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Comment 23 Oct 2020

Teague struggled against all our elite competition because he is a straight line runner. He needs to develop a little wiggle or a cutback move to be more successful against our top competition.

Comment 22 Oct 2020

Don’t understand why you can’t understand. If the governor of Ohio mandates that there will be no football played in Ohio, it wouldn’t matter what Ohio State, the NCAA, or the Big Ten conference says. That is not what happened but it was the point of the discussion.

To try to simplify it: The mandate made by a governor would super cede any mandate made by the NCAA or Big Ten conference. President Johnson could not overrule a mandate made by Dewine. 

Comment 22 Oct 2020

Dewine can be more lenient than the Big Ten and Ohio State would have to follow Big Ten rules. The discussion you are commenting on was B19 saying that if the state of Ohio had more stringent guidelines than the Big Ten or NCAA that Ohio State could ignore the state of Ohio guidelines and follow the more lenient Big Ten or NCAA guidelines. I commented that Ohio State would have to follow the state guidelines if they were more stringent.