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Comment 18 Feb 2018

I may/may not have sent my wife a pretty dirty text message a week ago before I realized I accidentally sent it to her in a group text. Yea, I am an idiot. I'll never live that one down. I realize I wasn't "speaking" but, kind of the same thing.

Comment 17 Feb 2018

I, literally have zero idea what this thread is even about. I evened all the replies. Good gracious. 

Comment 30 Jan 2018

ATC should definitely be on the list. Great multi-tasking is needed more than a high IQ, though. 

Comment 26 Jan 2018

That is why I don't post topics anything any longer. I usually screw something up and get hollered at for it. LOL

Comment 25 Jan 2018

I know. Many companies just don't care about anything but the bottom line of money. The company that built my house does not even advertise (that is why we didn't know about them until talking to friends, because we lived in Arizona at the time). They go strictly by word of mouth, as they say.

Comment 25 Jan 2018

We had the Amish build our home a few years back. I was, and still am, amazed at their quality of workmanship. To this day, if we call them about anything they are on top of it it immediately. I would call one of them and ask if they will do renovations. It is worth a shot, IMO.