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Comment 22 Apr 2019

Completely agree with this. The Pac-12 is a dumpster fire right now with a lot of talent in the region. Even worse than the state of the B1G when he came here. He should be able to go there and run train on that conference with his ability to recruit. The other place I've thought about is Florida St. (assuming Tagart can't get thing corrected in a big hurry). I think this would be a more difficult journey considering that he would share the same side of the ACC with Clemson (he would assume the Harbaugh role in this scenario) as well as a lot more competition for the local recruiting talent.

Comment 19 Apr 2019

Completely agree!!  He definitely raised the bar and took recruiting to a new level but I don't think we were in the toilet when he arrived.

Comment 19 Apr 2019

His worse bowl loss was in 2007??????  Whaaaat? Some one seems to have forgotten about getting our heads pounded in 2016!

This was not a interview, it was a commercial for the new Fox team. We all know that Cowherd has some more pointed questions that he would love to ask Meyer over these softballs.

Comment 03 Apr 2019

Kirby learned from Saban. No team suspension, "we will handle this internally". Then the press goes on to tell us how much worse Saban's err...Kirby's punishment of running stadiums is far harder on the kid

Comment 03 Apr 2019

I'm not sure I understand what your statement or question is. I don't think that you can really make the argument that there is as much talent coming from the west as the SE. Sure there is talent but to think that Vanderbilt could go run train on the PAC-12 is not realistic.

I'll agree that it is interesting that no one is really taking control out there in the past couple years. Seems like Urban could go out to USC and change that whole thing in short fashion!

Comment 01 Apr 2019

I have to admit that I end up being sucked into this at times myself. Being surrounded by this mentality and the nonstop "We're the SEC" it is easy to want to debate back and either are pulling for other BIG10 teams during non-conference or bowl games in an attempt to shoot down them down or otherwise just root against the SEC as a whole. 

This, I recognize, as childish but we are supposed to hang on to our youth right?

Comment 13 Mar 2019

This point is interesting to me. How much to you think coaches look the recruiting service's rankings? I would generally think that the services follow and potentially re-evaluate players based on the interest/offers from big programs and coaches rather than a coach finding interest in a kid based on how a service has ranked them. But the coaches aren't blind to the fact that there are a lot fans that are keeping score on signing day. Their job is to be a salesman and if it gets their fan base charged up to stack up as many stars as possible wouldn't you think that they might take a peek at these services? No way on earth you would ever hear Saban, Sweeney or Meyer admitting to paying any attention to anything other than their own efforts but I can't believe that they aren't informed about what the services are doing either. 

Comment 13 Mar 2019

Completely agree. Nick Saban isn't where he is because he has the ability to out coach all of his opponents. He only has to do that 1 or maybe 2 times a year. Otherwise, he out talents his opponent every week and has done so for a decade. Success in college football is usually Jimmy's Joe's over X's and O's IMO.

Comment 12 Mar 2019

Totally agree with #1. If we fill our roster with 3* kids from Ohio things will be very different than we have become accustomed to for the last decade. BTW....I wouldn't say "even GA". Just a quick look at 2019. Number of top 100 players by state...FL-11, CA-13, GA-12, TX-14....OH-2. So, yes make sure that we keep the top talent from the state but you can't stop there if we expect to stay in championship contention every year.

#8 - I might put some of that on the coaching and of offensive identity the entire year (or the world figured it out)

#10 - I definitely can't agree with this. How many first round draft choices did he produce from the Defense in 8 seasons?

Comment 11 Mar 2019

Damn dude....I guess all the kids in your neighborhood know to stay off of your lawn. All my point is is that urban's offense was painfully predictable and seemly lacked any creativity in play calling. Everybody in the building knew what was coming in critical situations. Yes, there are exceptions but by and large we became very one dimensional until this year. All this is my OPINION. I never once pretended that everything that I laid out was a stone cold fact. 

Comment 11 Mar 2019

My point about Urban's offense, or at least how he ran them got to the point of flatness and absolute predictability. You are correct Bama hasn't run a wiz bang flash in the pan style of offense. He has run a close to the vest traditional style offense with a power running game that opens to the door to down field passing (no, Jalen Hurts didn't light up the score board with deep passing), but then again Saban isn't a Offensive minded coach. Until, 2018 we have not been able to throw the ball down the field consistently and I feel that if Urban had his way he would keep all passes inside of 10 yards and rather run another jet sweep or QB keeper around the outside. 

My second point. Urban Meyer was/is one of if not the best recruiter on the planet. So, to believe that Day will slide a touch in this area isn't a far fetched. I feel that in order to stay on top of the recruiting game Day will need to have success this year to show that he isn't just another flash in the pan coach.

I don't think that I am the only person around here that believes that a change offensive philosophy is a welcomed change. But just like every other post on this thread...These are just OPINIONS.

One other addition to my list...posters that use the term troll whenever they don't agree with someone.

Comment 11 Mar 2019

Interesting how civil this thread is considering how quickly we all tend to flame opinions on this board that are anything less than OSU is perfect, Harbaugh is Satan and ESPN is conspiring with the CFP to keep us out of the playoffs

Comment 11 Mar 2019

Completely agree. However, it isn't going to stop USC or Florida St from backing the brinks truck up for him next year. Won't get much of an argument from me if your critiquing his one the field coaching....However, the dude is one of the best in the business at recruiting and if you have better and more talent than your opponent you don't have to be as good of a coach

Comment 11 Mar 2019

- Urban Meyers offense is an antiquated, predictable, gimmick system that the rest of the country caught up to 5 years ago (not including 2018)

- I believe that our recruiting is going to take a step back under Day unless he has some very fast success on field

- Filling the roster with 3 star kids from Ohio will make for a short stint at OSU for Day. 

Comment 11 Mar 2019

Thank you!!! I felt like I was the lone ranger on this one. 

I will say this though...People down here REALLY don't like Ohio State!!!  Urban Meyer coming here didn't help in this regard. Still not sure why some Tennessee fan or UGA fan gives so much of a rats a$$ about how Meyer left Florida (and should have been happy he did rather than continue to beat them every year). The other reason is that people down here perceived us as having the benefit of being in a crappy conference. Which until the last few years has been difficult to defend (much the way we perceive Clemson today).

Comment 18 Feb 2019

Is it better to be in the AAF or CFL? Obviously we have no idea how the AAF will turn out but I don't really know the pecking order in pro football now with all the changes. 

Comment 18 Feb 2019

Not a bad call!!! I'm not so sure that we should necessarily be #5 due to the amount of change that we are going through. However, due to empirical evidence I don't see how Mich should be either. Texas not being in seems really odd but I guess they aren't returning a lot.

Everyone is overly worked up over this. FPI really means nothing....especially now considering that a lot of FPI is based off of on the field performance. I certainly don't claim to be an expert in this field but they are justifying the low Ohio St rank based on Fields being an unproven QB. This whole thing seems based on their view of a team's QB proficiency and returning personel. They clearly hold Kelly Bryant, Jalen Hurts and Shea Patterson in high regard. This doesn't explain Auburn, Penn St, Mich St, Tenn, or S Carolina though.

Comment 11 Feb 2019

This is one of the better ideas that I have heard, or at least something that makes sense to me. 

To me the entire issue has nothing to do with the "portal" the issue is with the NCAA more freely granting waivers (as previously mentioned). This was completely unavoidable outcome once the NCAA started allowing "hardships". They had to know that eventually the measure of what a hardship was would change. Once you make an exception for one situation it cracks the door open a little more for the next situation and all of these situations are determined on flimsy at best guide lines and behind closed doors.