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Comment 05 Mar 2016

You must have missed the part where I said I chose the Steelers as a child and have stuck with them ever since. The very definition of diehard. If someone chooses to change teams as an adult because of a player, then shame on them. That's the definition of a bandwagon fan. Besides, it appears as if I made the right choice, looking at the history of the three franchises in question. Go Bucks!

Comment 05 Mar 2016

Allow me to set the record straight on your assessment that all Ohio natives that root for the Steelers are bandwagon fans.

When I first moved to Ohio at the age of 4 it was in a Cinci suburb. My dad tried making me a Bengals fan. But at the age of 8, I made a decision to root for the Steelers. This was in 1970 when they still really sucked. Then in 1972 we moved to an Akron suburb and my dad tried to make me a Browns fan. (Once he moved to Philly he became an Eagles fan. My dad is not a diehard fan like I am, obviously.) But I would have no part of that either. I picked the Steelers over the Browns and Bengals for one reason. Because I loved Mean Joe Green, the greatest Steeler ever. I have been a diehard Steelers fan ever since and I will never change.

My point is, just because I'm from Ohio and I'm a Steelers fan does not make me a bandwagon fan. Quite the contrary. I absolutely love the Buckeyes, Indians and Cavs, always will. If I were a bandwagon fan, I would have bailed on the Tribe years ago and started rooting for my current home town team the Braves.

I completely understand your hatred for the Steelers, really, I do. But please don't paint us with a broad brush without knowing the back story.

Comment 10 Jul 2011

Can you believe the nerve of that Bo Ryan? He just invited me to Madison for a three-way with Bielema!