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Comment 21 May 2018

Yes. Fridays are HS football, Saturdays are tOSU football, and Sundays are the Browns. That is pretty much the way it has always been in our small town.

Comment 14 Apr 2018

There is a Buckeye bar in Vegas, just saying. Heck, I think there are Buckeye bars everywhere.

Comment 11 Apr 2018

Agreed. If I was a GM looking to draft a DE and Hubbard was on the board, I would take him. Not only is he a good football player but, he's educated and well-rounded. Hubbard already has the skills, and this shows that he puts forth the effort as well. 

Comment 08 Apr 2018

IF he gets convicted of a felony, it will be interesting to see how that will affect his passport. I know he's hired a good attorney so a felony is probably a reach but, he has been charged.

Comment 05 Apr 2018

I don't understand this forum topic, either. I've been reading comments for the last 5 minutes and still don't know what everyone is referring to.