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Comment 09 Dec 2016

I think he does better in a hurry up situation, where he doesn't have to wait and wait to get the play called in from the sidelines, leaving him less than 10 seconds to get his mind wrapped around the play, communicate it to everyone, assess the defense to that play, and what's coming at him.  I hate the long delays in getting plays in to him - too much indecision.  Let it play, let him play, he will win it.  Stop overthinking the play calling which inevitably reverts to MSU a year ago...    That one still stings.

Comment 30 Oct 2016

My yelling at the TV yesterday mostly involved predictable play calling.  And upon reflection it seems that we do well when we have a more aggressive tempo, dont spend seemingly HOURS getting a play called in from the bench, the delays seem to keep our players off balance/out of sync, and the delays tend to give the opposing D time to recover and prepare for the next play.  Why is it we cannot seem to get a package of plays ready that script the ensuing D response that we can take advantage of?  Loved the 2 minute drill a couple of weeks ago that kept the D on it's heels, kept all of our guys on the same script, and worked.  There is too much over thinking going on with adjust this adjust that in the play calling that seems just to keep our O line in particular out of sync. Yes, young guys need time to think about what is coming up and last minute changes seem to be confusing them.  I am also hoping the the repetitive play calling (predictable!) is just a cover for eventually unleashing a real offense.  Tressel - slow car - ball anyone?

Comment 23 Oct 2016

I'm still looking for something on offense that I feel good about......

Play calling: meh

O Line: Meh

Receivers: meh

JT: +1

Special teams: meh -23

Ok there were some good to great plays, but only when things clicked.... but that was very seldom.

Defense: Bullets rock but when the O and Special Teams are so off balance, who can win under an avalanche?

I really do give a lot of credit to the players (most of them) for standing in there on a terrible night. But looking forward there are several more teams (if PSU is a lackluster team then .... OMG!) that could stifle us several times in the next several weeks.  Fortunately PSU is the last of the teams that will have 2 weeks to get fresh legs and just focus on us to get ready....

Hope we can wake up and not believe the rankings - winning in this division takes 100%++ efforts and seamless team efforts.  We did not see that overall last night.  Sad for the team...

Comment 09 Oct 2016

About half time I began to think that this was MSU from last year all over again....  Thankfully NOT. Don't need that sort of deja vu ever again.  Kudos to a stout defense (OK a couple of costly gaps in coverage that need to be cleaned up...).. 

IU is improving year by year and is probably not in the C-league basement any longer.  Hope they have an outstanding game Nov 19.  

Comment 15 Sep 2016



Intercept him, sack him, make him fumble - many times.

No Quarter

Comment 02 Jan 2016

A great season overall (except for just 3 points......)   

I have enjoyed watching Joey Bosa so much for the past couple of years.  Truly a remarkable talent.  I was totally distressed that he was ejected - I wanted to watch him for one final game of wrecking havoc on yet another hapless team.  Joey, we (I) am going to miss you.  Thanks for being a great Buckeye.  Fare will in the NFL.

Comment 27 Nov 2015

Did anyone else watch Houston v Navy today.  Can we have that offense?  Aggressive using all the tools and skills...   I'm sure our Buckeyes have it in them.  Go Bucks.  Screw the Blue.

Comment 24 Nov 2015

Position coaching.  That's what it is all about.  Coaches developing skills in the kids that they didnt even know they had.  Then putting it all together in a cogent, cohesive game plan that utilizes those skills to overcome the opponent's known strengths and takes advantages of any weaknesses.  Throw in a ton of commitment and a few innovations and what do you have?  Dantonio?  That tricky bastard used us and threw us away.  

NOW we must be even more innovative this week.  **ichigan is not set of pushovers as their stats prove.  They have great coaching.  Our masterminds (where have they been, where are you when we needed you Tom Herman?) must prove that they are up to the challenge and use the talent we have (and we have a ton of talent) to take the game to the skunk weazels.  Hope the coaches are up to it.  I know the kids are with great leadership.  Saw it last year under adversity and expect to see it again.  Come on Urban, make it so.

Comment 23 Nov 2015

And why don't our O coaches engage in the same tactics? Still learning dirty tricks from the M scum? I wouldn't encourage them to do so but to be prepared for all their underhanded tricks.  I have always thought well of Dantomio until this point. Now screw him with the Blue.

Comment 13 Nov 2015

A slight shift in topic - sorry - but does anyone know Game Time for the MSU GAME ?  All I can find is TBD - Hey, its time to lock down some travel arrangements ! 

Comment 08 Nov 2015

"a clunky fit within this year's personnel and play calling". 

Sometimes I just scratch my head and wonder "why did they call that"?  (Or I end up yelling at my TV).....

Cardale has talent, but sometimes the play calling should recognize those talents (and those of the 10 other players out there) and cater to the situation.  Just sayin'

Comment 31 Oct 2015

Seems like Cardale did better last year when he had to step in and just get the job done - without over thinking it - without any anxiety of who would be the real leader.  In his starts this year it seemed that there was too much over thinking about each snap - missing that free flow from his big 4 performances on the way to the NC.  Hope he can now just go out and get his jive on and be natural again.  Love both these guys and they joy they can both bring to the game.