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Comment 16 Jul 2019

If you own a house then get a truck. You can still get you family around but also have the ability to go to home depot.

My wife has a 16 Prius bc she drives a long way to work in Atlanta traffic. It has a surprising amount of space and 50+ mpg is nice to boot. The stigma of them only going 60 miles an hour is false they drive just like any other small car just uses battery to get started. Any, worth taking a look at

Comment 15 Jul 2019

Some great posts and some really good looking pics on here! I've been smoking for years. Started on the electric smokers (don't care what anyone says they are fine). Currently have a Big Green Egg and just inherited a Traeger. There is a place for both (Traeger doesn't get hot enough for stuff like pizzas or burger IMO).

As many have pointed out butt is a great piece to play around with and get familiar with the slow cooking process and getting to know your grill and temp management. A couple "wish I knew" things that I have learned over the years

1 - Meat temperature on large pieces of meat will stall out. Meaning you will see the temp steadily rise then around 150-160 seem to get stuck for a long time. Don't panic it will get going again. I am a believer in wrapping in two layers of aluminum once I'm in the stall.

2 - Once done you MUST let the meat rest!!!! This is critical or you will end up with dry meat. I'll wrap a butt in foil then wrap that up in a towel and then put that in a cooler (I prefer a cooler just large enough to hold the meat, not some huge cooler). You can let this sit for hours and it will still burn your fingers when pulling. Great if you are bringing it somewhere or to better time when dinner is going to happen.

3 - For pulled pork. Only pull what you're going to eat at the time. I haven't had good luck reheating pulled pork that was pulled a day or two before. Its always dry for me

As many others have pointed out. Enjoy the process! Crack a cold beer and have fun with it! There are endless topics on this subject and as this thread proves, not shortage of opinions!

Comment 08 Jul 2019

I certainly don't want to turn this into a debate over play-off system. Buuuut...I am a believer that 4 is the best thing we can do in order to preserve the regular season importance. I know it isn't a popular sentiment around here, but the committee has gotten it right every year. Yes you could make arguments that we were better than that team that year but they have gotten it correct every time. Back to why going to 8 doesn't make sense. Every year we have 1 or maybe 2 undefeated teams after the regular season and perhaps 2-4 1 loss teams. Some of the 1 loss teams lost their Conference Champ game some didn't even play in the conference game. This is the part that is hard about the 4 team format is that their is always 2 teams that feel slighted...however if those teams are honest with themselves and look in the mirror they would see why they weren't picked (don't lose by 40 to an less than average team). Now if we allow 8 teams you are talking about inviting teams with 2-3 losses into the equation. Think of how hard it is to parse out who "deserves" to be in when there are only 5-6 teams in the mix and how much more ridiculous it would be to try to figure out how this 3 loss team is better than that 3 loss team? With 3 loss teams being in the mix it really isn't important to the overall goal if we beat Michigan in November or Auburn doesn't have the chance to derail Bama's entire season anymore. So, yes it does dilute the regular season. 

Comment 08 Jul 2019

I do believe that there is something to this if you are looking at a casual fan. I've always maintained that one of the big draws to college football is that there are un-provens that can be debated between fans, my team is better than your team, we play in a tougher conference, my team is obligated to play in this bowl otherwise we might have played your team and kicked your butts etc...

Now the debates are a bit more black and white...My team did play yours, my team did go out of conference for a big game etc.. When the debate gets settled then that starts cutting the losers out of the conversation. IMO it is good that we actually get to see these debates play out on the field and it is awesome but as many have already pointed out that leaves a very top heavy discussion.

There are still plenty of things to debate, don't get me wrong..The entire SEC taking week 11 off, some teams play more P5 games, and who deserves into the playoffs are always intriguing. However, listen to any college football sports talk radio and tell me you aren't sick of hearing how Jimmy from Indiana has a solution for an 47 team playoff. I love the playoffs but it boils down the debate amongst fans and strips it down to a singular argument which leads to ESPN running with the notion that it's Clemson and Alabama then everyone else because well they are at the mountain top. Do I want to see Alabama play Clemson next year....again? No...but if they are the best of the best that is okay with me. I don't think expanding the playoffs is the solution but I can understand how a USC fan may not be very interested in college football right now

Comment 08 Jul 2019

I never understood why people complain about games being too long?!?! We wait all year long, we follow 17 year kids on twitter to see what dumb tweet they are going to put out to give us some insight into where he might go to school, we are on a chat board in July talking football, we are drooling waiting for the season to start! Then finally it gets here and for a few months we actually get to watch it before is over in seemingly a blink of an eye. I can understand not liking if play on the field is interrupted by too many reviews and that impacts the momentum of the game. But to me, if a game runs 4 hours instead of 3 and a half I don't care, that just means more football for me!!

I agree with you about free agency!

Comment 03 Jul 2019

I like this conversation. I have also thought that Smart would be on Bama's short list if Saban were to leave. There are some good point mentioned here as to why Smart wouldn't want to make that move. I also don't think Dabo would go either. 

Back to the PJ and his decision and the OP's logic. Apparently the other seemingly 900 5* recruits Smart has signed over the past couple of years don't share this same sentiment about the stability of UGA or Kirby Smart.

