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OSU grad and lifetime Buckeye fan. I am the scourge of Michigan fans everywhere!


  • SPORTS MOMENT: (Tie) TOSU Beating Alabama in 2014 & Watching Appalachian State beat Michigan in 2007.
  • NFL TEAM: Browns
  • NHL TEAM: Blue Jackets / Coyotes
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs.
  • MLB TEAM: Diamondbacks
  • SOCCER TEAM: Crew (unless they move to Texas)

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Comment 4 hours ago

I predict a win for the Buckeyes. As for the score, I'm not certain. Remember 2018 when they almost beat the Buckeyes in the 'Shoe? (Yeah, I know...Grinch is now back ruining Oklahoma's defense, still). It's the first game, so neither team has had an opportunity to destroy a cupcake in a season opener. On paper, it should be a decisive win, but....we'll just see how it goes.

Comment 17 Oct 2020

Hey, I wonder if those Georgia fans are going to send any more "cute" selfies to Justin Fields? 

Comment 17 Oct 2020

Well, FSU somehow managed to hold on for the win...thanks to all of those Braylon Edwards moments by UNC's receivers..

Comment 17 Oct 2020

It sure looks like it. I thought they had it in the bag when it was 31-7 at the half. I forgot one thing: FSU is trash.

Comment 17 Oct 2020

Does anyone have the "After" picture of ol' Dez after MSU won the game? That was equally delicious!

Comment 17 Oct 2020

That last drive by UNC reminded me of a line from "Caddyshack": by Judge Smails: "You'll get nothing...and like it!"  

Comment 17 Oct 2020

I laughed, off and on, over that game for the rest of the day....almost as much as I did when Appalachian State beat them. What I kept remembering was that TV shot of Desmond Howard just before the roof caved in on the weasels. It was soooo.funny!

  NOTE: I can't seem to post it, but you know which one I'm talking about: Dez with a "thumbs Up" gesture and a big, shit-eating smile.

Comment 17 Oct 2020

"Psycho Dad" - I never saw the show, but it was Al Bundy's favorite.  He was really upset when it got cancelled.

Comment 07 Oct 2020

I don't care who the QB is for Washington. That team is terrible. They have a lot more problems than just QB. Dwayne can definitely improve, but at Washington? Not gonna happen. Hopefully, he'll be traded to somewhere...just about anywhere else...and end up doing just fine. D.C. is a loser's location for ANYONE.

Comment 04 Oct 2020

Next Saturday is the annual Red River Rivalry Game....Texas vs. Oklahoma.  That means it will either be two losses in a row for Texas or three in a row for Oklahoma. Gee....what a pity.

Comment 03 Oct 2020

MGTOW: The only sane way for a man to live in the 21st Century.

Comment 29 Sep 2020

At this time, the polls are irrelevant. All that matters, for ALL teams, is winning your games and being one of the four teams selected for the CFP. Anything else is just a waste of time. Take care of business and things will fall into place.

Comment 26 Sep 2020

I haven't changed anything. I suggest YOU take a reading comprehension course. You do realize the teams are selected by votes, right? Perception is very much a big deal. If you think that Oregon, at 7-0 against PAC-12 competition would be a lock for a CFP berth over, say a 10-1 Georgia or Florida, then you haven't been paying attention to college football.