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Comment 21 Jul 2019

I feel the stupidity of most people involved in the show is just next level.  I don't mean that anyone is necessarily dumb intelligence-wise; we all have our strengths and weaknesses.  I just mean that the people involved make some of the dumbest decisions for their own reasons.  I also don't mean just the players.

It is a mystery to me that the players would act certain ways knowing what the technology is capable of during filming (being that they are young and understand most of it).  If they are trying to get a D1 offer somewhere, why would they do the things they are doing?  They are allowing themselves to be filmed driving wedges between coaches and teammates.  What teams would want someone who spends time badmouthing coaches or teammates?  They show themselves demonstrating a lack of interest in the very things that are required at D1 schools.  Not all athletes at D1 schools are pre-med or anything, but pulling Fs in various subjects and barely being able to communicate can't be a big seller to a big-time school.  If you are Markiese King, is talking/bragging about concussions really a great idea with the scrutiny that football is facing over head injuries?

I get that these people are still relatively young.  For the ones that are legit D1 talents, though, I don't understand how they don't understand that 1 good season of effort will translate into offers.  It is a really good example of the difficulty coaches and staff are facing at the big colleges.  If these players struggle with the JUCO college experience, imagine what it would be like in a big city with everyone going crazy over you. 

I am only a few episodes in, so I don't know how everyone ended up yet.  Markiese King, as an example of all of the above, looked like a pretty solid receiver that could probably make a splash at a bigger school.  Instead of just pushing hard through a good season--regardless of the team's record--he just completely shits all over himself by rushing back from concussions and trying the whole tough guy thing.

Comment 13 Jan 2019

Nah, the kid went full on Chase Winovich.  Everyone knows you don't go full Winovich.  He talked all kinds of shit on Twitter and in interviews.  Once he was put in a situation where he had to do anything of substance, he went for the easy way out.  He might stay at tOSU (doubtful), but he made it clear that he was a lot of talk with not much walk to back it up.

I don't think anyone necessarily hates him or wishes him ill will (though there are always the extreme cases in every group); I think it is more of a case of our perceptions of him have soured.  People love confidence and even cockiness, but Tate was putting up a cocky/confident facade that quickly crumbled when Fields was added.  There is no guarantee Fields will even play this year, even though it seems highly probably, yet Tate didn't even stick around to see.  

Unfortunately, sometimes Taters gonna Winovich.  Nobody wants to see that.  Perhaps Tate entering into the transfer portal was just a mirage, and we are all talking about something that didn't even happen.

Comment 12 Jan 2019

I absolutely wouldn't.  I might be pissed about it and feel slighted, but I would never burn a bridge.  If Tate feels shafted, betrayed, or anything else, I get it.  I don't blame him one bit.  I don't think he should assume the job is his or anything, but I can completely understand why he might think it is.  If he feels betrayed and wants to transfer, I think he should be able to do that without anyone thinking less of him.

However, instead of saying "proper" things in his interviews and on Twitter, he instead went all middle school on the situation and soured the whole situation for a lot of people.  None of us have any skin in the game, but it is hard to cheer for someone acting the way he did.  I watched more LSU football this year than I ever have combined, and there was only one reason for that: there was a guy on the Buckeyes who didn't get to do what he dreamed of doing, so he transferred.  I wanted to see him do well, so I watched several of his games.

Comment 12 Jan 2019

Very true.  Most people don't act the way he has when doing it, though.  If I left my job, I wouldn't tell my current boss that I want a promotion because I am the best option he has (even if I thought I was) and then leave the company if they hired an additional person. 

I can completely understand if he is in a situation where he is going to be the odd man out and wants to transfer.  I don't think anyone would feel anything other than positive things towards him had he just handled things better.  That was proven with Burrow just last year.  To have a huge chunk of the Buckeye fan base cheering for an SEC team really says something.  Had Tate just kept his words to himself or handled the questioning just a little better, the sentiment you are sharing (i.e. just moving on in a business sense) would be understood and supported.  Instead, everything he is doing makes it look like entering his name in the transfer portal is little more than a temper tantrum.

Comment 11 Jan 2019

Final ruling from NCAA, probably: "We have determined that Mr. Fields is not eligible to play.  Also, since you wasted our time, Targeting has been called on all of your starting defensive backfield (once you settle on who they are).  If we are able to split Targeting into Targeting 1 and Targeting 2, all calls will be on Targeting 2.  Also, those calls will be considered each player's 5th offense.  They will each be suspended for 6 games.  Please stop bothering us, unless you want to support a player transferring from your school to another.  In any of those cases, we will approve it as quickly as possible."

Comment 11 Jan 2019

That was my first thought of a team for him.  Based on his recent postings, it would seem like he would burn bridges when leaving and doing anything he could to validate himself.  I don't know anything about him other than what anyone on this site would have seen as a fan, but his recent antics made me think he would be more than willing to make that sort of move.

Comment 28 Dec 2018

Next time you are not feeling well, please post here on 11W so we can all chime in on where we think you should be treated.  We will have expert picks on all of the different types of doctors you need to see and where you need to see them.  You can trust us and count on us: we know exactly what is best for you.

Comment 13 Dec 2018

Someone needs to code up a McMurphy headline/interview generator.

"Urban Meyer knowingly forced coach to remain on staff, even after the discovery of a dangerous, world-ending cyst on that coach's brain." - Brett McMurphy, probably - initial headline

"Urban Meyer forces coach to remain coaching, even while that coach is dealing with an arachnoid cyst." - Brett McMurphy, probably - revised headline (though a ninja edit)

"Urban Meyer discovers that he literally has spiders in his brain." - Brett McMurphy, probably - additional ninja edit

"Well, I had a scientific paper that reported that an arachnoid cyst was a mass of spiders that gathered in the brain to infect a host.  I wasn't maliciously reporting false information.  I was simply relying on information provided by what I deemed a reliable source." - Brett McMurphy's response in an interview as to why he was reporting that Urban Meyer has spiders in his head.

"Urban Meyer to retire from football because of a medical issue." - Brett McMurphy, probably - final headline

"Urban Meyer, while having a legitimate medical issue, likely caused the medical issue himself.  He probably knew about it for years and did nothing.  I think this speaks to his character as being someone willing to look the other way while a person suffers through a debilitating medical condition.  I have no proof that he caused the medical issue himself--or even that he could--but I firmly believe that he did cause it himself, and The Ohio State University allowed for it to happen." - Brett McMurphy's follow up response in an interview on ESPN

Comment 11 Dec 2018

I know, right?  There is no way a receiver can ever get better, so we need to get fresh faces in there immediately.  I don't know why we even worry about redshirts.  Let each person play 1 game.  If they are a superstar, keep them.  If not, throw them off the team.  Expand scholarships to 300 so we have enough people to field a team big enough to handle all of the cuts. /s