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Comment 07 Oct 2019

Valenti also said tOSU was like a kitten playing with a yarn ball in the first quarter & then just slapped that yarn ball back into reality in quarter number 2

Comment 27 Sep 2019

The opening “it’s time to show everyone across the nation what we already know in this room!” Look out Lincoln your boys are going to get run over! The next 4 games will tell us everything. This team is playing like they have a something serious to prove. All I can say to any team that comes in front of them Look Out! 

Comment 05 Aug 2019

You must not have read the article Dschuetz11. 2017 B1G Title Game we help him to 2.7 yrds per carry on 41 yards total rushing a career low. Now that was 2 seasons ago but I firmly expect the Silver Bullets to return to that kind of rushing defense again this season. 

Comment 04 Aug 2019

This article & I’ve seen others on other tOSU sites are IMO providing cover for Alford over the last week. His recruiting has been average at best. JK has been the pick of the litter over the cycles. My issue is HE KNEW he had to score this year after Sneed was dismissed. The writer is correct there aren’t many 5* RBs anymore. This year was exception to the rule! Tell me how GA who signed Zamir White (who’s got the talent to be in a class of his own) last cycle gets Milton. Now I never expected to get Milton but it shows how other programs can get the best RBs year in and year out. Alford screwed the pooch on this cycle big time! This RB Class is Deep so we will get a pair that are good. But to miss out like we did on a very deep class is a big problem for me. 

Comment 04 Aug 2019

No. After next season he can & I expect him too. NFL Rules are a player must be 3 yrs removed from High School before being eligible for the NFL Draft. If you remember Maurice Clarett challenged the rule in court after his 2nd year at tOSU in which he was suspended & didn’t play for tOSU & lost that court case.  

Comment 02 Aug 2019

You're not understanding my point. It's a controlled scrimmage that means they control what the players are doing. The fact that he didn't have a big spring game means nothing to me at all. He had barely been on campus at that point by 3 months. I have no worries that Fields won't be a success. I listened to an interview with his HS Coach in Atlanta this week. He said Fields is rare in that most players do 1 or 2 things really well. Fields does EVERYTHING well,  And if there is an area of his game that's not up to his standards he works harder than anyone on the team to be the best at that area. He gave the example of how since the spring Fields has improved his speed. He was clocked in the 4.45 range and since then he's been clocked at 4.3. I think your belief that since its a controlled scrimmage that it's easy so he should light it up and since he didn't is a over thinking it. Relax Fields will be fine. Just don't sit and expect that he's got to out perform Haskins numbers to be successful! 

Comment 01 Aug 2019

The spring game is a controlled glorified scrimmage.  How many times have we seen a player have a great spring game performance only to never be heard from again on tOSU roster? I'm not worried about Fields performance. I only worry about health as the dept at QB is our issue. 

Comment 20 Jul 2019

I never changed the name of either schools! I changed the name of the team mascot. Make sure you know what you're talking about when you come and try and make a point to slam my use of Wolverqueens & Volunqueers. See there you go NOT school names but mascot names. And If you feel the need to call me that go ahead it doesn't bother me as I know who & what I am. 

Comment 18 Jul 2019

NO I am NOT Telling him how to think or talk! Maybe you should try reading and comprehending the entire post.  I clearly stated before that statement that he's entitled to his opinion. But if he didn't like what I said pass it by. That's not fascism. And yes it is PC BS to tell me "you don't need to use homophobic slurs" when you're talking about a team you don't like. That is the very essence of PC BS! 

Comment 18 Jul 2019

OK so "We Don't Give a Damn for the Whole State of Michigan" or "Ann Arbor is a Whore" which have been around for decades and decades are sophomoric as well huh? I dare you to tell me you have NEVER ever sung that song or uttered any words like that.

Comment 18 Jul 2019

First of All I am NOT PC. PC is nothing more than Intellectual Tyranny! 2nd I loath USC, Bama, ND (Had 2 brothers graduate from there) Clemson, LSWho and whole host of other teams. The only two that get a "homophobic slur" as you put it, are the two mentioned in this post. If you don't like my use of those words your allowed your opinion. I would say instead of making it an issue just pass the post by. But Don't ever reply to my posts telling me how to think & talk! That's what fascists do! Have a good day! 

