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Comment 16 hours ago

Not sure if it is "off limits" but, it is going to be a subject that we won't be able to get many facts on, unless Meyer tells the press.

Comment 14 Oct 2018

You sound like a girl! Oh, wait....  LoL

Comment 13 Oct 2018

The committee needs to hold off on the votes until the end of the season, IMO. Why vote when you've only read 3/4 of the book? 

Comment 11 Oct 2018

Who are these people down voting decent, common sense posts? I wish we could just scroll over the up and down marks and see who does the up voting and down voting. I've said this for years, now. 

Comment 07 Oct 2018

Jumping the octagon and attacking people who have absolutely nothing to do with the fight is completely unacceptable. How many women were within inches or a foot of the punches being thrown? Completely unacceptable. 

Comment 07 Oct 2018

For the most part, I agree with you. However, this is NOT on the UFC (this time). Khabib is a grown man. Going to be interesting to see what the police and NSAC do to him and his team. This very well could stop their permission to come back into the US (visa status) for future fights.

Comment 13 Sep 2018


Comment 13 Sep 2018

Lots of variables to consider. Cost of living, cost of school, distance from family, quality of life........etc etc.  Congratulations on being accepted at two very fine schools. 

Comment 11 Sep 2018

Brohio, I agree with all you said. I lived in Arizona for many, many years. I lived about 15 minutes from the border. Now that I am in Ohio, I can't seem to find any decent Mexican food. I make my own at my house. Corn tortillas, marinated steak/chicken, cabbage, pico, and lime. I would also add an ice cold Pacifico. Damn, I'm getting hungry thinking about it.  

Comment 21 Aug 2018

My personal favorite is, "I have been known to come through on occasion." What does that even mean and why is it on a head football coach's white board? That would really get me pumped up! Harbaugh is one odd man!