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Comment 3 hours ago

You can still drive, but not in a way that kills people.

You can still drink, but not in a way that kills people.

You can still own a dog, but not in a way that kills people.

You can still have a lake on campus, but not in a way that kills people.

This is not complicated. Please spare me the appeals to civility in an argument where the thing you are advocating for resulted in the death of an actual human being.

Comment 5 hours ago

 I would be upset if they outlawed driving because someone died in an accident.

Speeding, DUIs, reckless driving, etc. (the things that cause automobile accidents and most automobile deaths) are all outlawed! 

I would be upset if they outlawed alcohol because someone died of alcohol poisoning

There are heavy regulations/taxes on alcohol sales and possession to prevent people from dying.

I would be upset if I wasn’t able to own a dog because one time somewhere someone’s dog killed a person.

It's illegal for your dog to kill a person (felony manslaughter, actually).

Rules are put in place to prevent avoidable deaths in every aspect of society. You've made a false equivalency here. If your examples were all comparable to what OSU has done with Mirror Lake, then OSU would have outlawed lakes on campus because somebody died in a lake. They didn't. You just can't jump in the lakes en masse now because that's how people die. 

Comment 14 hours ago

There definitely won't be a vaccine, but there's a (very small) chance that one of the anti-viral drugs we already have which are being tested in trials ends up working enough to prevent a second peak in cases as high as this one.

Comment 08 Apr 2020

A negative test mean NOTHING as you can test negative and 13 days later become ill with symptoms and pass SARS-Covid-2 to others.

This is a very misleading way to put it. If you are asymptomatic but still have the virus, you will still test positive before symptoms appear. In your scenario, a negative test (let's assume it's not a false negative) would mean you don't have the virus, so if you become ill 13 days later it would be because you contracted it some time during those 13 days.

Negative tests do not mean nothing.

The rapid tests simply tell you if the person has developed anti-bodies to the disease, not rather or not they are still able to pass the disease on to others. 

Once again, very misleading. There are antibody tests and there are tests specifically for the presence of the virus. They are not the same. There are two separate tests. You are correct in saying that a negative test for antibodies does not necessarily mean that the person who tested negative has not contracted the virus, though.

Comment 08 Apr 2020

It's looking like in most states around the country (with a couple exceptions like Florida and Texas) we'll have this under control by mid may and hopefully be back to something resembling normal life by the end of June. 

Hopefully we'll find some sort of anti-viral that works or a vaccine by fall because that's when it looks like round 2 could flare up.

Comment 07 Apr 2020

if someone told me in real life that that hit was targeting i would reply, verbatim, "i genuinely do not care"

Comment 07 Apr 2020

The 'forcible contact to the head/neck area' part of the rule only applies to defenseless players, which Lawrence was not. The penalty was for leading with the crown of the helmet. If he had not done that, it wouldn't have been called for targeting.

Comment 12 Mar 2020

In seriousness why put a number on it and not just say all social gatherings of non friends/family are postponed/cancelled until further notice.

I agree with you but it's impossible to put this into enforceable legislation 

Comment 01 Feb 2020

why would the titans want a worse quarterback?