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I live & work in Scottsdale, but continue to schedule my life around when the Buckeyes have a football or basketball game.


  • NFL TEAM: Cleveland Browns
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Comment 27 May 2017
Just started really watching/following the Buckeyes this year & really glad I have been because they are really good & look like a team that has a legitimate shot to win today & potentially again on Monday!! I was hoping some of you more seasoned fans could give me an unbiased prediction on how today's game plays out? Thanks Go Bucks!!
Comment 11 Jan 2015
I have cox cable here in AZ & the guide on my cable box says that this years sugar bowl is currently on, but obviously that is incorrect so my question is to any of you... in Ohio or elsewhere w/ a different cable provider than me... can any of you see if BTN is playing this game (2002 National Championship Game) over the next few days???? I would really appreciate the heads up if possible...????? Thanks again Go Bucks!!
Comment 11 Jan 2015
I've been trying to find a replay of this game for months & haven't seen it yet. I just turned to BTN b/c I saw this post. THANK YOU! I at least get the 4th quarter & both overtimes!! Are any of you aware of the 2002 national championship being shown anywhere over the next couple days? I would absolutely love to dvr the whole thing... watch it & make sure I always have it until I move or get a new dvr box... That game was incredible & a great finish to an unbelievable & unforgettable season. I can't wait for Monday night! I'm a little more nervous than I was for msu, wisconsin, or alabama, but still think we get it done in dallas 45-36 Monday night!! Go Bucks!!