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Comment 02 Dec 2018

Seriously, the Committee is really so SEC oriented that anyone else has to be totally 12-0 to get their attention and they would still rank a 10-2 team above that.

And they are anti-BIG for sure, and probably anti-Pac12 as well.  

How does one define the IQ of a (especially THIS) committee?  Simple equation: 

   1) being generous, take the IQ of the smartest person on the committee,

    2) Now divide that by the number of persons on the committee.

Result - it all becomes very stupid very fast.  

And yet we all tend to turn important decisions over to committees in the wrongly held belief that committees are smarter, will do the right thing due to greater input (er.... bias!) and come to a set of decisions that are fair (LOL!)

Comment 09 Nov 2018

 Let's hope the Buckeyes come ready to play tomorrow morning. 

I totally respect Dantonio - he works hard and is a testament to his upbringing at Ohio State.  I just hate the fact that he can and does occasionally beat the shit out of us.  Lets return the favor. Go Bucks!  And I also don't give a Damn about the whole state of _ichigan..

Comment 29 Oct 2018

I guess I do want urgency, and a focus on improving (actually eliminating the errors) on our performance.  But I want them playing loose and with spirit.  If they are wound too tight they may snap at the first setback.  I hope the players can actually enjoy the game because they are prepared, are given opportunities to excel (how about some imaginative play calling?), and are in the game to win by focusing on their assignments, taking advantage of UN's gaps.  Go Bucks! Have a Great Game - Seize the Moment.

Comment 24 Oct 2018

Let them eat pizza and maybe use some focus on the game to teach them about the actual glory of the sport of football and the amazing strategy and skills that we want to watch.  Build those kids (might be too late for a few wives) into real football fans.  Life is not all cotton candy and pom poms. I don't mind the "color" marketing themes, just keep them off the screen when the plays are happening!

Comment 24 Oct 2018

Sully:  Thanks for picking up this thread - you did it with more humor than I could have mustered about the sucky production of these broadcasts.  I dont mind color or human interest stories or funny (usually more like deplorable) crowd shots to amuse those who are really not into watching the game or understanding it.  I just wish they would keep it in perspective and not interfere with the coverage of the actual game.  The core essence of football GAME coverage is the game itself - the formations, the strategy, the skill and passion of the players.  I just wish those idiots in the broadcast booth could focus on that for a change and not on all the trivia and their own navels.

Comment 24 Oct 2018

The "warmer and more personable" people are not watching the game... they never tune into the game.... so why cater to them and not to those of us who want to actually watch the GAME.

Comment 21 Oct 2018

Timing.  It is all about timing.  He could have attended a few classes, done all the rehab he needed, and been on the sidelines with his team.  But no, he chose to drop his "I'm Outta Here" bomb mid season - could have waited until the Bye Week, or after the _ichigan team leaves town (hopefully with their tails between their legs one more time)...    I think his timing stinks.  I think it did affect the rest of the team;s attitudes.  So much for being a member of the team, a captain, and  given the chance to strut his stuff on national TV so that he could have the exposure to be a top 5 or top 15 pick.  Personally I would be skeptical of picking him if I was evaluating him - I guess I value commitment highly..  But his (I'm sure he already has one) agent has convinced him to not care a damn about OSU and just chase the $$$ for Nick and the agent.

Comment 21 Oct 2018

As I have said before, this ESPN/ABC crew is more interested in human interest banter than in covering the game.  Could they PLEASE hold all that until a break between quarters or at half time.?  I wanted to watch the freaking game and while I am hugely sympathetic to the plight and the pluck of Tyler, the producers of this clown show need to keep in mind that they can accomplish both competent game coverage and insert the human interest items, crowd shots, abysmal banter at some other point in the production.  Show us the freaking game, even if we are blowing it badly.

