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Comment 23 hours ago

While I agree with Coach Day (and other commentators on FOX), the cynic in me says that the SEC bias is alive and well and that LSU will jump us because they got a decisive win over the #4 team (who really never should have been #4 to begin with).  SEC bias is alive and well.  

Comment 28 Oct 2019

The problem with the Heisman is you have to have a PR machine going promoting you from literally Day 1 of the season (and probably well before the first snap).  If you don't you're already behind the power curve and have too much ground to make up.  That is what was Dwayne Haskin's downfall last year.  He obviously had just as good stats and performance as Tua and Kyler.  Some could argue he played better than either.  But what he didn't have was the near constant media buzz that either of those had.  

Comment 27 Oct 2019

THIS!  Fields is an amazing scrambler and precise passer....but I think has been coached to wait to see what develops downfield to try to hit the big gains.  On some of this sacks, he could have simply turned upfield and ran for a gain, but was trying to wait out the receivers getting separation.  IIRC, Day had mentioned this a few games back and said he prefers to take the sack with the upside of a bigger pass play down field than for Fields to simply run it.