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Comment 11 hours ago

LSU has looked bad in several games. Oh well, no use worrying about that now. The committee obviously wanted the SEC team to have the easiest path to the final.

The selection committee really disappointed me, while the reasons for their rankings week after week actually made some sense, the final rankings go against every metric out there. 

Comment 13 hours ago

I think LSU played Arkansas and Texas A&M in its last two games (although one could argue that Arkansas is playing at a FCS level right now). The FCS game came early in the year.

Comment 13 hours ago

Ohio State has the better overall resume, more top 25 wins, and larger margins of victory in those top 25 games (with the exception of the CCGs). 

If the selection committee uses one half of football to decide its seedings, it would be a disservice to all teams involved (in that case, Clemson should be ranked #1). If LSU had been #1 entering the weekend, nothing that happened in either game changes that. Ohio State won against a top ten team by double digits so the selection committee should keep the top three teams where they are currently ranked. 

Comment 15 hours ago

Let’s do a short comparison, shall we? Using the three top opponents LSU and OSU played.

Neutral Field:

LSU 37 Georgia 10

OSU 34 Wisconsin 21

Advantage: LSU

Home game:

LSU 23 Auburn 20

OSU 28 PSU 17

Advantage: OSU 

True road game:

LSU 46 Alabama 41

OSU 56 TTUN 27

Advantage: OSU 

As Meatloaf always said...Two out of three ain’t bad.

Comment 07 Dec 2019

Not near a television but the running stats for Wisconsin are crazy. If we don’t stop Taylor it will be a rough road back. How has the turnover battle played out?

Comment 07 Dec 2019

LSU won 37-10. We need a victory at least by that margin to ensure keeping the #1 seed. 

Go Buckeyes! Play hard and throttle Wisconsin.