Comment 02 Jul 2019

Couldn't agree more with your whole post! Weird that as good as Urban was during his time here I don't feel like we ever saw the the full potential of his teams for more than stints here and there. The the 2018 offense was probably the most consistent we saw under his tenure but that still wasn't without its flaws (that may be a bit over critical on my part though).

Comment 01 Jul 2019

Of course you can't argue that 02 and 14 because of the drama mixed with the results. 

For me personally, the 98 season was the one. I was in my mid twenties and probably at the height on my ridiculous fanaticism. That was hands down the best team in the country and perhaps played all season like a well oiled machine. Then the MSU game ripped my heart out!!! That was to me the one that got away. No question, we would have destroyed Tenn or FSU that year!!

15 was clearly disappointing but BC we limped along and never seemed to get the engine running on all cylinders it didn't have the same same heart wrenching result as 98 did. That said when the light when on and the engine got running against Mich and ND it made me scratch my head

Comment 01 Jul 2019

Unfortunately I lost a bet with a Clemson guy at work over the Orange Bowl loss to them and had to wear a Clemson shirt to work every Friday for 3 months. I now use that shirt as a car wash rag....not for the nice paint, but for the dirty ass wheels!

Otherwise, I couldn't imagine wear some other team's stuff

Comment 11 Jun 2019

I didn't think you posted article as a narcissistic look at me post and actually appreciated the info from the article. All I was putting forth is that assuming success here doesn't mean there aren't factors that would be weighed if other opportunities in the NFL arise. Not sure how that equated to "bloviating on some kind of judgement on what he WILL do"

BTW...last I checked all forums are pretty much everyone putting forth their opinions. I'm sure I have expressed some "halfassed" "half formed" or even "ignorant" opinions but even if that is your opinion then you don't have to value my input. However, people expressing their opinions are what people call a discussion. So, get off your high horse!


Comment 11 Jun 2019

I laugh at some of these posters who post statements on an article from a pay site that I'm guessing most people aren't interested in paying for, title it "Ryan Day Wants to Stay Here" then complain about the direction that people take the conversation.


Comment 11 Jun 2019

Just like everyone else, I am hoping for Day's success and longtime tenure here. Assuming the former, it is good to hear that the goal is to remain here for the long term. There are  added pressures/duties in the college game that aren't there at the NFL level. Recruiting never stops...ever! Urban was a clearly elite at this portion of the of the job. There also seems to be a number of other non-football factors at the college level, catering to alums, administration and kids parents. Where NFL seems to be much more focused on actual football (I'm sure that I'm discounting other NFL head coaching duties). Day has had a stint in both arenas so I don't think that he will be surprised by demands of being the guy here, but I think that what he enjoys about coaching football is what will ultimately decide where he ends up.

Comment 04 Jun 2019

I wouldn't go that far! I would say that he has been the victim in a knee jerk reaction society. The whole process last year was a mob lynching on the media's part. The topic of beating your wife is not something that anyone is going to defend (nor should they). But in today's (or last year's) race for headlines and clicks no one seemed interested in looking at the evidence. For the, with the number of time the police were involved and he was never charged with anything pointed to a situation where 2 crazy ass people couldn't coexist. That said, he is one of those crazy ass people and he seems to openly admit his part in that toxic scenario.

This pod cast is interesting. I am really interested in the football topics and some of the behind the scenes stuff. I am also listening to this with a grain of salt. He clearly had an ax to grind with Ed and Tom. Smith destroyed Ed's football knowledge but IMO got petty when he brought up Ed's wife and his perceived vendetta against him and him highlighting the flight attendant's comments about Herman being bad in bed. 

Much like I viewed the all the stuff last year during the investigation and the media coverage of this, I'm paying attention but this podcast is his side of all these situations. He has pointed his finger at many others and not many specifics of his own short comings. Only about his "eeeelite" WR's and how Meyer clearly thought his was the greatest WR coach ever cause he had him on a 3 year plan to be a head coach. Obviously, the short comings of his "eeeeelite" WR core was Warinner's fault! Yes, can't argue he recruited some great ones but its pretty strange that they didn't actually deliver till after he left, must have been some one else's fault.

One last thing...I'm certainly not the only one that cringes every time one of the other lackey's on the podcast talks am I?

Comment 22 Apr 2019

Completely agree with this. The Pac-12 is a dumpster fire right now with a lot of talent in the region. Even worse than the state of the B1G when he came here. He should be able to go there and run train on that conference with his ability to recruit. The other place I've thought about is Florida St. (assuming Tagart can't get thing corrected in a big hurry). I think this would be a more difficult journey considering that he would share the same side of the ACC with Clemson (he would assume the Harbaugh role in this scenario) as well as a lot more competition for the local recruiting talent.

Comment 19 Apr 2019

Completely agree!!  He definitely raised the bar and took recruiting to a new level but I don't think we were in the toilet when he arrived.

Comment 19 Apr 2019

His worse bowl loss was in 2007??????  Whaaaat? Some one seems to have forgotten about getting our heads pounded in 2016!

This was not a interview, it was a commercial for the new Fox team. We all know that Cowherd has some more pointed questions that he would love to ask Meyer over these softballs.

Comment 03 Apr 2019

Kirby learned from Saban. No team suspension, "we will handle this internally". Then the press goes on to tell us how much worse Saban's err...Kirby's punishment of running stadiums is far harder on the kid