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Comment 07 Nov 2015

I have a very hard time believing this.  I worked for the company that makes "crumb rubber" and ate enough of it accidentally and thru bets over 14 years to make a field.  No way, plus there is so Much safety testing, the crumb rubber dust had to past an air quality test, it was too big to be absorbed by the lungs. Which was why I coughed up colored dust at the end of every shift.  If this caused cancer I'd already have it.

Comment 25 Jul 2014

During my 4 years at OSU me and my high school friends played in the A league for intrameurals and never lost a game (Harry Buffaloes!).  So we all thought we were great - so we went to Jesse Owens South one summer for a pick up game and Chris Gamble, Donnie Nickey, and Chris Vance were there.  Needless to say we knew we were in trouble when Nickey stood at the foul line, bounced it between his legs, turned and threw it down two-handed.  I remember thinking "i'm 6'1, 190, can bench 300, that's the same size as Gamble".  Uh, they were in another league athletically and promptly trounced us like 21-2.

Comment 12 Feb 2013

I love the site and read it multiple times per day, and is the first thing I read every morning.  I do believe I was one of the first people here back in 2006ish, when it was merely a link on Everyday Should Be Saturday's website.  Once again, great job.


The only thing i can think of for an "improvement" would be something similar to the Houndie for the NBA.  Or at least an update.  I know 5 years ago this would have been void since we don't have anyone in the NBA, but thank you Matta, we now have quite a few, and I will watch NBA games, but I would watch one if I knew Conley, Dequon, Koufas, etc. were playing. 

Maybe a Houndie type award wouldn't work since Conley may be the only Buck playing significant minutes, but maybe an update? 

Thanks for all your hard work guys.  It makes stalking OSU a lot more convienent.



Comment 07 Jan 2013

Saw this on an ND message board - has anyone heard anything about this?

1. If this is successful it will force a shift in the industry and several dominoes will fall that should(in my opinion) benefit college football and especially Notre Dame. The article is linked here: http://www.businessinsider.com/intel...#ixzz2GkSFccYf

If this new content delivery model works then several possibilities arise:
- Cable outlets will force re-negoiation of rates with content providers to offer better competing packages under the bundle model which would very likely hurt the bottom line of the B1G and as well as ESPN and possibly boot them both from the basic tier(ESPN would likely stay but it is possible that two levels of basic service could be offered and ESPN would lose a lot of households).
- Cable outlets give in and go to the ala carte model which would significantly reduce and possibly kill the B1G network as there is not enough(my speculation) of a subscriber base that could sustain multiple cable satellite providers providing the channel(so it would likely go to being provided in some areas and not others which likely means it would only be offered in the B1G region). The ala carte model also significantly reduces ESPNs bottom line not only in subscriber fees but in advertising. Don't forget that in a nation of 300 million, a 10 rating in sports in incredible...ESPN would lose a lot of homes.
- If one of the two situations above play out Notre Dame, having a TV contract with a national broadcaster, would be the only program that could legitimately state that they could be seen in every home.
- ESPN could possibly come under tremendous financial pressure with all of these massive TV rights that they have signed with different sports and conferences. Those contracts would still be in place yet their new income model would not even come close to covering the costs. Their empire could become weak enough for one or two other sports networks to emerge.



Comment 17 May 2012

Slive fake chowing Mark May 

/yes I know what fake chowing is

/I still think it applies