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Comment 30 Apr 2020

Dalton was a worthwhile gamble when they took him. The extension for him and Marvin were two of the worst moves made in the last few years. Marvin did well in his time in cincy but he should of let go long before he was. And the writing was on the wall that dalton wasn’t an elite qb when he was extended. Best of luck to him but glad he’s officially off the roster. 

Comment 29 Apr 2020

The impact of 8 conference games versus 9 is so grossly under appreciated.  Georgia goes to Alabama ONCE every twelve years.  Only plays LSU or Alabama 33% of its seasons.  I give it credit for trying to play real teams in the pre-conference season.  Georgia has traveled outside the southeast to play as well.  But, the East is pathetic.  The amount of sports talent in Georgia is incredible. There is no excuse to ever be bad, if you can have success recruiting the state.  I'm not comparing Georgia to Ohio State, but you could say it feels like as good as both have been, both schools have left a lot on the table the past ten years.

Comment 12 Feb 2020

In my opinion, if found innocent of the crime, they still are guilty of bad judgement. In that case, I try to help them find another place to continue their careers, education, life.  But, it wouldn't be at Ohio State.  The crime aspect is in question still.  They are guilty of doing something that reflects really badly on them and Ohio State, consensual or not.  And if this were my son, I'd tell him he shouldn't have been in the situation and he should of kept his pants zipped.  I'm drawing a huge line between legal standing and place in society as an adult.  Due process, innocent until proven guilty, absolutely as it relates to jail time, etc.  But, you're already guilty of conduct that doesn't reflect well on anyone you are associated with.

Comment 12 Feb 2020

The court system has to sort this out on a legal basis.  But, innocent until proven guilty is a legal standard.  There are things in all our lives that we could lose our jobs for regardless of the legality of it.  Things completely outside of work.  If I do some thing legal but makes my employer look bad, I could lose my job.  So, from that perspective, both these men made a choice to do something.  It didn't happen to them.  Even if it was consensual, they opened the door to something like this happening.  It's Ryan Day's decision along with Gene Smith and the others in the program, but I think there is plenty here to dismiss from the team.  Consensual or not, it is something that not many employers would say it's just boys being boys.  From a legal perspective, I'm all for giving them the freedom that comes with innocent until proven guilty.  But, again, there is nothing that says that is the standard for every part of your life.  It is awful if their lives are torn to shreds and it turns out they are innocent.  But, again, they made a choice to not keep it in their pants.  When it comes to sex, you do always have a choice. And you accept some amount of risk of f*cking up your life when you get it out in that situation.

Comment 07 Feb 2020

It seems like their version of the Cooper dilemma.  Kind of sucks for them that they are in the 19th year of this and there is no end in sight.  And don't mistake me saying sucks for them as me having any sympathy for them.  I've always said I will stop hating them when they make football a club sport.  My point is we were 5 years into the losing streak when we started wondering how things change.  They are 19 years in.

Comment 28 Jan 2020

Fellow Atlantan here.  Both my wife and I grew up in Ohio and graduated from Ohio State.  18 year daughter not interested in Ohio State because of weather.  15 year old son wears shorts almost year round.  He'll consider Ohio State more than my oldest, but still doubtful.  Weather not the only factor, but it is certainly a factor and not a small one.

Comment 03 Jan 2020

Call me crazy, but they have 7 guys dropped back playing zone on that play.  You don't hit a 25 yard post for a touchdown against that.  I think that is the pass Clemson would want thrown there.  I think there is plenty of time for that safety to get to the spot.  The check down remains the correct call, in my humble opinion.  That is too easy of a pitch and catch against that d, the touchdown.  I think lack of experience and maybe overconfidence from a ton of success sucked him into that pass.  Just one man's hurting opinion.

Comment 27 Dec 2019

You have done what most of us struggle to do, which is cross that Rubicon.  Us mere mortals are afraid to make that crossing.  We will wait until after the fact and then say we knew it ;-)

I will cross before kickoff.  And then I will be hell to live with down here after we prove our worth.

Comment 27 Dec 2019

How can you claim Clemson is overrated and then predict two beatdowns in the playoffs?  Your scores suggest that Clemson is underrated.  What's the song from Sesame Street, one of these things is not like the other?

Comment 27 Dec 2019

Not a criticism, more just an observation as fellow Buckeyes, we all sit and break down this game and feel good about a lot of the matchups.  But, when it comes time to pick the score, it's once bitten twice shy.  We feel like we should win this one, but then its a nail biter.  GO BUCKS!

Comment 26 Dec 2019

The color you have added is interesting.  The answer to the question seemed like, "I agreed to a ten minute interview, we are at 9 minutes 30 seconds, what's your last question?"

To add to your point about Chase's sacks, our d-line is our strength.  It's a little concerning that the past few weeks they've been somewhat neutralized versus what we've seen all year. It would seem to me, as someone not able to break down tape, that our defense needs to do a better job at the snap.  The pass rush doesn't have time to get home because of quick hitters.  If we can take away that first immediate option, maybe we get the strip sacks and pressure again.  

Comment 26 Dec 2019

I like these columns, as they offer a different viewpoint without the absurdity that someone like Desmond brings to their home team.  That being said, saying if they don't turn the ball over and force a few turnovers from Ohio State they will win is a bit of a cop out.  Ohio State isn't big on turning the ball over, so that's not really a good place to hand your hat.  Great column with a cliched final answer.

Go Bucks!