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Comment 31 Oct 2019
I like Demario McCall, I really do, but, the thought of him being the safer option is laughable. I'm gonna support Days decision either way but I've been waiting on DJ's GOAT forever now. I'm almost sad for Demario but if I'm being completely honest, , and I am, it's Wilson's time.
Comment 06 Jan 2019
I think it says a lot that his off-season QB coach, Quincy Avery, said if he had a son he would 100% want him coached by Ryan Day. Sounds like he was steering Fields to the Good guys as well.
Comment 01 Jan 2019
Oh, what could have been, if only we were good in the red zone all year. 13-1 Is still fantastic though. Ready for next year already! Edit: I really think more power run and less read option allowed our line to continue to get better and move the line of scrimmage in the right direction.
Comment 01 Jan 2019
This is the winner. Meyer is the 24th coach in Ohio State history. This puts Dwayne over 5000 yds and he is doing it 4-24. 424 it Is! I'm not even gonna play against you, so I'll bow out gracefully with a duplicate.
Comment 24 Dec 2018
Not sure why Herbie gives everyone a complex. He flat out said they wouldn't be considered in the most deserving 4 but possibly best 4. Maybe he's wrong, maybe he's not but he gets paid to talk about it. I mean, I don't have to look very far back on 11W when 70% of our fans were saying they didn't want the playoffs because we would get embarrassed. I was definitely not among that group because I know how dangerous our talent could be when they came together. Take Ohio State out of the equation and think of it this way, ND is undefeated making them deserving from a numbers standpoint but,IMO, nowhere near the best 4. I would take Georgia over ND any day of the week. I guess my point is, what Herbie said is not absurd.