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Comment 30 Apr 2020

Just a feeling, but I'm worried that in order to be marketable at any substantial level, the player will need to be at OSU, Clemson, Alabama, etc. and that will result in the top tier programs creating even MORE of a separation from the rest of the field. After several years we could see ALL of the top talent at just a few schools, while all the other schools are just hoping to be competitive with each other and realizing they have ZERO chance at ever playing for a national title. Not good for the OVERALL health of college athletics. 

Comment 24 Apr 2020

Hate the MVP concept. I work in software development and absolutely hate that. 

It's like they're trying to make me look incompetent! 

Comment 24 Apr 2020

Yep, but I tend to overlook it when it could very well be speech-to-text conversion in a phone that caused it.

Comment 19 Apr 2020

Well damn, an update to my comment above with my "memories" of the Curtis Samuels  Brooklyn Dagger play...I was at the game for sure, but I just recently watched a highlight video on Youtube and now realize the play actually occurred in the north end zone, while my seats were definitely south end zone.  My "memory" must actually be of watching the play on the big video board above the south stands. Sucks to get old...I hope my son was there.  

Comment 13 Apr 2020

I was at the game too, probably very near you as I also watched Samuels romp into the endzone.  I sat in 28AA, first row, making for a quick jump over the rail into the field when the game ended.  My son plays in TBDBITL, so being able to celebrate on the field with him, while he was still playing his drum, with thousands more fans spilling onto the field, is a moment I will never forget. I remember feeling the tension on every play the entire game.  I also remember, and got an up-close view of, the LeBron James led Cavs dance-party at the southeast corner of the endzone when Hooker got the pick-six to finally get us on the scoreboard.  Many thanks to my father-in-law Colin and "Uncle Gene" for enabling me to buy these tickets at face value.  A truly memorable game.  Not the most enjoyable game I ever attended, but easily the most gratifying in the end.

Comment 09 Mar 2020

I dropped out as a regular viewer several seasons ago, but it is still a much anticipated event in my house for my wife and two sons (17 & 22).  They'll spend an hour before the show talking about possible plot twists based on internet rumors or personal hunches.  I sit in the same room with my phone and read 11W or get something productive done, while glancing at the screen occasionally.  I just can't make myself pay close attention anymore.  I wish I still liked it, as for a few years it was something the whole family loved and looked forward to.  I'm now the grump who dropped out.  I do tell them to let me know when Alpha dies, I'd want to see that.