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Comment 09 Jan 2020

I like your thinking and believe Day will get a NC at some point. 

To do this, we will have to go through the south as much as i hate to say it.

I used to justify the Cooper losses to the sec in the 90’s as being a Cooper issue.

Since 2000 we continue to struggle with the sec (2-5) and now clemson (0-3).  2-8 this century vs them in what Is considered a golden era of OSU football.  Throw in the basketball losses to Fla and UK in the tourney with 2 of our greatest teams and it makes you hate the southern teams as much as ttun.  

Beat ttun and beat the south

Comment 01 Jan 2020

Ramzy’s article is great as always.  However, I do not buy this contention that the media does not push negative stories about other teams because no one cares about scandals at more regional programs.  

if that were true, then i could argue that the same media would have no interest in pumping a steady flow of positive stories about Clemson, LSU, funny Coach O, good ol Dabo, Trevor, Burrow, etc throughout this entire season (even before we knew they would play for the title)

they are great programs and should be covered...but covered with all aspects positive/negative just like OSU.

i think plenty of fans would be interested in Clemson’s (PEDs & FBI) or LSU’s (booster stealing from cancer charity to pay players) scandals.


I know a lot of Buckeye fans that would tune into ESPN if they were setting up shop in Baton Rouge or Clemson to report on their scandals 

Comment 01 Dec 2019

The hate we have for ttun is similar to the hate southern teams have for OSU and the B1G.  Having grown up in Ohio and lived in the South since the 90s i have experienced it enough to say it is comparable.

they get up for playing OSU with a southern chip on their shoulder.  Dabo is just building that chip right now. 

We are 0-3 vs Clemson and our bowl record vs SEC is well known.

i would expect to see Clemson and LSU at their best in the playoff and you can forget about struggles they have had in the regular season.  They will be ready by playoff time.  Hopefully so are we...

Comment 23 Nov 2019

i could care less about this Tuesday’s rankings.  
Beat ttun Saturday and then win the B1G we will be #1 in the final pairings in two weeks IMO. 

also...if Oregon loses tonight, that opens the door up for Oklahoma more than anyone IMO.  I could see the committee taking Oklahoma as a Big12 Champ over Bama.  Not sure Baylor or Utah would get that same respect as conference champs.  

Comment 23 Nov 2019

Forecast in AA calling for some snow and temps in the 30’s.  Could play a role in keeping the score lower than expected.

They want this one badly to try and flip the rivalry and get their coach his first big W.  

Day needs this one just as badly to continue the run that Tress started in 01’ and get his rivalry record off to a good start.  

Fields has to heal up quickly (left wrist and left knee/ankle) from a tough game today. 

Assuming Fields heals up I expect a close one with our D being the difference...

27-20 Buckeyes. 

Comment 16 Nov 2019

IMO, a win over ttun is like a Championship whether we have 5 losses like in 01’ or 0 losses like 02’.  

Regardless of bowls or playoffs we have enjoyed 16 “The Game” Championships in the past 18 years.  Incredible for those of us who survived the Cooper era.  
Now we need Day to get that W to get him off to a good start.  

Comment 16 Nov 2019

Beating LSU would require a 49-48 kind of score because I believe Burrow would score on any defense in the country...including ours.  We have yet to face a QB of his caliber and he has some added motivation were he to face us.  I think we could beat LSU but we would be in a dog fight for 4 quarters.

I have lived in SEC land enough to know that native Southerners share a united disdain for the North/B1G and love nothing more than beating Northern teams especially OSU. I think the players feed off of that intense disdain and play with an extra chip on their shoulder when they face us.  Seen too many talented OSU teams get beat in the 90s and the NCG in 06/07 to ever take an SEC team for granted.

Comment 18 Dec 2016

yep...i was too busy celebrating.  just saw the footage from 2015 postgame.  poor post on my part...my bad.

haven't seen anything from the 2016 postgame but at this point i'll give him benefit of the doubt due to the madness with Peppers/etc.

Ok...so just disregard my first post.  lol smh

Comment 18 Dec 2016

There is no denying Tressel brings a very strong winning presence wherever he goes.  

9-1 vs ttun, won a NC, owned the Big Ten and many people forget his winning record in BCS bowls (which are now similar to playoff games) at 5-3 because the 06/07 losses were so memorable.  I truly believe he would have won 1-2 more NCs had the unfortunate tattoo scandal not occurred...

He built YSU into a power with multiple NCs...they fell on hard times after he left...he returns (not as coach) and they are back in the title game.  

Comment 18 Dec 2016

Thanks for the follow up...i had not noticed that during the telecast last year or this year. 

I also realize this year's postgame was full of fans rushing the field, Peppers doing his thing and Urban pausing for a few seconds on the turf to realize how crazy a finish it was.  

Just used to that moment being so visible in years past and didn't notice it occur during live coverage in either game during the past 2 years...

maybe i was too busy celebrating ;)

Comment 18 Dec 2016

1st time poster here so not able to start my own thread yet.

To follow up on the Harbaugh comments regarding how poorly he has handled this loss, I find it interesting that I have yet to see video or picture footage of him having a POSTGAME (not pre-game) handshake with Urban after the loss from this year or last.  

He has a history of controversial postgame handshakes/antics with Pete Carroll and the Detroit Lions coach (forget the name) in previous years and it had me wondering how he would handle these highly visible handshakes in this rivalry win or lose.  He was blown out last year after his pre-game antics of hammering a Buckeye nut at Bo's grave and I don't recall seeing a postgame handshake.  He was defeated this year in a tough loss and I saw no footage of a postgame handshake.  He has shown himself to be a weasel by blaming everything on the refs and making no effort to acknowledge that his team fell short.  

He likes to portray himself as an old school All American Coach that is tough, no non-sense and of high moral character...only to then cry about the refs, accuse other coaches of lying to recruits and avoid postgame handshakes during tough losses (based on having not seen any evidence that he sought out Urban in either loss).

If there is footage out there of it, I will acknowledge I missed it and give him some credit for meeting Urban at midfield...for now though, it appears as though he doesn't feel the need to seek out Urban after he loses.  We know he seeks out opposing coaches for a handshake when he wins though.

Surprised the media doesn't comment on it as the postgame handshake between coaches is always one of the most visible scenes after a big rivalry game.