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Comment 21 Jun 2014

Please continue these updates. I hope that more fans become fans of the Buckeyes and not just the big 2 sports. I wish we supported the various Buckeye athletic teams the way they do here in Fayetteville.

Comment 05 Dec 2012

The fanbase atmosphere today in Fayetteville is one of muted enthusiasm for Bielema.  They REALLY don't like people not from the south down here.  Recruiting will be interesting to watch.  T

Comment 01 Aug 2012

Badminton is actually a pretty good workout.  Tennis for guys with bad knees.

Comment 09 May 2012

Never took the lit class either. But if you could recite a little Walt Whitman back in the hippie days, girls thought you were sophisticated and sensitive.

Comment 09 May 2012

I stand corrected then. Forgive me for underestimating the education of a fellow Buckeye. (I didn't see the picture).

Comment 09 May 2012

Big poofy air bag helmets and flip flops instead of spikes will solve the problem.

Comment 09 May 2012

How about big poofy airbags for helmets? You could spear all you want.  It's be kind of like hitting one of those people dressed in the sumo-wrestler suits.

Comment 11 Apr 2012

Taver and I need to have a talk about the dismal history for Buckeyes living in fayetteville.  Rumor is that there will be some dandy bargains of talented players ready to transfer. 

Comment 22 Mar 2012

Cincinnati Southern?

They have decent schools and no NASCAR track.

Be careful what you wish for.

Comment 30 Jan 2012

Living in SEC country, an "O-H-" from a fellow Buckeye warms the heart. 

Hell, in SEC country, ANYone sporting Big 10 colors gets a nod. I've got a tOSU license plate frame and bumper sticker and get honks and nods from even Penn State and Wisconsin cars.

And believe me, "O-H-" is a lot better than:

Wooo Pig Sooie

Roll Tide

Geaux Tigers

War Eagle


Comment 03 Nov 2011

Just an outside suggestion: Bobby Petrino sees his future.  He is going to be playing caddy to Saban and Miles  for the rest of his stay at Arkansas.  Recruiting into Fayetteville is an uphill battle.  Neither Saban nor Miles look to be having an off year any time soon.  And I doubt Petrino enjoys hoping for an upset to get that coveted 2nd place in the SEC west spot rather than playing for titles. He's got a huge buyout but he's done a pretty good job given what he has to work with.

Comment 01 Jun 2011

Kal Drogon - Ed Orgeron (or maybe Will Muschamp)

Comment 01 Jun 2011

Amen, brother.

The Razorback fans in Fayetteville are clearing a place for that Sugar Bowl trophy because, ya know, the only reason we won is because we cheated.

Comment 10 May 2011

Wouldn't it imply that the other 50% paid more that the acutal blue book value?  

Comment 26 Mar 2011

Yes. Great year. Great team. Right.

But the better team won last night.  That was a frustrating underperformance.  At one point, it looked like the game plan was to drive, fall down, throw the ball at the basket and pray for a foul (which for some reason stopped being called in the second half). Very weak.

Did it seem like Sullinger was intimidated by Harrelson? I kept waiting for him to post up and use his superior mobility to work Harrelson into a bad position or at least move and then kick the ball out. 

Every team has a bad game. It ws a sad seaoning ending performance. I hate losing to an SEC game.  I'm still excited for next year.


Comment 30 Dec 2010

A local oddity for your Arkansas flavor:

The local Lowe's actually sells "hog traps".  The traps are for the feral hogs that roam this area - not really Razorbacks but close enough.  The traps are 4'x4'x8'.  When I first moved here, I thought it was a football season joke.  Not so. It is pretty scary walking through the Ozark forest and coming on a carnivorous beast with tusks that size.

Again, PLEASE put a beat down on the Razorbacks.

Comment 07 Dec 2010

Its difficult, and maybe pointless, to make a comparison.  Both have been outstanding both on and off the field. But they coached in different eras.  I doubt Woody would have the managerial skills to run a team today.  I doubt that JT would have been the inspirational force needed in the bygone era. 

Comment 07 Dec 2010

As much as I loath the SEC and pray (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PUT A BEAT DOWN ON THE RAZORBACKS), I have to defend Mallett.  HE seems to be a pretty professional ball tosser.  Even Petrino has been nothing but class here. 

Still makes me wonder how soon his mansion will sprout that "For sale" sign.