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Comment 23 May 2018
Harbaugh took the job as a last resort option. He has zero interest going through the recruiting cycle which showed in the last class. The NFL is less stressful in that respect which is where I think he wants to be. TTUN is just another stepping stone for him like it was 30+ years ago under Bo.
Comment 26 Apr 2018
The Pats were stupid for letting Lamar Jackson go to a conference rival. Brady is 40 y/o and his wife is constantly on his case about retirement. Bad call on their behalf.
Comment 24 Mar 2018
Why not put DH in at WR so we have 2 qbs on the field at the same time? Tate or Burrows could be the starter and then they could flick it off to Dwayne if the pocket collapses and he could find an open WR down field or tuck it and run. As long as it doesn't pass the scrimmage line it isn't an illegal forward pass. These are the most accurate QBs we've had since Urban got here.
Comment 08 Mar 2018
He's been a no show since day 1. Doesn't seem very engaged with the team at all. There's quite a few players on the team like that. They all need to transfer and give there spots to guys who actually wanna play football. Why go to a blue blood program like Ohio St if you're not gonna give 100%?
Comment 10 Sep 2017
We need to move on from the JT project. Teams just don't respect his ability to pass. He is extremely inaccurate and takes too long with his decision making.
Comment 31 Aug 2017
So it looks like the roles have reversed. The defense has taken the place of last year's offense as being non-existent. Ward and Arnette are probably the worst cb duo I've seen on this team in a long time