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Comment 3 hours ago

QBs picked high in the first round of the draft are usually going to teams who are picking high for a reason...they are bad. To throw a QB whom a team considers its future franchise QB to the wolves early is not a great recipe for success. The QB could get injured or just have his confidence shattered. Neither is good. Sitting a year helps the QB catch up to the speed of the NFL game more often than not. 

Comment 19 hours ago

That is exactly what happened. Alabama brought their subs on slowly and the clock started after the chains were reset. The refs held up the snap while the clock continued to run. My point was that Cardale was not to blame for the lack of a snap.

Comment 22 hours ago

I was immediately screaming at the television screen for one of our two guys to jump on the ball (to no avail).

Comment 22 hours ago

If a player muffs the ball, no matter where on the field of play, it is a live ball until one of the teams take possession. Be it by downing the ball by the receiving team or recovery by the kicking team. If the kickoff had hit the ground first I believe it would have been a dead ball, if it landed in the end zone.

Comment 16 Aug 2019

CFP can’t expand to eight teams because they would be playing too many games but the high school champion can play five extra playoff games???