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Comment 03 May 2020

"Pound for pound, Winfield was the biggest hitter in NFL history."  --- on the short list, about 5 years ago both Chris Spielman and Mike Vrabel said Winfield was THE greatest Ohio St Defensive player they ever saw. Joey Bosa 2nd. ......Case closed.

Re Chris GAMBLE, "Honorable Mention HAHA. Ohio states greatest game ever double OT over Miami 2003, at one point in the game the announcer said,  "Gamble has been in on 120 (ONE Hundred & Twenty) plays so far in the game. SUPERMAN. Maybe the greatest  game ever by one player at OSU.------ (Do That List) ----- Certainly looking back at that season, the whole season ---imo as a 65 year fan -- Gamble on short list for The Greatest season ever by an Ohio St player. 

Like legends Chuck Bednarik & Deon Sanders in NFL, the last of the 2-way players make u a legend..

Comment 12 Apr 2020

a good list, stats matter however it doesnt measure important intangibles like "Who was the most physical, Who made the most big plays in big games." Katzenmoyer was a crushing hitter--- Markus Marek very overlooked, was undersized but near the top for career total tackles AND like Spielman always played great vs Michigan. ...... thats another list u might want to compile,  "Who played best vs Michigan"?

Comment 04 Jan 2020

1973 10-10 tie at Michigan is up there too --- BUT nothing tops 1969 at Michigan if u r a real buckeye fan like i think i am, you NEVER forget a loss this bitter--- imo younger fans wont forget 2019 Clemson either, we had probably Ohio states BEST team ever and lost.

Comment 03 Nov 2019

i recall well the bitter  defeat and tie by Mich of our 69 and 73 teams---will be 50th anniversary of the 1969 one, Michigan will be aware of that, in fact thy will play it up!! -- so this team needs to forget the hype and focus. Too much acclaim and possible overconfidence against a fierce opponent in their stadium contributed to 69 & 73. ... i hope this team does NOT go to Michigan as No. 1 but i'm afraid they will.

Comment 10 Jun 2019

a better question is who wlil be ohio states next Pro football H of F entry??  looks like Spielman, Lachey and Gradishar wont make the cut, Anoine Winfield maybe?  we've run out of old-timers .....among newer guys still playing, who might, Mike Thomas, Ezekiel Elliot would if they stay at current level of excellence for years --- Larimore, Denzel Ward maybe, any O-linemen come to mind??  Bosa's have long way to go.

Comment 06 Jun 2019

my apologies to Boyd Cherry who i didnt recognize, but why did they make his  family wait 106 years, i hope theres someone left to represent him.

re Jim Foster, at the time it appeared he was "fired", never did well in ncaa tourn but reflecting back now he looks good compared to current coach who got a big contract.

Comment 11 May 2019

this is an intriguing subject, ive closely followed Ohio st football since the late 50s, seen it all. ...imo, Glendale wasnt the Worst loss ever, but it was the SECOND worst. .......Nothing matches Michigan 1969. Those who witnessed it know that to be true. OSU 69 was being called possibly THE Greatest team of all-time, period !!  .... But Glendale was bad.  No half time adjustments by Tress, a Great coach, 1 Div I & 4 Div 2 titles. Div 2 no cakewalk, have a long playoff system to win out. He built Youngstown St into a dynasty during his time there.  

Comment 08 Jan 2019

i think its a positive on his legacy  (like Jack Nicklaus 19 majors seconds add to his legacy in addition to his 18 majors won). Its a big achievement to get to the finals. He is the greatest college football coach of all time. Did it in playoff era when u have to do it on the field, not just in the polls.