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Comment 22 Jun 2019

Once the Big Ten spurned ESecPN and they were forced to attach to the SEC, we have gotten the short end of the stick. 

The SEC won’t be held accountable for its weak OOC schedule...too many allies in positions of power in the NCAA.

 I am not sure that we can go undefeated this year. Very tough schedule for us and playing TTUN the week after Penn State game worries me. As you said, hopefully by November we are still undefeated and hitting on all cylinders.

Comment 21 Jun 2019

I think that we will end up with Robinson at RB and I am perfectly fine with that. Hopefully Trayanum will also decide to be a Buckeye. I know that he is concerned about playing time early but the Buckeyes have already proven that there is enough carries for two running backs. Most of these young men come in wanting the bulk of the carries but, if the NFL is their dream, less wear and tear in college is the way to go.

I thought that Evans had interest in Ohio State since he was going to take an unofficial visit this weekend. With the unofficial visit cancelled it would appear that Evans really has decided to stay closer to home. Looks like Evans is going to pick between Texas and Texas A&M and Milton appears to be trending to Georgia. 

Comment 21 Jun 2019

Alabama lost in its season finale to Auburn, didn't win its division, but was put into the CFP along with SEC champ Georgia. 

The MSU game was played in terrible weather and Zeke was in the hospital with a leg infection most of the week. If the CFP committee truly looks at games they could have seen the mitigating factors that contributed to the loss. We just don't get the benefit of the doubt like Alabama does. 

All that aside, with the talent we had coming back from 2014 the Buckeyes should have been given the benefit of defending its title. Alabama didn't want any part of the 2015 OSU team after getting beaten and outplayed the year before. 

Comment 21 Jun 2019

Not really accurate. In the game against TTUN, Martell was put in when we had a first and goal at, I believe, the 5 yard line. (I think the score was 24-19 at the time). On the first play he kept it and tried to go up the middle but TTUN stuffed the play. The next two downs Martell handed off to the RB when, had he kept the ball, he could have walked into the end zone around the right side of our OL.

Comment 20 Jun 2019

I was thinking the same thing about Evans. Initially, didn't think we had a chance but since he is here on his own dime and may come up for an official visit this never knows. I wonder how the coaches view this? If one of the other two guys we are pursuing, Robinson or Milton, want to commit do we hold off for a shot at Evans?