is that the employee learns things from the employer (and it would be unfair to use them to someone else’s advantage. Baldwin got paid a scholarship, and for those arguing players should get paid, that could be the considered the right salary for an injured 3rd/4th string QB. And Baldwin’s got coaching from Day, which could be the equivalent of the corporate Intellectual Property. So there’s a precedent.