Comment 17 Jul 2019

Their fanbase is as delusional as ever.  They are the Tennessee Volunqueers of the B1G. 

2016-2018 Recruiting Xichigan 77 players tOSU 72.  Blue Chips (5&4 Stars) scUM 42 tOSU 60! That's 54% to 83% for tOSU

2016-2019 247 Top 100 players signed scUM 7 tOSU 33! 

They never have the quality depth and by the time game 12 rolls around they can't compete.  This year will be no different. I tell this to Wolverqueens and they make excuse after excuse. It's going to be fun to watch them cry and use the excuse du jour on Nov 30th after 1st year HC Ryan Day beats Hairball on his field w/ a 1st yr QB going against a Sr. QB for the QB Whisperer. 

Comment 16 Jul 2019

I'm of the mind with what we have coming in Binjan Robinson & I am saying right here and now we WILL Flip Elais Ricks from LSWho after he takes his official to CBus for the PSU Game, that this class will end up 3rd behind Clemson & Bama.  I really love this class and I think this can rival Urban's first full class in 2013.  Now I am NOT saying it will be better all time than 2013 class but it will be right up there with it! Ryan Day is killing it on the recruiting trail! I got to also say Jeff Hafley has been a great addition recruiting wise and I look forward to seeing what the Silver Bullets do this fall! Go Bucks! 

Comment 14 Jun 2019

First of all I don't see PSU as a night game. It's the last home game so that is 3rd weekend in Nov. While B1G does Nov night games now that one seems to late. I also think PSU is taking a step back. Something is going on there and the loss of Trace & Miles Sanders will drop their Offense back. If I were you I believe MSU is due for a bounce back. They have talent and were crippled by injuries especially the OLine last year. Wiskey is another good one. 

Comment 26 May 2019

What a tourney! This team enters the field very hot after winning 5 of 6 at the end of the Scheible just to make the tourney! Now they win the B1G Tourney when they had to and they make the NCAA field! Young team the future is bright for Buckeye Baseball! 

Comment 16 Mar 2019

Exactly NavyBuckeye91! Clemson has a free run to the CFP every year as the ACC is a horrible football conference.  I am sorry now that FSU is a complete dumpster fire & there is no other team in that conference that can consistently show up and provide a challenge to Clemson. The Big12 aka The ZERO Defense League is set up nicely for OU to run through it.  Then there is the eSECpn West which is after Bama.  I'm sorry Auburn & LSwho?? So Bama has to contend with GA once a year in Atlanta. Wow what a gauntlet run those teams have to go through annually! 

Comment 03 Jan 2019

Exactly Clemson plays in a craphole conference.  They have a free ride into the playoffs every year and they spend the entire year getting warm up games. And in the rare odd year where they do lose a game they still make it to the ACC Champioship since the ACC is such a clownshow conference then they get the benefit of winning a conference championship game. I am so done with Dabo and his BS.  While I am not a Bama fan I respect Ole St. Nick Satan because he wins. 

Comment 25 Dec 2018

Ok but they also KNOW the deal when they sign up for it! I'm so sick of this "it's not fair" & "they are taken advantage of" crap! They know they get a FREE education for their efforts which also includes room & board, books, training table and other allowed perks that other students don't have access too! Look life is NOT FAIR! It never will be and that's how life is! They get a free ride and if they're are disciplined and willing to do what it takes they can leverage it into a great PAID FOR education which provides a lifetime of benefits! Oh yeah and they also provide a services to their fellow man. You see the money they help generate also pays for Non-Revenue student-athletes to get an education via scholarship. But I guess you're not worried about what's fair for the Non-Revenue student-athletes are you? 

Comment 24 Dec 2018

Exactly!! Dabo is a slim bag of the highest order! He’s going to get his day of hell and so will Clemson as they have always been a dirty program! 

Comment 23 Dec 2018

That was exactly my take Lealman!!! And 2019 is a down year for QB's entering the NFL.  I mean after Haskins & Herbert there really isn't that much to choose from. So this "we got our QB now a 5* so watch out Ohio State you're in trouble:" crap is as usual total BS from the most delusional fan base in America the wolverqueens!!!! Chalk up another set of Gold Pants in 2019 for the boys!