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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2002 national title game where tOSU beat the U, and of course, 2015 UNDISPUTED NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!
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Comment 20 Aug 2016

Very well put NASH. Couldn't agree more. A buddy of mine here in Phoenix, got us tickets to the game, and our seats were in the end zone, where Dorsey was sacked.

I'll never forget the euphoria at that moment, and the celebration of the fans afterward. Truly unreal, and on par with a super bowl win.

Leaving the stadium that night, I'm surprised my right had wasn't bruised, as we both continually high-fived just about every Buckeye fan in sight, for a good 30 to 45 minutes!

Comment 19 Aug 2016

The Harbaugh gibberish, just keeps coming. Rap videos, exaggerated claims of coaching prowess, etc, evidenced by this newest Tweet.

Crazy Jimmy would do well to remember the 1988 football season, when Florida State, as a team, did a rap video just prior to their opening game.

All that bravado, resulted in FSU, getting a 31 to zip, behind the woodshed beat down, by Miami.

History repeats itself, although I think sc UM's comeuppance, this year, will be in the last game of the regular season, as opposed to the first.

Comment 12 Aug 2016

Maybe redemption isn't necessary.

Yes, there was a big party in Ann Arbor, and the show horse coach showed up, with all his hyperbole, as normal, and we know Hairball tweets, and makes news. The sports web sites probably wouldn't have carried the story, if the regular season was in progression right now, so outside of that confines of AA, I think the collective response was:

I will say though, these shoes pictured above, are cool for sure!
Comment 12 Aug 2016

BTW hope we turn that one-note Harbaugh, into a same ol' tune of many exquisite 'sadness' at a time.

Well, all I can say to that is, a big amen.

Now, to the larger subject. Again, you don't have to take these suggestions, if you don't want to, just trying to help.

First, think, simplicity and "sound bite" when posting, rather than prose or poetic phrasing. Now there's nothing wrong with prose or poetry, but it has to be done in the proper context - on this site - if you want helmet stickers. For example, you may have seen where someone posts, 

"F    _ichigan"      or      "It's 3:19 pm, and _ichigan still sucks".

These are far from original, but because they're succinct, and you're on a Buckeye blog, and because we now live in a sound bite society in many ways, they will get you 5 helmet stickers minimum, maybe more, each time. Prose and Poetic style, seems to be your style of writing, and once again, there's nothing wrong with that. That being said, it's in contrast to "simple and succinct", which goes further on the blog.

Also, I've found for a given post, shorter is normally better - IF - you want helmet stickers. I've had maybe a couple two paragraph posts, that have received 20 or more helmet stickers, but most of the time, if I start writing - War and Peace volume 2 - it's 10 or less. In my experience, 1 to 3 brief sentences is optimal.

Earning the respect of your fellow bloggers is a key component. If they respect you and like your posts, obviously, you'll be up-voted more, but that depends on how you post.

A funny PIC or GIF will get you some love, and up-votes, obviously.

I don't pretend to be an expert, and there are many on the leader board, who simply say one simple phrase, and seem to get 50 helmet stickers a pop. I'm no where near that level. In general, some may think less of me, because I post a lot of GIFs, and PICs, because I like to go for humor, and I might get more helmet stickers if I DIDN'T do this. (Not withstanding and nonetheless, I've received a fair amount of compliments, and I've got about 1500 helmet stickers to go - I think - and I'LL be on the leader board too!)

Anyways, BUCK, just some food for thought.


Comment 12 Aug 2016

Good morning BUCK68. (It's still morning here in Arizona.)

I do not consider myself in the same category as Einstein, Chaucer, or any great minds who pen English phrases or scientific theories.

I am also, in no way, putting myself out there as a blogger par excellence, but may I make some suggestions?

I ask this question with a sincere desire to assist a fellow Buckeye fan, as he posts on this blog, and well conscience of my own shortcomings, which my wife and I discuss on a regular basis, whether I want to or not.

So with that in mind, I'd be glad to - humbly - share some things I've learned while posting here the past couple of years, if you so desire.

If I'm butting in, where I shouldn't be, you can feel free to tell me to go to H - E - double hockey sticks, and I won't be offended in anyway, and I'll go on my merry way, posting my potshots at TTUN, Jim Harbaugh, etc, and enjoying life.

I'm good either way, but let me know, and I'll post back in response to your reply here, or will not.

Comment 12 Aug 2016

It just means Bob Stoops and staff do a great job of developing players.

I think this is true, Stoops is not a lightweight, and they beat 'Bama in recent memory.

Also, it's a stark reminder that recruiting ratings don't mean jack squat.

I agree and disagree with this statement. I think that the  247sports composite for our 2017 class is on track, as the best class, yet there are exceptions. Case in point: JJ Watt was supposedly a two star.

Comment 12 Aug 2016

But on the college football field, especially in bowl games, their recruiting "struggles" might help explain some of their losses.

I think that's part of the story.

Didn't Stoops clean house with his coaches after 2014? Didn't they go to an "up tempo" game in 2015? Might be wrong, but thought I heard that somewhere.

If we get all the breaks, I think we could come out with a victory, but with the raw talent, I won't be surprised with a loss, either. Both teams match up well talent wise.