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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Blanking Wisconsin in the B1G title game with a 3rd string quarterback, beating the spread by 63pts to earn our way into the 1st college football playoff.

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Comment 02 Jun 2020

I think you people missed the point that he wasn't trying to make a math point. His view is valid. what % of the population is actually, racist? I've lived in California, Texas, Utah, Idaho and several other states. The amount of people that I've met that I would consider racist, is about 2. Of those two, both were over 80 and had black friends.

I get that overt racism isn't the whole issue, its probably the smallest part, but that is also the only part the government or any beauracracy can do anything about (prosecuting hate crimes etc.). The rest is up to us to change our hearts, get more life experience, and get out there.

Comment 19 May 2020

this is HUUGE news for LA. The USC fan base was basically expecting to be hailing Meyer after USC grabbed Mike Bohn from the state of Ohio. And now UCLA and USC are both heading into seasons where the football coach is expected to be fired before season's end.

There is no single, possible, AD hire with more of a connection to Meyer than Jarmond. USC already hates Bohn with a passion after he failed to deliver Meyer last season. He is quite possibly the most hated man in LA. With Bohn's experience in retrospect I'm sure Jarmond will go after Meyer, also the main reason he was hired I'm sure. 

If USC loses Meyer to Rival UCLA, Bohn can kiss his job goodbye. Will be interesting to see how the bidding war shapes up for Meyer between these two. 

Comment 16 May 2020

as you can see above I'm a huge proponent of playing the game in a full stadium. That being said, right now while things are still spreading and others are at risk, people should be decent enough to care about others and try not to spread it for exactly OSUfaninIndiana's reason. 

but people also need to take personal responsibility. If I haven't been tested I'm not going to visit my grandmother if we live in california. If we live in a county that has had 0 cases ever, than I'll probably wash my hands, use a mask and go help her around the house.

Comment 16 May 2020

Yes no reason. because the game is being played in Oregon... my home state. Eugene is in Lane county. Do you know how many new cases of covid they had today? 0.

Guess how many they will have by game-day... 0 total. projected to have 0 deaths and 0 cases. In fact the ENTIRE state is projected to have 0 covid deaths for a more than a WHOLE MONTH before gameday.

Also, Ohio will have a whole month as well of 0 deaths by then 

Comment 09 May 2020

not going to happen. People have already stopped social distancing in stores. People have already stopped caring and that sentiment will only increase in time. People won't stand for it and the NBA will back down. Esp if life is back to normal everywhere else, it will just seem like waaay overkill like the stupid oregon game announcement.

Comment 08 May 2020

As an oregonian... relative to our case load this action by the Governor is super extreme. In general the gov's response has been super extreme given our very light case load of covid. The current models: show that oregon will have had 0 deaths from covid for 2-3 months before this game is even played.

if this game is played without fans we will be laughing stock as the whole world will have already moved on.

Comment 26 Feb 2020

I don't see Day maintaining the same level of success at OSU as Urban. I think year after next is when we see the losses start filtering in with more regularity. 

If we couldn't win it all this year... I see it only getting harder.