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Comment 09 Mar 2020

I dropped out as a regular viewer several seasons ago, but it is still a much anticipated event in my house for my wife and two sons (17 & 22).  They'll spend an hour before the show talking about possible plot twists based on internet rumors or personal hunches.  I sit in the same room with my phone and read 11W or get something productive done, while glancing at the screen occasionally.  I just can't make myself pay close attention anymore.  I wish I still liked it, as for a few years it was something the whole family loved and looked forward to.  I'm now the grump who dropped out.  I do tell them to let me know when Alpha dies, I'd want to see that.  

Comment 14 Feb 2020

I've been using this straw hack for a couple of years changing if you love your popcorn buttery till the end.

Comment 30 Jan 2020

You should have to wear a hair shirt...

I have to ask, what is a "hair shirt"?

As for my prediction, I'll go with Master Teague having 1,500+ yards rushing, and the primary backup contributing another 550+ yards. I'm so fired up to see how good Fields will be in his second year as a Buckeye, plus with all the talent we have at receiver, everyone expects alot out of the passing game in 2020.  I fully expect R. Day to continue keeping the opposition guessing by taking advantage of whatever the defense presents us with.  With expectations that the receivers will warrant much attention, I think Teague will find plenty of running room and Day will make sure he gets the ball. 

Comment 23 Jan 2020

Yep, I've heard many Buckeye fans cast doubt about our chances of beating LSU, but I really think Okudah, Arnette & Wade would have shut down ( or lets say "limited") the passing attack.  My only concern might have been Burrow out running Borland, but surely we could have used Browning more, or just schemed against the QB run.  Oh well, I need to stop replaying the CFP.

Comment 23 Jan 2020

After living through the Cooper years, it amazes me to read this line...

If not for this loss, Ohio State would currently be the owners of a 16-game winning streak against the Wolverines.

Oh what could have been, with just a little more air under the ball from Braxton to Posey late in that game.

Comment 21 Jan 2020

An outstanding man that is my FIL, loves the Josey Wales movie and quotes it often.  He also loves Buckeye football  He is also possibly, slightly dyslexic.

I love it when he talks football and mentions Josey Bosa, lol.

Comment 21 Jan 2020

Thanks for the contrary opinion.  True, others have better dealt with similar circumstances.  To be clear, I'm not excusing him, and feeling sorry for him doesn't diminish feeling sorry for Odin and other victims.  Maybe "feeling sorry for" is the wrong phrase for me to use. Just a damned shame that someone lived that way and didn't get the help and support he needed to have lived his life better.  Some grow up in worse circumstances and are able to rise above it, while others do not.  Still looking forward to the other episodes..     

Comment 21 Jan 2020

I just finished episode 1.  I plan to watch the others when time permits. Right now my three thoughts are:

I feel bad for AH.and the troubled upbringing with his mom. dad, sexuality...all of that could not have been easy no matter how much he may have benefited from his extraordinary athleticism.  

Secondly, I really like the man ( name escapes me ) who was the father of the high school quarterback.  i wish he was my neighbor.

Bi, gay, straight, any and all other labels, really need to have no meaning or associations.   Just be people.