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Comment 11 Dec 2012

I wished I could give a little love to the bench, but Matta only uses them against inferior teams. When he plays the likes of Duke, he goes back to the 7-8 man rotation. I love Matta a great deal. Top 5 coach in CBB. However, we'll never win a championship with a 7-8 man rotation. He's gotta learn to blend that talent better in my opinion. Last year we could have gone 9-10 deep like Kentucky. 

Comment 14 Dec 2010

Ques # 6 was the most telling to me. I'd be surprised if we get him. Looks like an SEC homer to me.

Comment 10 Dec 2010

@ Eric- Agreed there sir. You can tell he is anxious to play and be a source of instant offense. He needs to learn patience. Hard to do when you were a McDonald's all-american and promised ample playing time. His time will come! 

Comment 19 Nov 2010

If Tressel thinks we can go to Iowa City, and pound the ball to Boom 25-30 times out the power-I, we are in for a long game. Again Mr. vest, show that you have a scrotum and throw the ball on 1st down & 2nd down to keep that defense honest. Its not neurosurgery! Klug/Clayborn and underated linebacking crew know a little something about gap assignments. I like Boom, but we must throw the rock 30x to have a chance. Even Eddie George is picking against us...all of the sudden I'm VERY concerned.

Comment 18 Nov 2010

@Kyle- Amen. Cecil iis 'making it rain' with Auburn loot. Goodness, this is sad world.

Comment 18 Nov 2010

Have I mentioned how much I love this blog-- the analysis is as good as any I have encountered. With regards to Cam Newton, I'm with El-Dub on this one. Some exchange took place. Does anybody realize that Cecil Newton is a pastor of church in Atlanta? Wondering what that congregation is looking like these days. Unreal.

Feel bad for Oden... likeable dude who even comes back to OSU for big time football games. You can tell he really liked his short stint @ OSU.  

Last few weeks, I've been singing the praises of OSUs best coach-- Thad Matta. Our AD better do EVERYTHING he can to keep that guy around. I'm sure his name is surfacing around any top program with a coaching problem. Please support this guy, cause I think another Final Four is in store.  

Comment 17 Nov 2010

@Matthew- Not only in terms of recruiting, but coaching too. Look at our defensive and offensive sets. They are never the same year in and out. He sees what he has, and plays to the team's strengths. Wish the vest always maximized the talent that comes here.

Comment 17 Nov 2010

My only concern is that we will see a repeat of our rebounding woes against teams who get after it. Also, I'd like to see us go a little deeper into our bench to give these guys a breather. But folks...I'm EXCITED about the prosepcts of this team. Aaron craft is the answer; Sully's Bball IQ is much better than Oden's; Lighty is making a run at the 2nd rd. of the draft; Buford is passing the ball; and Diebler occasionally takes the ball to the basket. That team is better than Michigan State, right now! Even Lauderdale has the Rick Ross look going for him...what else can go wrong? 

Comment 12 Nov 2010

Excited about BBall team. REALLY excited about Aaron Craft at PG. How good is Craft? Good enough to make Bruce Pearl lay down the red carpet at his house and practically beg him to come to Tenn.

El-Dub, thanks for providing the the depth on the D-Line that is available and incoming. Should be interesting. Some combination of D-line, linebackers, and the crowded secondary will continue to make a us a formidable defense for a few years.

Thanks OHIOST1087 for providing the crop of QBs set to come out. That is a stellar class of QBs coming out this year. May need to add Cam Newton who needs to get out of dodge while hit pants are at his ankles.

Comment 11 Nov 2010

Off football topic...we really need LaQuinton Ross & Amir Williams to sign, almost desperately. I don't expect sullinger to be here next year and I believe Dallas is a senior. We NEED size. We guards galour. Thad Matta is due for some recognition, and hopefully it comes this year. A great recruiter and coach.

I hope everyone is right about PSU. Would be nice for us to come out energized and ready to play. McGloin does concern me a little. Illinois still has a decent defense.

Comment 03 Nov 2010

Trust  me, UM would pull out all the stops to get Harbaugh since their program is in dire straits. However, I think they would try to lobby for one or two people before him, before they go down on bended knee. Whomever takes over, is going to get paid in FULL. That Illinois game should be an interesting one.    

Comment 29 Oct 2010

DMC-- my thoughts exactly. Harris was a career underachiever, and Cook was the second coming of 'World B-Free'-- shooters with no conscious whatsoever (and not particularly good ones either). Here's hoping that Thomas is neither of thse dudes.

Comment 27 Oct 2010

Sabino burning a redshirt intrigues me a bit. On special teams, he was crucial to our success. Didn't think he was bad at OLB either. I like the move, if it indeed happens. These injuries are starting to take a toll on everyone in the B10.

Comment 22 Oct 2010

Really Matt....I think you missed the point when comparing the 2 coaches. One makes the most of their talent, while the other squanders it. It is that simple. I love my alma mater, but will never sip the Tressel cool aid until I see better play calling. I don't buy into SEC teams being better then us, but their coaches make better offensive calls.

Comment 22 Oct 2010

We are quickly becoming a basketball school anyways, so any diversion from Tressel's lack of game-planning & scheming is always welcomed. We have a basketball coach who knows his Xs and Os and utilizes the talent to the utmost of their ability. They play several defensive sets and Matta is huge at setting up offensive plays probably better than 90% of coaches out there (just look when the team comes out of timeouts). The Big Ten is quickly becoming the league where elite players come to. No SEC, PAC-10, or Big 12 biases here. It's time Matta gets his due as one of the better ones around. I still do not understand for the life of me how we have 3 legit WRs with speed, the fastest TE in the nation, and some game breakers at RB, and somehow find a way not to utilize those players. If Thad were coaching the football team, a NC would be all but assured by now. No unthinkable losses to Perdue and Wisky (although give Tress credit for that Oregon win in the Rose...not sure how he pulled that one off).

Comment 31 Aug 2010

Touche are right about that one. Not sure what it takes to shut down these folks. College FB is all they have in terms of bragging rights.

Comment 31 Aug 2010

The question I have for everyone is when does Herbie not back up the Buckeyes on TV? He's NEVER been a hater. He makes the big $$$ by being objective. When we (or the Big 10) suck as a whole, he says it. When UM looks like they had the better team, he says it. Only problem I had with Kerbie answers is how he says that Big 10 fans are 'myopic' in nature (which is true). If Northwestern losses to Vandy, these hicks down here start saying 'told you them boys ain't nothin.' However, I think that is the problem with college football... its becoming a huge gang warfare production about conferences and less about the individual teams. That is what makes tOSU unique. We ALWAYS hate UM, but down here when UGA is horrible, then they trade in their paraphanellia for LSU & UF t-shirts. That doesn't happen with us. More focus on the teams then the conference....but again, Herbie is the best at what he does. Plus, my freshman year 1992 saw #4 run for allover UM in the 13-13 tie-- will never forget that game.