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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 1994 Michigan game. It had everything - picture-perfect day, a dominating OSU performance, a streaker, a friend dotting the I, even someone stealing Tyrone Wheatley's helmet prior to kickoff. After the win, we rushed the field and grabbed pieces of the turf as souvenirs (it was grass back then). I ran smack into Lorenzo Styles on the field and fell down. He looked like he didn't even notice.
  • NFL TEAM: Steelers
  • NHL TEAM: nope
  • NBA TEAM: Pistons
  • MLB TEAM: Tigers
  • SOCCER TEAM: wut?

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Comment 04 Dec 2014

When I was at OSU in the mid-90s, David Fong was an editor for the Lantern:

Comment 03 Oct 2014

As someone who went to OSU from '93-'97, I fully agree with this. Those 3 games were miserable.

Comment 31 Jul 2014

For a cheaper bourbon, Weller's extremely hard to find most of the year, especially in Ohio. Not sure if you'd have better luck at Party Source in northern KY, but it might be worth a call.

Comment 31 Jul 2014

You sure the littlest guy in the Beckman photo isn't Nick Saban?

Comment 30 Jul 2014

Well said. I've been in Cleveland for four years and it's great to see the conversations about this town shift from mockery and jokes to revitalization and civic pride. LeBron is just one more positive thing that Cleveland and the NE Ohio region has going for it now, and he'll just add (or already has added) to its national reputation as a city on the mend. It still has a long, long way to go, but it's made significant strides in the last decade.

Comment 09 Jun 2013

"What I am looking forward to the most? Winning a national championship, because that's what we're going to do."

I already love this kid.

Comment 18 Mar 2013

Ha. I was down the street from Cubby Bear with a bunch of my XU friends at Merkle's, a Xavier-friendly bar. They were talking so much trash until Lewis hit that shot. Then the place fell silent except for one guy in OSU gear (me) who was screaming in happiness and returning the trash talk. I've never seen so many red-faced glares before or since.

Comment 18 Mar 2013

I love listening to Kellogg too. One of the best. I got a kick out of him calling Q's stroke "honey sweet" yesterday after he buried the 3.

Comment 11 Jan 2013

That Katherine Webb drawing is super creepy. I'm assuming the "artist" is too.

Comment 17 May 2012

All the kids who Saban cut in the offseason. There are actually multiple vans.