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Comment 16 Aug 2018

Clear Fork Valley area. 50 minutes north of Columbus and 10 minutes south of Mansfield.

Comment 12 Aug 2018

Buckeye3M, I think that is the whole point of an investigation- ie, to find out if he did violate rules. The 4 bullets you listed may not be violations but, you could be missing a few. This whole story is bizarre to me. I think when it's all said and done, we will all be blown away. Just a gut feeling. 

Comment 10 Aug 2018

Of course a mother is going to stick up for her son.

With that being said, wouldn't a mother stick up for her daughter, too? Just asking. 

Comment 10 Aug 2018

I remember the year we beat them something like 68-0, the news paper in my area called them the Golden Goophers.  

Comment 09 Aug 2018

That is what I did a few years back. It was worth it. One of the tongues of my shoes said Go and the other tongue aid Buckis. Then, I had the sole of my shoe colored in blue.  

Comment 02 Aug 2018

For the life of me I cannot find the piece now. I've read about 50 different articles today concerning this mess. I read somewhere where tOSU or some of their personnel is supposed to make a statement Friday night at 4:30 pm. If I run into it again, I'll post it back here for you. 

Comment 02 Aug 2018

Lots of good point by everyone. Meyer just doesn't seem like a liar or a bad guy to me. I just don't see it. Oh well, we'll see what happens tomorrow night.

Comment 14 Jul 2018

I have Dish Network and really like it. I watch all the Buckeyes games. I pay well under $100 a month. I watch Yellowstone on Flixtor for free.