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Comment 17 minutes ago

Still easier than trying to power rush a 310 lb OT or try to cut around him with an injured ankle. Tua might not be able to run the ball well or throw deep but he could definitely return faster from that type of injury than a DL. Also, Cooper was held out longer to allow him to heal as completely as possible since he wasn’t really needed early on. 

Comment 16 Oct 2019

No, it's called other schools offering money/early playing time. Those 2 RBs were committed to Ohio State and then pulled out at the moment the silent commits were going to be announced publicly. Alford, nor any of the other OSU coaches, had any idea the two were going to decommit. And since Hartline was one of the lead recruiters of Knighton...are you going to call him out also?

Comment 15 Oct 2019

Not sure that Alford flopped exactly. He had two really good RBs who were silent commits to Ohio State. Robinson’s grandparents wanted him to stay close to home and it seemed like FSU promised Knighton something that Ohio State wasn’t willing to offer. After they pulled that switcheroo, the Buckeyes had to basically start over this year in its search for 2020 RBs. 

Comment 15 Oct 2019

We want the four best teams in the playoff regardless of conference.

Only problem with that is there is way too much human bias to deal with. The SEC is overvalued every year. You would have back door deals to get at least 3 SEC teams in the CFP every year because the "powers-that-be" in college football believe that SEC teams walk on water. Strength of schedule means nothing to humans who are constantly picking the SEC. Weak scheduling is a way of life for most SEC teams. Not to mention chicken-s**t Saturday. Extremely hard to get any SEC team to schedule a home-and-home against a team in the North (and don't even try to get a SEC team to come North in November).

The only way to set up a playoff is go with 6 teams. The 5 champions from the Power 5 conferences and the top Group of 5 team. The top 2 ranked teams get a bye the first round and the two top-ranked teams of the other 4 get to host a game on its campus. And before anyone says "We want the 4 best teams regardless of conference", If you don't win your conference (which means you possibly didn't even win your own division in your conference) you have no business playing for a national championship in college football.

Comment 15 Oct 2019

My only quarrel with the CFP committee in regard to the Purdue loss was they stated it would be treated “as any other loss would be treated” the week after the game. Then they changed course and a few weeks later said it did matter. I wouldn’t have had a problem with the CFP committee if they had originally said “Yes, the Purdue loss by a large margin will have a negative effect on how Ohio State is viewed”. Instead, the CFP committee lied and said it was a non-factor to keep OSU viewers engaged in the process.