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Comment 19 Mar 2019

because USC is a better from a coaching standpoint:

#1 Private university so you don't have to deal with all of the public information requests, etc. The Zach Smith thing could have been handled an order of magnitude more internally. The press doesn't have access to all of your emails and texts etc. This alone has to sound like a breath of fresh air for someone who is looking to destress

#2 Money partly because of #1, USC can pay him more, their donor base is richer and the university never has to face backlash because his otherworldly contract will have been too much of a focus on athletics. The number and details will be super high and stay private. He can negotiate a much better deal.

#3 Recruiting is 10x easier. He can stay in-state and put together an all-time rated recruiting class

#4 the pac-12 is at its bottom... less pressure = better for meyer while he rebuilds and can do so without risking his epic win-loss record

#5 better climate... the older you get the more important this gets

#6 A program's current on-field eliteness does not translate to its coaching job eliteness. USC is THE top job in the world of college football from that standpoint. Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, anyone... can put together something better at USC than they could at any other school largely because of it's recruiting position. 

#7 Specifically for Urban, he can go to USC without risking his OSU legacy. If he comes back to OSU ever the pressure is too high. OSU he will always care the most about I think. And his 7-0 and win% are things he doesn't want to risk.

#8 If I was Meyer I would want to end with more NCs than Saban. This is his best chance.

#9 Urban is a great role model for young men, why not keep doing that if he can

#10 I think he is addicted to coaching, I think the draw of the USC job, the top job imho in CFB, will be too great

#11 If Urban ends now people will always associate the end of his coaching tenure with the Zach Smith scandal. People remember you how they last saw you, sadly. And I don't think he wants that to be him being forced out because of something stupid someone else did.

#12 I think Urban just needs a break. His win % is super high and I think we are realizing that just comes at a cost... if you push yourself that hard that long to get to that level you have to take some breaks every now and then. 

Comment 11 Mar 2019

I know... I prememptively already proclaimed another list as having the most shock factor

Comment 11 Mar 2019

@MichiBuck12... I think he has done a bunch of stuff right and a few things wrong... but we all feel that way about any coach most likely. 

It is more of the liklihood of following a Saban/Carroll/Meyer with something equal... the odds are just so low, even if you are phenomenal coach. Esp given Day's experience. Swinney, Saban, and Carroll all took a long time to be elite. None of them have career win/loss records in the same conversation as Meyer's. So really in terms of coaches that from Day 1 were at the Meyer level... it is really so far just Meyer... like ever. At least in the era of modern college football.  

Thanks for asking.

Comment 11 Mar 2019

On this same note, I kind of would really like to see meyer smoke OSU from USC just so the administration that wronged him gets that sinking feeling. 

Comment 11 Mar 2019
Must have forgot to read the post. If you disagree with someone's opinions no need to tell us... Anyone posting here already knows their opinions are unpopular... certainly they have been hearing the opposite of what they believe for awhile and obviously don't agree. So you won't be changing any opinions in this thread.
Comment 11 Mar 2019

1. It seems like everything Zach Smith related has been either debunked or at least put on pretty shaky ground, even the minor things. So at this point I feel like he should be rehired, if not here because of PR... somewhere.

2. I think Day is a 10-2 coach like lots of great coaches. Harbaugh, Franklin, Pelini, Richt, etc. Personally guessing Franklin is a little better most likely. 10-2 is a consistently great coach and anything better is super rare to find... like a Carroll, Meyer, Saban. You basically never get one of those and then get an Upgrade. 

3. Tate > Fields. The little we know about Fields, I'd honestly take Tate. Man was flawless as a backup and Fields could't beat out Fromm. 

4. I like Pelini and Franklin...

5. At least as a college receiver ... Devin Smith > Michael Thomas

6. Don't have any issues with Meyer's loyalty to assistants