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Comment 01 Sep 2018

My two concerns would be turnovers and injury. The turnovers only because he does not have extended experience against top athletes yet and injury because I'm not sure how capable Martell is at throwing the ball at this point.

Regardles it is exciting as hell to know that we have a qb capable of throwing a deep bomb at any moment.

Go Bucks!!

Comment 23 Aug 2018

I feel icky about a lot of things in the report. The conversation about how to set your phone to delete messages older than a year after the public records request was made, Shelley supposedly not sharing the information with Urban in 2015, Smith suggesting they fire Zach after he missed recruiting trips and lied about it in 2016 and Urban saying no. 

If I take my buckeye hat off we're probably lucky it's only a 3 week suspension. All this for that pos Zach Smith.

Week one can't get here quick enough.