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Comment 21 Aug 2017

Never thought of that Eddie. I think if the attempt is made, the Three-Eyed Raven intervenes and turns the tide. Honestly, I do not think there is a soul in Winterfell that could take Arya out.

Here is another thought based on the previous thread. Remember, during the sparring session between Arya and Brianne that it showed a women walking across the doorway behind Arya on two different occasions? What if that women is indeed, Lady Stoneheart? Such a prominent character in the books left out entirely? I'm not saying it happens but would it be a game changer that would shock the crap out of Littlefinger (as well as everyone else)

Comment 21 Aug 2017

During the exchange between Arya and Sansa in Arya's room, I think Arya said all she had to say when she handed the dagger to Sansa and walked off. The seed has been planted. I do think Sansa has learned her lesson as far as Littlefinger goes and not trusting him. Starting at the Moon door and Lysa to being handed to the Bolton's. I think Littlefinger will tempt fate and challenge Sansa at some point, thinking he has the upper hand, and end up failing miserably. Just not sure how it will play out.

Comment 08 Aug 2017

I had a discussion with a co-worker about the same thing. One, she has very little, if any, experience in military tactics and strategy. She went in with one dragon, her Calvary, and brute force and numbers. Two, she does not have any senior leadership that could help her apply the tactics and strategy needed to minimize her own losses (Most of us would have let the dragon do the job from the flanks and the Calvary mop up what was left). Her current front office make-up lacks the skillset to support this need. Who will come in to support this need? Jon? I don't think so. Someone from the losing side of the Episode 4 beat down? Jamie? Bron? Or how about Jorah?  Your guess is as good as mine.

Logamaiac, I think this might happen based on the trailer form episode 5 when it shows Drogon landing on the beach in front of Jon. It seems completely feasible that a bonding experience happens between Jon and Drogon, if not the other dragons.

Comment 04 Aug 2017

I give two craps about down votes and helmet stickers and at no point during my post did I refer to either. The comment I made was to the "faded text of shame" which I referred to jokingly and I chuckled when I saw my post "faded" out. No big deal. With that said, some people took offense to a post I made about the show and I sincerely apologized to those who I ruined several scenarios from the show.

And Frimmel as for "hot kitchens", I have taken and handled more heat than you could ever know.

Comment 01 Aug 2017

And how might you know this since I'm the "dude" you are referring to? Hell fella you don't even know me so do not assume jack. Did you read the spoiler threads in which you are referencing? Everything one might read is speculation and what people think might happen is simply a guess whether it is from a spoiler thread or otherwise. It just so happens I read a lot, re-watched Season 1 through 6 a couple of times and tied some scenarios together and made a few lucky guesses. So if you are upset over a handful of lucky guesses, oh well get over it. For those of you who aren't butt hurt over it but still disappointed I sincerely apologize. That was not my intent.

Comment 01 Aug 2017

Tywin was always about saving the integrity of his family name. How often did he say, "You're a Lannister" to all his children. While we will never know for certain, I bet he knew about Cersei and Jamie and I'm sure he knew about Tyrion not being his own. But if he outright killed Tyrion at birth the Lannister name would have been shamed for such a deed. Tywin was all about what was in the best interest of his family not for the Seven Kingdoms.

Comment 28 Jul 2017

Agree to a point. With Euron, what you see is what you get. A complete psychopath. Ramsey, too, was a pyschopath, but played too many head games, thus, due to his game playing Sansa and Theon escaped which led to his downfall. But Euron, as he said himself, is the storm. A complete and utter maniac that lives to fight, maim, and kill. I don't want to call him a anti-hero but he almost fits the mold.

Comment 25 Jul 2017

I'm a geek when it comes to GoT. I read up on possible scenarios and watch one or two credible sources on You Tube and closely watch the trailers as they come out and put it together. I guess at what I think might happen and share it. If I'm wrong, fine. If I'm right, sorry for "spoling" the show. No inside knowledge, again a GUESS.Trust me there are some outlandish spoilers out there that are far fetched i.e. Ned Stark is alive and well. 

Comment 17 Jul 2017

99% certain it will be the Sand Snakes captured and returned by Euron to Cersai. Euron will capture Yara as well while Theon escapes to Dragon Stone.

Also, 99.9% certain that the Lannister Army takes High Garden and Lady Tyrell (admits to Jamie that she is the one that killed Gofrey) dies at some point during the siege.

99.9 % certain The Unsullied will capture and take over Casterly Rock too.

Based on what I've read Tyrion will not be captured but he will meet with his sister at some point as Dany's representative after Lady Tyrell admitted to killing Gofrey.

99% certain that none of the dragons will be captured by the Lannister's or their allies. BUT one will be killed at some point and resurrected by the Night King.

Just my two cents.

Comment 06 Jun 2017

This might run a similar or even faster timeline than when Matta was hired. From what I have read, Thad was hired in July 04 after Jim O'Brien was fired in June of 04. And at that time, Thad wasn't even the first choice. I will stick to what I have thought about the timing of Thad's "retirement". Gene Smith has a very short list of Thad's successor. Each candidate will be what Ohio State needs to weather the initial storm (2017 - 2018). The incoming coach will have the same type of character as Thad about running a clean program. I believe Ohio State will have a named HC before the end of June. No inside info. Just a gut feeling.

Comment 24 May 2017

Here you go. Hot off the press!

Comment 12 May 2017

I would hope that's the route the writers go. It would almost be like leaving Iron Man out of the Avengers...ALMOST! However, it would not surprise me if the writers eased the Warlock character in during Infinity War I and have a more active role in Infinity War II.

