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Comment 13 hours ago

Antwuan Jackson not in the 3 deep at DT/NT is another head scratcher. He was highly regarded and recruited coming out of high school and again at the JUCO level. Looks like he won't play much in his RS/Junior year. 

Why the coaches don't move Browning outside is beyond me. He isn't comfortable playing inside and has not played well there. What is the harm in trying him outside?  

Comment 20 Apr 2019

Let's not totally kid ourselves...the talent level on those 49er teams could have made a lot of QBs look good. 

Also, the teams aren't going to tip their hand on which player they are going to draft. If they have to trade up to get him it would drive up the "price" or would allow another team to trade up and steal the player away. 

Comment 20 Apr 2019

Haskins will make GMs look really bad if they pass on him. I hope that the Cardinals trade down if they really want Murray because I think that it is a good possibility that they could still get him if they do that.

There is so much talk about the "air raid" offense that the Cardinals are going to implement. That offense is a pass-first offense and the type of passes thrown are similar to what Haskins threw at Ohio State. The only advantage for Murray is the splits of the OL in the air raid offense might give him some lanes to throw in because of his short stature. 

Comment 19 Apr 2019

Under your train of thought, we just lost a QB (Baldwin) who has thrown as many game time passes as the walk-on (0) and Martell who threw a total of 28 game time passes. So we gained a QB (Fields) who has thrown almost twice as many game time passes as the other three combined. We should be in excellent shape...

Comment 19 Apr 2019

Disision 2 is only permitted to have 36 players on scholarship and Division 3 has no athletic scholarships. A D3 player would basically have to apply to a college, be accepted, and then walk on. A D2 player on a scholly could probably enter the TP, but why would he if he is playing at a D2 school? Probably not good enough for a D1 school to use a scholarship on. 

Comment 19 Apr 2019

There needs to be one big change by the NCAA in regards to the transfer portal. There needs to be a "window of opportunity" set up where any player who wants to enter the TP has to do so in a predetermined time frame (perhaps after the bowl games?). Or if another time frame works better, go with that time frame. That way a team has the opportunity to replace a player that enters the TP.

I really don't get Baldwin's time frame for his transfer request. He hasn't played a live snap for 2 years. He will lose a season of eligibility unless he receives a waiver from the NCAA (likely could happen). Even if he receives the waiver how much of a chance will he have to start going to a new team and a new playbook? I believe that he should have stayed at OSU, learned from two of the best QB coaches in the country this year (not to mention being second string and one play away from being the starter), and then transferred after the season if he felt so inclined.