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Comment 12 Aug 2019

Cincy - couldn't agree more!  I am truly saddened there is so much hatred from the Buckeye Nation for Tate.  The guy made a decision to leave... nobody on this board knows what coach Day said, or what happened that led him to make that call. Regardless, he was trying to make the best decision for himself.  He put several years of blood, sweat, and effort into being an Ohio State QB but things didn't work out.  I see no reason to spew such vitriol at somebody trying to make their way in a very difficult environment.

Comment 31 Jul 2019

Your kids also don't spend every single waking non-class/studying hour watching film, working out, practicing, conditioning, and rehabbing because they are beating the sh!t out of their bodies.  Not trying to trash your kids, but these football players go WAY above what a normal student does on a daily basis and given they spend just about every spare moment in these facilities - I have no problem tossing in these bennies....

Comment 29 Jul 2019

I love this lopsided version of The Game since we're on the winning side of it... the Cooper Era still haunts me today!  Every single year TTUN gets more bitter, angry, and desperate about it, and that bodes well for the good guys!  They are heaping a great deal of pressure on themselves and obviously, they fold like an Ikea table when game day arrives!  I cannot wait to see the Buckeyes carpet bomb this year's version of the rodents!

Comment 26 Jul 2019

With my couch psychologist degree in tact - I can say that the TTUN is probably pretty sick of talking about getting smashed continually by the Buckeyes, sick of thinking about it, and just plain sick of experiencing it.  It is in their heads and under their skin!  That puts so much pressure on them that it is almost a self fulfilling prophecy that they believe it is their destiny so they put even more pressure on themselves to change the outcome!  Too much pressure invokes the inevitability of choking factor up higher and higher!  

Comment 23 Jul 2019

It feels like the Spielman era is back... see ball, crush person carrying ball!  As stated over and over, the defensive schemes over the last few years seemed to be way too over thought and complicated!  Bring back the less thought, more crushing opponent defensive mindset!

Comment 23 Jul 2019

Ahhhhh... you know the beginning of college football is near when TTUN gets picked to win everything and their QB is awarded the September Heisman Trophy.  Every. Single. Year!  They have replaced continually overrated Notre Dame as the most overrated, over-hyped team in the country.  The great news about this... ever. single. year, they implode in spectacular fashion and adding a big ass heaping of salt to grind into their crushed souls!

Completely homerized take:  Ryan Day and team walk into AA (whore) and drop 80 on this team and swim out on the wave of their fans' tears!!!

Comment 20 Jul 2019

Just eat boogers and STFU Jim - that is a more appropriate use for your pie-hole.  To claim it wasn't a dig and have to defend your statements because the whole world knew it was a dig, means it was a dig.  You're just an ignorant, immature, overrated coach that has completely under performed at TTUN every single year!  I look for Day and team to drop 70 plus on your ass this year just to drive the point home that you such!