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Comment 11 Jan 2019

I support the original poster, if you're gonna talk the talk then you gotta walk the walk for Tater. Now, the reality is that Fields is coming here because he's stuck behind Jake Fromm at Georgia and there is one of the best pro style former QB coaches here. The incident, which no doubt happened is a convenient way to play right away. How was he able to survive the season with that trauma and actually play in some games. Substance over form my good man!

Comment 02 Jan 2019

Favorite play from the game against the ttun was watching Paris Campbell take that jet sweep to the house. As he started to turn the corner it looked like a 6-8 yard gain and than all of a sudden he is pulling away from defenders, it gave me a Woody!

Urban did a good job here, he seemed to get rather conservative these past few years but I wish him well in his next ebdeavor. Glad to see he is still associated with the University.

Here's to Ryan Day in 2019!