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Comment 01 Feb 2017

Since Urban has a Psychology degree and due to past instances of players being arrested and being in trouble, I believe he now does psychological evaluations and profiles on recruits using Tebow as his gold standard for the players he wants in his program and Brandon Spikes and Aaron Hernandez as the negative standard he does not want in his program.  I believe Spikes is the attitude problem high risk taking personality which would be more common amongst recruits and Hernandez is the extreme, so Urban probably passes on any player between Spikes and Hernandez on the risk taking personality scale. And Since Bowden has a child and a neck tattoo, His level of care is probably too low and his risk taking tendencies are probably too high for Urban.

Comment 23 Jan 2017

A bad season would be losing to 4 big ten teams, meaning Ohio State lost to Wisconsin, Penn State, Michigan State, and Michigan... not beating these teams would show a huge drop in Ohio State's status of being elite.

Comment 23 Jan 2017

The browns need to trade that #1 pick to the Titans for their 2 1st round picks, that way they can hedge their bets if they do draft a qb.

Comment 13 Dec 2016

This is my alternative theory to Martells "he's not returning my texts".... He is not trolling as a joke, he is keeping a secret for his future teammate WHAT WHAT!!!! I'm sure DPJ didn't just suddenly start ignoring Martell.  Martell is probably trying to keep the heat off his friend so he shuts down any thought of him having information on DPJ by saying that. Just my alternative theory.  #DPJ to OSU #MichiganSUX #TearsCauseFloodinginMichigan #25 5*s #25peatNattyChamps #300gamewinstreak #O-H #GoBucks

Comment 03 Sep 2014

He had 3 passes in the second half, not that special of a number when put in perspective.

Comment 02 Sep 2014

Last year in our dominating home wins the crowd was out of it by the fourth.  I dont know if it will be different so i dont know if im hoping for a blowout or a good game to show how awesome our stadium and fans are.

Comment 08 May 2014

I'm saying as a 18 to 22 year old would you rather be in Nashville or Happy Valley the SEC or the constantly hated on Big 10 which has 3 to 4 consistently good teams.  His recruiting pitch for Vandy would be start a rich tradition here and it changes to come make this school great again.  I don't really see the tradition as a major factor in recruiting.

Comment 08 May 2014

I understand they have prestige and tradition, but I don't really see a kid committing to play because they were good 10 20 30 years ago and not factoring in anything else.  I'm just saying if he's an average coach he's an average coach. I'm not concerned with the kids he's getting to commit or the kids he already has in the fold because I'm not really impressed by the end of the year they will be between the 8-10 range by the recruiting services which I don't put much stock in.