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Comment 17 Dec 2013

The 30 for 30 should not really be referred to as a documentary. It is hard to know how factual the information presented was, since the story was told entirely through Clarett and his supporters. It seemed to me more like a propaganda film than anything else.

Unfortunately, we will probably never know the full story, since Geiger did not, and probably will never, provide any transparency about the investigation. I am fairly confident that the car is just one of many violations that were found, though we will probably never know for sure.


Comment 25 Oct 2012

This whole thing reminds me of a bunch of high school kids. Torg is the guy who likes to talk about people behind their backs. Sportsbybrooks is the guy who likes causing drama so he goes around telling everyone what person A said about person B. Herbstreit is the tattle tale who runs to tell the principal about it. Howard's wife is the overprotective mother who throws a fit anytime their kid is picked on. Desmond is the popular jock who realizes that person A is so insignificant that he is not really worth his time, so he doesn't really care, but everyone around him blows it out of proportion. The radio station is the principal who gets tired of the drama so he gives person A detention, and then hears from the superintendent (ESPN) that detention is not enough, so now he has to suspend him.

All of the drama could have been avoided by:

-person A (Torg) not talking about person B (Howard) behind his back

-the drama lover (Sportsbybrooks) not trying to create drama

- the best friend tattletale (herbstreit) not getting involved

-the overprotective mom (Howard's wife) letting her son (Howard) deal with his own problems

-person B (Howard) talking to person A about it personally if he does have a problem with it or talking to the principal and/or superintendent, along with his mother and friend if he doesn't have a problem with it.

I don't miss high school!

Comment 25 Oct 2012

herbstreit should go on the radio and complain about his post.

Comment 24 Oct 2012

Don't think it will get uglier for this guy...seems to be at rock bottom as it is. My guess is the radio station will give him some kind of settlement. Otherwise, they will be losing A LOT of money, even if just on lawyer fees to defend themselves.

Comment 02 Oct 2012

Losing his cool would be yelling at the guy, flipping him off, and maybe some swearing. Driving like an idiot, pulling a gun, trying to hit someone with it, and shooting him = not a good guy. 

Comment 01 Oct 2012

Idiots. Hopefully both will lose their driver licenses. If you can't control your temper, you shouldn't be driving. Luckily nobody got killed.

Comment 12 Sep 2012

I bet his ratings go up significantly. This is how you get ratings these days. Make controversial statements, whether true or not, and the resulting outrage will create ratings.