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Comment 26 Nov 2016
Thank the good Lord for OT!!! Got to see OT while queueing through customs upon touchdown in the USA. Go freakin' Bucks!!!
Comment 26 Nov 2016
Thought about that but $28 satellite wifi on my international flight would still be an international IP, which would mean couldn't log into watch it on ESPN app. Don't want to tap in via illegal feed on my phone even if on board WiFi is fast enough to stream live video.
Comment 25 Jun 2016

Johns Hopkins. Things with too many s'es weird me out.

Comment 15 May 2016
If it was by the railroad tracks, it was the Freight House location. I think that's the original location.
Comment 15 May 2016

Gatewood BBQ? I think you mean Gates. Indeed, many KC BBQ establishments have seen better days. Jack Stack, Arthur Bryant's, and Oklahoma Joe's are still good. We'll see if Oklahoma Joe's can maintain its quality now that they're going national.

Comment 15 May 2016
If y'all were swimming in the spring-fed river running through campus, you were swimming in the San Marcos River. Blanco River is a few miles from campus. Best BBQ: 1. Salt Lick (Driftwood, TX): try the big ol' beef rib and tell me how it changed your life. 2. Franklin's (Austin): consistently good. 3. La Barbecue (Austin) 4. Jack Stack (Kansas City) 5. Kruez's (Lockhart, TX) 6. Pecan Lodge (Dallas) 7. Willard's (Chantilly, VA) 8. Smoke Shack (San Antonio) 9. Black's (Lockhart, TX) 10. Rudy's (some locations are better than others)
Comment 09 Mar 2016

I could see investing in physical silver as a tiny portion of one's investment portfolio, but I personally wouldn't recommend putting significant $$$ in a volatile and illiquid commodity.

I have dabbled a bit in precious metal ETFs because they are liquid investments; and some of them track the value of the physical metal. It's almost like owning the metal without physically possessing it.  The big advantage is that you can sell it at any time, something you can't easily do with silver coins.

The iShares Silver Trust (SLV) is a commonly-traded ETF that tracks the value of physical silver and is a liquid alternative to possessing physical silver. Other ETF/ETN options that *may* or *may not* suite your investment strategy (read: commodities are inherently volatile and thus risky) include SIVR and USV, but you'll want to read up on those to make sure you understand the advantages and disadvantages.

Disclaimer so I don't get sued: always consult your personal investment advisor to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of any potential investment.

Comment 28 Jan 2016

Painful as it is to say it, FSU's 14-year streak of top 5 finishes in the AP poll (1987-2000) won't be broken. No program has even caught a whiff of that streak.

They of course were able to do that because they played in what was consistently the weakest major conference in the country back then (and it wasn't even close). We won't see that kind of dominance in the post-expansion and playoff era.

Comment 20 Jan 2016

I think the Miami coaches may know Bruce is out, as they are visiting WR Eli Stove today and may have him on campus right before NSD. 

Comment 19 Jan 2016

Great write-up, Birm.  Always pulling for OSU commits to succeed, but now I'm REALLY pulling for Jahsen to realize his potential.  It's no fun to be doubted--especially by teachers, coaches, or other authority figures--but it's all the sweeter when you prove the doubters wrong.

Will be pulling for Jahsen big time.