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Comment 25 Oct 2020

it sounds obvious but the key against any sort of option football is to just be disciplined and not make mistakes. when an option offense is rolling, it is almost impossible for the defense to stop them from getting about 4 or 5 yards per play. but, if the defense limits mistakes and remains disciplined, it is very difficult for the offense to make the correct decision on the ~20 plays in a row it would take to score when averaging 4-5 yards a play; it's why you almost never see 15+ play scoring drives.

the answer is to rep it in practice over and over again to limit the amount of times the defense makes mistakes. the good thing about the quarterbacks you mentioned is that they play for penn state and michigan, two teams who we are more talented than. when you're the more talented team, better players can make big plays at a higher rate which can knock the offense off schedule, which essentially removes the quarterback run threat. being more talented also helps mask mistakes, because more explosive players can make up space quicker if they or a teammate messes up. we saw this plan work in several drives against nebraska, where we did not allow any big plays and eventually forced a mistake in the form of a fumble. 

there are other tactics which can work, like on standard downs (i.e. not obvious passing situations like 3rd and long) we may blitz a linebacker and tell them to only go for the running back (called "blitzing the back") so that if the QB hands the ball off it's an easy tackle for loss, and if he keeps it we will be prepared because the play was specifically called to force a QB run. tactics aren't strategies, though, so this isn't a call you can make all the time because the offense can easily scheme around it but it's a good mix up from the base defense.

unfortunately there isn't one easy solution and the best way to counter it is "be better than them and don't make mistakes, they'll make one eventually". can we do that? absolutely. do i trust borland, browning, and proctor to consistently execute at the highest level? not sure yet.

Comment 24 Oct 2020

yep. too much loyalty ended up being urban's downfall, let's see if it hurts coach day too.

Comment 24 Oct 2020

thought the run blocking was largely very good today. there were at least 4 occasions (two of the early short yardage situations which we didn't convert) where the line opened up huge holes and the running backs didn't see them or fields made the wrong read on an option. these should improve with more reps but i do not think teague or sermon are that great.

Comment 24 Oct 2020

thought we adjusted well mid-2nd quarter and at halftime. they had a good game plan and when we figured it out we pulled away easily. fields is unbelievably good. line looked good but i'm a bit concerned about the running backs not hitting the holes. they were there, they just didn't run into them. 

borland should not be starting for a top 5 team and browning still looks like he doesn't know where to be half the time. lack of a pass rush is concerning but will improve with time. garrett and togiai seem like a good pairing in the middle.

Comment 24 Oct 2020

scott frost looks like a lego gremlin

Comment 06 Oct 2020

I don't think it's disrespect to Justin to be honest. I think a lot of it is based around the fact that Lawrence is one of the best QB prospects to come out of college in the past 15 years. Fields is an incredible quarterback but he is a lot more raw than Lawrence is.

Comment 15 Sep 2020

Yep. I'm not sure if it is still this way, but acceptance rate used to be weighted heavily by US News, which caused several schools -- particularly UChicago -- to waive application fees for thousands of students who they knew would not get in so as to artificially make the school look more selective.

Comment 11 Sep 2020

I know you're being purposefully obtuse but there will be a vaccine and/or effective treatment by then -- even the most pessimistic epidemiologists think so -- and we'll know more about the effects of the disease in a year.

Comment 10 Sep 2020

Everyone on twitter dunking on Day for this is being really dumb.
"why are they playing but we aren't?" is a valid question. the answer is "they shouldn't be" but they are so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

i wish osu would just be honest and say "we think we should be playing because we have the best team in the country and next year we won't" but you can't say that.

the tweet is all optics anyway. big ten probably isn't reversing its decision but you gotta show recruits that everyone saying "big ten don't care about no footbawl" doesn't apply to osu.

Comment 02 Sep 2020

or they were right yesterday and new information came to light today? not everything is biased against what you believe i promise