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Comment 09 Jan 2020

Unless I'm missing something - stating the facts from his expert perspective, given he's been in the trenches for both schools, isn't criticizing TTUN, it is just pointing out the differences.  If those differences are so vast that it seems like a slam, well, that should really jar those in power up there. Now if Matts would have said Harbaugh is a booger eating crazy lunatic who doesn't have the slightest idea what he is doing... different story!

Comment 03 Jan 2020

Apparently - the greatest thing that happened to that shit school up north was Ohio State losing to Clemson.  That seemed to unleash some sort of demon up there because the hailstorm of Tweets and crazy FB posts I saw were ridiculously pathetic and hysterical all at the same time!

Comment 29 Dec 2019

Still fucking pissed about the fumble TD reversed... the targeting bullshit is aggravating as well.  I'm trying to not be a PSU or TTUN fan about ref whining but FFS, these were crucial calls that introduced quite a bit of negative impact to Ohio State.  The self inflicted wounds didn't help, nor did our horrible red zone productivity, nor did our defensive lapses - but the heart dagger, to me, was the pathetic decision, with 3 minutes left, to punt on 4th and 4. I actually thought he would have kept the ball in the offense's hands opposed to giving back to a trending Clemson offense

Comment 28 Dec 2019

Ohio State players are battle tested against some very big, angry, talented teams where Clemson has not and I believe that will have a huge impact on tonight's game! Clemson has not been in a knock down, drag out brawl all season long (maybe NC) and Ohio State has been in a bunch! I see Ohio State wearing them down in the late 2nd quarter and then coming out in the 3rd and getting in a bunch of body blows and head shots!  Ohio State wins by at least 21 tonight!

Comment 28 Dec 2019

I think it's only fair - to get back at the ballsac fondling, ass grabbing troglodytes from Clemson, it is only fair that The Predator, after folding surfer dude QB, he rips off his helmet and gives him a military style buzz cut and walks off with a handful of hair as the trophy!  Too far?  Oh well, fuck Daba and his sexual assaulting band of miscreants!  Heading to the stadium in 5 hours to get my tailgate on!

Comment 27 Dec 2019

Can't stand Dabo - if I ever saw him in person, I would no doubt be serving time for throat punching him in public. Dude condoned his players ballsac and ass fondling and is a person of low integrity and quality. You know he will cheat every single chance he gets... I hope Day and team drop a 70 burger on his ass tomorrow!  I know it won't happen, but hell, I still buy lottery tickets and believe I can win up until those ping pong balls are drawn!

Comment 26 Dec 2019

Given the crap that is being said on ESecPN and various other stations, I have a feeling the Buckeyes will be really pissed off, angry, and ready to kill anything wearing orange Saturday.

Also, I don't think Clemson has faced any of the knock down, drag out games Ohio State has played so our players are used to a heavy weight exchange where Clemson has not even remotely had to face the fights we have.

Personally, like my buddy just said, this is starting to feel like 2014 all over again, mixed in with a sprinkle of 2002!  I know I am looking forward to being there in person like I was in 2002!!!

Comment 26 Dec 2019

I seriously believe (not that I am REMOTELY qualified) that Dabo and coaches feel arrogant enough to start with only one person blocking The Predator and him snapping surfer dude QB Trevor in half!  My big concern, is that Dabo is a fucking slime ball who would not hesitate to egg on his players to twist Fields' knee during tackles and in the after tackle pile.  

Comment 25 Dec 2019

Here is my non-professional, non-expert opinion of how this plays out on Saturday.

Clemson makes the mistake of thinking they can block Chase with one lineman - surfer dude QB suffers for it

J.K. brutalizes Clemson D

Fields shreds Clemson DBs

The game is a blowout

National media, who all picked Clemson, now pushes they were overrated because of ACC and never playing anybody!