Comment 21 Oct 2018

Heck, I just want to see a team that plays with passion, excitement and discipline.  Playing smart, aggressive and with a lack of predictability adds an edge that helps that excitement convert into winning on every play.  Somehow all of those dimensions seem to be missing right now.  Can they recover?  Perhaps.  Is this a wasted season? Not yet.  But it will be unless the players and coaches can overcome the malaise that seems to have set in.  Lets get back to it and get some passion in our game.  Go Bucks.  We have the talent, now turn on the burners and get it done.

Comment 30 Sep 2018

Why did I feel as tho I was watching that damned Orange Bowl game one more time.  Deja lame offense all over again...

Where was the long ball?  Could no one receiver ever get open? (Not that a TV viewer could tell from that abysmal coverage on ABC...). Why did we keep trying to run in the middle after repeated attempts with minimal progress?   For most of the game the only aggressiveness I saw was dressed in Blue and White.  And while the D did a marvelous job overall at containing them, could no one really get to Trace and do anything other than play flag football with him - yes he is talented, elusive, but where were any robust tackles?  Oh, I saw one - when 5 PSU defenders picked up Haskins and threw him to the ground.....  

Same 'ol, same 'ol game plan with seemingly nothing up our playbook to turn the tide, and apparently no one spotting where our opportunities were until the last 8 minutes - so much for making adjustments at half time......  

It's a win and I really celebrate the fact that the Buckeyes did not fold, that they finally got it together and held in there (well HELD is maybe a different story - Penalties!)....  Gotta hand it to them, they overcame adversity and did win. Go Bucks!  Now focus on not letting Indiana become last year's Iowa..... Yikes. 

Comment 30 Sep 2018

I like the ratings - but I really hate the ABC game coverage, its constant distractions with color commentary and focusing on everything but the game.  I don't need to see clowns in the stands, I want to watch the freaking game!  They missed the start of at least 10 plays due to the really piss poor production team.  I have to turn down the sound to avoid the hapless banter.  I wish Chris Speilman was the analyst - at least a viewer would get an education about strategy, formations, execution.  While ABC gets the spotlight games I would rather watch on any other network.

Comment 16 Sep 2018

I finally turned down the sound as well to get away from the annoying "chatter" that was meaningless.... Although I had to yell at the screen a lot when I wanted them to drop the color/replay/off field crap and get back to the field and the action.  Terrible production.  The telecast should be about what is happening on the field - the chatter should be about the formations and strategy - this group does not have a clue.

Comment 02 Sep 2018

I love Big10 Football.  And in all of college football there are two teams (well, add PSU to that - was hoping App St would go for a first down rather than muffing that kick...) who I mostly just hate - but in a match up between That team Up North and Notre Ladies, one of them would necessarily have to win - too bad they could not both lose.  Given that toss up I guess I am basically happy with Mr Kakhi pants taking it in the ear one more time.

Comment 27 Nov 2017

The problem is that the past is seldom a prologue....  Yes the last two wins against Bucky were good.  But this year's teams are different and the tale will be made when they clash in Indy.   Only the current game matters.  Whichever team wants it more and is more prepared will win.  OC play calling will also have a lot to do with our success.....  Can we get creative?  Can we look at what is working and what is not working, and take what the D is giving up?  Time will tell.  A lot of new personalities on the field and press box this time since those other glorious wins.  Go Bucks!

Comment 26 Nov 2017

Just a thought on Baker..... for a while I thought he should get the Heisman and an early draft pick, but there is something 7 year-old-ish about his behavior that tells me he is unstable (and not at all sports-man-like:  Heisman Committee - Pay attention!).  Yes a great arm, and originally I liked the way he worked the bench when the D was on the field - really getting into the game and rallying his troops....  but then I watched his antics yesterday and got a look at the expressions of the players on the sideline he was high-5-ing... they looked like he was a crazy man and they wanted nothing more to do with him.  He should have been benched for way more than the opening possession after last week's finger.  Bottom line - Browns:  Beware. Another Manzel.....