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Comment 07 Oct 2019

Damn...after I posted I realized you just beat me to 10 hours LOL.  I gotta read more.

Comment 07 Oct 2019

I'm with you on the point you are making...and I kind of like the black out and black unis as an occasional thing....but the TBDBITL uniform is not black, it's a very dark navy blue.

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Comment 19 Sep 2019

I was at that FAU game also, and first tried the stadium wifi early second quarter. I wanted to pull up scores of other games in progress.  All I got was a message saying "osu Fan WiFi, Internet not available".  I toggled wifi off and figured it wasn't going to be much better than the free wifi you might get at a Days Inn.  But after halftime I tried again and was surprised to see that it connected and registered 30mb/sec on a quick download speedtest.  i used it sporadically the rest of the game without issue.  Good job OSU tech.

Comment 15 Aug 2019

While poking around on Youtube looking for some music from my youth, I came across an old favorite and now I hear it in a new way.

The timeline doesn't fit, as Todd Rundgren gave us these lyrics in 1972, but I can't help thinking he somehow wrote this for the 2019 version of Harbaugh and TTUN.  From "Just One Victory"...

Somehow, someday
We need just one victory and we're on our way
Prayin' for it all day and fightin' for it all night
Give us just one victory, it will be all right

Maybe Rundgren did intend this for Jimmy, after all he was "A Wizard, a True Star".   Sadly for Jimmy, it may never happen, 0-7 and counting.

Comment 14 Aug 2019

The "rivalry" is as solid as ever. We are certainly enjoying lots of wins over the last two decades, but the rivalry is as strong as ever.  4 of the last 8 games have been decided by one score or less, two of which came down to the last play of the game. I think if OSU always wins by double digit scores, then the magnitude of the rivalry would recede. The W/L record over the last two decades makes it seem like its just another opponent, but the individual games are still usually competitive, and always seems to be the hardest hitting game of the year.  The rookie needs to show more respect for the opponent, at least publicly, no matter who it is.