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Comment 08 Jul 2020

You are only a couple of hours from the southern end of the AT. We have a place near Springer Mountain and have hiked much of the GA sections as well as the Benton Mackaye which Cross crosses the AT and is more wild. Either is great for day hiking, over night, or through hiking.  There are car services for drop off/ pickup.

I’d love to go out west more. I’ve done a couple of 120 mile+ backpack trips out in New Mexico With the scouts and they were great. But planning a 3 week adventure in true wilderness is not for the feint of heart or without an experienced crew.

My one piece of advice is that there is no training that prepares you for altitude. So if you are going above 10k feet for more than a day or two make sure you plan rest days in the middle. 

Comment 25 Jun 2020

Glad to hear the Ribber is the there!

i probably haven’t been there for about 25 years but still remember it well. 

Comment 22 Jun 2020

I forgot how much I liked this show. Last night’s episode was slow to set up the season, but the recap reminded me how much stuff they packed into the previous seasons. 

Comment 18 Jun 2020

'66 - I agree with you. 

My son was recruited by a couple of P5 schools for a non rev sport.  The academic perks for athletes are unbelievable.  Dedicated facilities, 24/7 tutors, essay reviewers, labs, early class registration, supplies and much more.  They do have nannies, as your daily attendance in class and test results are recorded and reported to the team.  There is a coach in charge of monitoring it, so they do know whats going on every day.  I was in awe of it. 

The thing I determined was that if an athlete can't graduate or be successful in class, it is because they don't want to, not because they can't.  There is just no way someone can fail if they are taking advantage of the help that is available at these big schools.  

My son is an athlete at a G5 school now.  It has some of the perks, but they are at a different level.  The funny thing is, he is a tudor for the athletic department.

Comment 17 Jun 2020

88% of millionaires are self made

56% of Billionaires are self made

Baseball and Football Club owners probably aren't a random sample of these folks.  But it does take effort to stay wealthy, especially as a family grows.  There are plenty of people who were born rich and lost it.  You just don't hear about it because they aren't the ones in the news.

I don't assume what other people need, and I don't disparage success  - no matter how someone wants to measure it for themselves.

Comment 16 Jun 2020

If the owners were really going to lose money the season would've been cancelled already.

You've said this several times as though it is fact.

Where is the money coming from if there are no butts in seats?  The Media rights do not cover the payroll, let alone facilities and other costs of the team.

I can absolutely see the owners losing money intentionally this year.  They can either blow 30MM now or take an even bigger hit next year and the following years because they have wasted whet little fan goodwill they had left.

Comment 16 Jun 2020

I've always been curious about how the league benefits from this unique exemption.

To me the business models among all the major sports leagues don't look that different.  So I've never really understood the importance of it.

Comment 16 Jun 2020

Cincy, you are right the union didn't agree to this, I thought an article I read at the time back in May said they had.

ESPN did a detailed write up on an 81 game season back then:

I'm sure there is fluff in the numbers, but I can easily see how they could loose $500K or more per game.  I don't know what other revenues they could generate other than broadcasting, and $4-500K per game seems really high to me for most markets.

Comment 16 Jun 2020

Average payroll in 2020 is about $150MM.  162 Games. That's an average of $937,000 in player cost per game.

It's easy to see how they could loose $640K a game without ticket and concession revenue.

The way I see it, the owners were offering to invest, on average, $30MM in cash losses this year (with the 50 game proposal)  in order to have a season.  What where the players really offering?

Comment 16 Jun 2020

Goat, his point was the Players are making $0 today, not a loss, but less than they were expecting.

The owners are spending money everyday to pay the organization, upkeep on facilities, and other operations that do not stop even when games aren't played.

In the negotiation details that were released, both sides stipulated that playing games without fans & concessions, a team would lose, on average, over $600,000 per game played.  This is the fundamental reason why the owners wanted a very short season of 50 games.

Comment 12 Jun 2020

I agree he disappointed us as a first year HC.  But it was Gene's decision to go to the Gator bowl, not Luke's.

It also wasn't the same team as 2012, if you include coaches as part of the team.   Luke wasn't allowed to make wholesale changes or put his thumbprint on the program but there were 8 (out of 11) new coaches in 2012.

Comment 29 May 2020

Although it may be better than on the porch, unprocessed human feces in a garden spreads disease, not nutrients.

I learned all about this from a handy man I had years ago in Slippery Rock PA.  In addition to being a renowned Slate Roof expert, which is why I hired him, he literally wrote the book on Humanure:

Comment 01 May 2020

That is the way unemployment has always been calculated.  The rate isn't intended be be used as a headcount of unemployed people, but a change in the rate is a good indicator of the economy as a whole - although lagging indicator.

Fudging implies it is manipulated to get a desired result.  Since the formula and inputs don't change it isn't being fudged.  Its just reporting in a way that is different than most people expect.

Comment 01 May 2020

OK, I'll retract it, but still disagree with your perspective. 

I can't defend the business practices discussed in the article, but your implication was the government is forcing sick workers back to the job, which is clearly not the case.

Comment 01 May 2020

There's a whole wide world of information out there that doesn't emanate from D.C.

You are right, but missed the point.  The article was about IOWA pressuring workers, not Washington, who you attributed it to. 

And if you can show me a source that has referenced forcing sick workers back to the line, I'll retract my BS statement.

Comment 01 May 2020

(even the sick ones)

BS.  Did you even red the article you linked? It's Iowa that is determining if they will pay unemployment to workers who don't show up.  And there is no mention of forcing sick workers back to the job in this one or any that I've read. 

All the executive order did was classify food processing is critical infrastructure, it does not force anyone to be open, but gives the Ag secretary power to modify regulations to increase production.

Comment 23 Apr 2020

And the Falcons tried to get #2 from Washington per Bleacher Report.

I probably would have gone to a few games if Chase was playing down here.

Comment 03 Apr 2020

Let's see, top 5 recruiting classes as long as I can remember, projected #1/2 next couple of classes, 100 kids on the team and turning away good scholarship players every class, long history of taking good transfers, took 2 top transfer players in the last two years, .

Yea, not a crutch.

If Day wasn't using the portal strategically to fill gaps, we would all be asking if he was too old school and a disappointment.

I'd be way more worried if there was a rash of transfers out of the program.

Comment 02 Apr 2020

I refinance like this whenever the rates/costs make sense.  I don't like loans, and our mortgage is the only one we have.  

Do you need the cash flow each month, or are you just taking advantage of the rates?

If you don't need the cash, and can afford a little bigger payment, you should consider getting a 15-year to take 11 years off your mortgage.  A quick scan looks like you can get a 2.5% 15 year VA loan.  I'm not familiar with the VA program, but you should consider it if you have room in the budget.

If you can't do the 15, then you should use that $250 each month to pay down your principle, and you could probably take almost 10 years off, without any change in lifestyle.  This would also give you a little flexibility if you need the money a month or two.

Good luck either way!

Comment 14 Feb 2020

My wife and I were just in Asheville last weekend and were able to hit 15 breweries in 72 hours.  I highly recommend half pours or flights instead of pints.  It can get ugly quick.

I second the Biscuit Head reviews above.  It is worth waiting in line.

We enjoyed the Biltmore.  Being in town for 4 days, you need a little non drinking time and it was a good diversion.

Another good diversion is the Pinball Museum.  It's setup like your parent's basement and you can play all ou want for $15.

Have Fun!