Comment 09 May 2017

After the past several years, I too, will not make any predictions whatsoever. People here are looking at personnel which is only a part of the problem. Coaching, team chemistry and identity, overall shooting (FT and FG), and team defense are all issues.

Personnel wise there is a solid core coming back Lyle, Tate, KBD (if healthy), and Jackson.  If Potter, Funderburk and A. Wesson show some improvement between year 1 and 2 and K. Wesson and B. Beverly are ready to contribute, then things look promising especially if they can add Walker.

While it would have been nice to have Thompson back, I do think this team can be better than they have been the past two years.

Comment 08 May 2017

No the Grandmaster is an Elder of the Universe. Other Elders include the Collector (yep, him), the Champion, the Runner, and the Gardner are the most noticed in the MCU. However, there are others that mainly made small cameos in the comics.

Comment 05 May 2017

I have been rolling with some lighter beers lately...Stella Artois, Dos Equis,  and Lefe Blond to name a few. But here is something I tried at a local pizza joint, Mellow Mushroom; it's a half and half. Rogue Dead Guy Ale and Guinness Draught. This drink is not too heavy or light. Damn good beverage at the end of the day. I have also been going back to some old favorites KIllians and Newcastle as well. Beer is GOOD!

Comment 05 May 2017

Very good adult beverage. One of my favorites when visiting family in Maryland.

Comment 28 Apr 2017

For my fellow Browns fans, look at the history of the Browns past drafts on the link below. No Johnny Football! No Trent Richardson. No Brandon Weedon. Was it really such a bad Day 1 of the draft? Damn you guys are jaded.

Comment 28 Apr 2017

A night to sleep on the draft. I see many of you lining up to take a dive off the factory of sadness roof. It's not as bad as it appears in my honest opinion. This is the first time in my many years of watching Day 1 that I did not want to jump through the TV and strangle the entire Browns front office. Let me try and explain my thoughts on each pick.

#1 - Myles Garrett - DE - This was a no-brainer. Hands down the best player in the draft. No need for any further explanation. A +

Note: Look what the Bears gave up to pick Mitch @ 2. They moved up one slot and gave up a 3rd and 4th round this year and a 3rd next year to the 49ers. Imagine what the 49ers were wanting from the Browns to move up 10 spots. Kudos to the Browns for not caving in to the temptation of trading the farm.

#12 - Traded to Texans for #25 and a 1st rounder next year (Likely a mid-1st rounder). They could have taken Watson, Hooker, Foster or even OJ Howard. I might be able to make sense of this move. 1) They were not sold on Watson so not an option; 2) Hookers and Fosters injuries may be worse than what we know; 3) Howard should have been the pick but when the Texans dangled their #1 next year it was to much to pass on to secure more draft capitol to pick a QB next year (A much better QB class next year) Grade - A

#25 - Jabrill Peppers - S -  I was a bit surprised with this pick but not disappointed based on who was on the board at the time. I see many upset because of where he went to school and how he was used. Is he overrated? To a certain degree. Is he worthy of the #25 pick overall and #1 pick next year from the Texans? I think he is. Don't forget our Buckeyes recruited him as well so Urban and his coaches saw a pretty good football player. I am taking a sit back and watch with Peppers. IMO, I think he is going to be a pleasant surprise.  Grade - B+

# 29 - David Njoku - TE - (Browns traded #33 and #108) - Moved up 4 to pick, arguably, the 2nd best tight end in the draft. Would the Packers, Steelers, 49ers or Saints picked before #33? Packers - No; Steelers - I don't think so; 49ers - No! They were going to pick Reuben Foster if he was there which he was; Saints - Not sure. They went OT so this is the only question mark. If it was me and I traded up to 29, I would have picked Foster. While the Browns needed to upgrade the TE position, I think they could have picked up Butt or Hodges later in the draft, while not as athletic, they are more polished tight ends. I think they could have gotten this guy at #33 and held on to the 4th round pick. Grade - B- (Not because of talent but I'm pretty certain he would have been there today @ 33.

Overall first day grade, I give the Browns a B+. They got a day one starter at rush end; multi-purpose player that should be an upgrade at safety, day one starter and add to the return game; an athletic freak at TE that should be an upgrade to the position. Day One starter? no but should be by mid-season.

Note: Some food for thought. I think the Browns will take a QB in this draft. I think they might go after Peterman (Played in a pro-style offense at Pitt), Davis Webb out of Cal or Joshua Hobbs out of Tennessee. Also, keep in mind the FA QB class next year as well as the QB draft class. Much more fertile and the Browns will have the cap space (Brock Osweiler is only on the books for this year) and draft stock to make the necessary moves to get who they need.

Comment 20 Apr 2017

Congrats Baz on getting hitched. Key West is one of my favorite places to visit. Wife and I went down there last summer and had a great time...again.

Get out on the water. Para-sail, reef dives and get out to Dry Tortugas. Reserve in advance. Here is the link:

Duvall street is where most of the action is but Trip Advisor is a great tool to find places to eat. Highly recommend Garbo's Grill on Caroline Street (Fusion food served out of a trailer behind a bar. Excellent food); Better Than Sex, A Dessert Restaurant (Simonton St on the corner) (Opens up later in the day, Check for hours and it wouldn't hurt to make reservations. Has some out of this world desserts and fru-fru drinks (alcohol and non); Kermit's Key Lime is great for the traditional Key Lime Pie. Those are just a few places that I highly recommend.