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Comment 19 Aug 2019

I've always believed in Tuf, and the difference between his 17 film and 18 film is night and day. His decision making didnt change, but his ability to respond quickly did. That injury was a game-changer. His response to critique (the fanbase specifically) was perfect. Makes sense why the coaches and players respect him so much, esp for playing through an injury not being a full capacity. He could have reinjured himself but put the team above himself. How can you not like Tuf? Last year was nowhere near his fault outside of him being put in the best position to help the team.

Comment 14 Aug 2019

You fit the scheme to the players. Idk what the heck happened last year but last isn’t this year so it doesn’t matter. If this new coaching staff esp a vet like Mattison believes in Werner, and the linebacker core than I’m on board! I’m thinking to myself How many times have i been lost doing things blindly and not been on my A game because I just didn’t have the proper things in place to be successful. Talent can only get you so far

Comment 13 Oct 2018

Held Minnesota to 0 points second half. Minnesota isn’t nec a bad team. Awaiting for this team to put it all together. Feels like they won’t get their ish together till close to playoff time and they wake up...while still undefeated. It’s  odd but i don’t think this team will have a legit chance to lose till playoffs