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Comment 30 Dec 2019

Increasing the budget for paying off replay officials should be the number 1 priority, and it isn't even close.  We are at the doorstep of 2020; there is no reason another team or conference should be outpaying replay officials for good reviews.

Comment 27 Nov 2019

To be fair, I was thinking about Ohio State football the entire time I was reading the post.  That has to count for something.

Comment 20 Nov 2019

Your number 1 has me thinking.  In this day and age, how hard would it be to frame someone?  With the ability to push money with something like Venmo, it seems like it would be easy to get people into trouble.  Push the money to them, screenshot it, and send it to someone important.  By the time the dust settled, a game or two would be missed - even if the player had no clue who sent the money.  Sure, they could report it right away to their compliance department, but it seems like it would be easy to really abuse.  

I suppose the same thing could be said for someone just taking a stack of cash up to one of them as they are walking and handing it to them while someone photographs it.  Even if the player had a confused look on their face and immediately reported it, again, it would be easy to see a game or two missed.

Chase Young had proof that he paid back the loan, and it was seemingly completely legit.  He still missed two games over an abundance of caution.  Get a shady person to organize something like this on the eve of a huge game, and I could see a person being held out of the game.

Comment 26 Sep 2019

Why stop there?  If the CFP committee just picked a single winner at the end of the season--everyone already knows it will happen--is anyone really getting screwed?  Sure, teams ranked 2+ will cry, but it was a fair selection based on concrete selection criteria.

For all the talk by fans of wanting to see things settled on the field, it is odd to see people not want a broader selection of match-ups.  If there will always be bellyaching by teams on the bubble, what is the negative impact of having an expanded playoff for 6 or 8 teams?  Why is D1-A college football the only sport that can't have more than 4 teams in a playoff?*

*I have no idea if there are other sports with only 4 team playoffs out of a possible 130 (or more). 

Comment 21 Jul 2019

I feel the stupidity of most people involved in the show is just next level.  I don't mean that anyone is necessarily dumb intelligence-wise; we all have our strengths and weaknesses.  I just mean that the people involved make some of the dumbest decisions for their own reasons.  I also don't mean just the players.

It is a mystery to me that the players would act certain ways knowing what the technology is capable of during filming (being that they are young and understand most of it).  If they are trying to get a D1 offer somewhere, why would they do the things they are doing?  They are allowing themselves to be filmed driving wedges between coaches and teammates.  What teams would want someone who spends time badmouthing coaches or teammates?  They show themselves demonstrating a lack of interest in the very things that are required at D1 schools.  Not all athletes at D1 schools are pre-med or anything, but pulling Fs in various subjects and barely being able to communicate can't be a big seller to a big-time school.  If you are Markiese King, is talking/bragging about concussions really a great idea with the scrutiny that football is facing over head injuries?

I get that these people are still relatively young.  For the ones that are legit D1 talents, though, I don't understand how they don't understand that 1 good season of effort will translate into offers.  It is a really good example of the difficulty coaches and staff are facing at the big colleges.  If these players struggle with the JUCO college experience, imagine what it would be like in a big city with everyone going crazy over you. 

I am only a few episodes in, so I don't know how everyone ended up yet.  Markiese King, as an example of all of the above, looked like a pretty solid receiver that could probably make a splash at a bigger school.  Instead of just pushing hard through a good season--regardless of the team's record--he just completely shits all over himself by rushing back from concussions and trying the whole tough guy thing.