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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Sitting in the stands at the Fiesta Bowl Game watching Ohio State dominate the U to win the National Championship!!!
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Comment 17 Jun 2019

I have heard nothing but raving reviews of Real Life Wednesdays and events like the Job Fair from every person involved!  Recruits rave about it and you know it is a massive selling point with their parents!  It's not like Urban's Ohio State legacy isn't already in the clouds, this may be his biggest accomplishment for the university and the Ohio State football program.  I think it is simply the best thing going!

Comment 10 Jun 2019

Personally, I think we'll be fine... I think the previous staff completely over-complicated the schemes and there was too much for these kids to handle and they were routinely out of position or fooled by motion.  Let's get back to see ball, crush person carrying ball and see how that works out!  The great news - it really can't go anywhere but up from last year!

Comment 04 Jun 2019

I'm starting to really like this kid!  I cannot imagine what that recruiting process is like, but it truly has to be exhausting and full of BS!  If I had the talent and was being recruited, I'd probably want to get it over with as well!

Comment 28 May 2019

I'm shocked Jourdan didn't pull out the 'academics' argument in his blathering!  I'm all in favor of their arrogant braggery right now... that is all they have and it makes for a much much sweeter cake when Ohio State curb stomps them in their backyard this year.  You'd think their despair couldn't get any lower but think how awesome it is going to be.... in their eyes, they cannot lose given we have a new, 1st time head coach, an entirely new staff, and it is in AA.  It will be glorious to watch them sink into dark depression at that exact moment when the Buckeyes reach deep into their chests and rip out their hearts!

Comment 26 May 2019

I have no idea why, but reading the bit about him practicing his moves on campus made me think of Woody Hayes and his fumble remedy.  Apparently the fumbler would have to carry around a football on campus while his teammates attempted to knock it out of their hands and recover it.  There were stories of football scrums in the classroom when a ball was jarred loose and a pile up occurred!