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Comment 19 Jul 2019

Some JH animal references:

 "I'm not leaving Michigan. I'm not even considering it. A lot of this talk is coming from our enemies, from coaches, you know the names...We know them as jive turkeys."  ~ on NFL coaching rumors

"If the Georgia coach is implying any intent on our part to break the rules, he is barking up the wrong tree."  ~ Replying to new Georgia coach Kirby Smart

" I have a memory like an elephant. I never forget"  ~ While remembering his final loss while at Stanford


Comment 19 Jul 2019

In that huge catch against UM in 2017, isn't the defender #28 waving a towel in the area of Mack's face?  Is using an object like a towel to block opponent's vision grounds for an interference call?  I know Mack made the catch anyway, but wondering if there is a rule against that type of play.  Also, I just noticed the beaten UM defender, #28, is the same dude that Olave and others burned several times the next year. I hope he's back again for a 2019 beating.  "Thank you sir, may I have another?!"

Comment 18 Jul 2019

I like what you're saying here CC, and agree with all of it....and I'd like to add that I value winning the "average rank per recruit" waaaaaayyy more than the "official" top ranking overall.  The number of recruits, which is a large portion of what you referred to as the the "official" ranking, is more a reflection of the current roster and previous recruiting classes.  Many things go into the number of spots available on the current roster, and most of those factors have no direct correlation to the ranking of incoming commits.  Sometimes a team has more scholarships available because previous classes were awesome and many left early for the NFL.  Or sometimes more spots are available because the previous class had a bunch of "misses" who ended of dropping out, getting arrested, transferring etc. A smaller # of spots may be due to stability in the program and kids who love playing college ball, 5th year seniors.  There are just so many variables in both directions that influence the number of scholarships available.  I'd much rather focus current recruiting rankings on average rank per player than a metric that includes number of commits. 

Comment 17 Mar 2019

If by "crap" you mean the accurate statement of Fields being the "top-rated player ever to make his way to Columbus", then the answer to your question is Andrew Ellis. Kat or Art may or may not have been a better high schooler, but they were not "rated" by the generally accepted standard, the 247 overall ranking, so they could not possibly be rated higher. 

Comment 16 Feb 2019

I didn't look up any stats, but my guess is that if you are talking non-head-coach salary, NFL is comparable to upper echelon college teams (OSU, bama and other perennial top 10 teams, etc ), but the rest of NCAA FBS is not comparable to the NFL.  Since Hafley is here, I bet salary is not a big component of his decision making.  You do make a lot of good points about duties that college coaches have that NFL doesn't, mainly the year-round recruiting.  So that's a plus for the NFL side of the "where to coach argument", but don't forget his statement about character of people.  NCAA players are still moldable and much more willing to listen & learn.  The NFL, while there are many high character people, is also full of prima donnas who are way more interested in marketing themselves than sacrificing anything for the good of the team.  I don't mean this to color all, or even any ballpark percentage of NFL players, in a bad light, but I would think the chance to work with kids who WANT to listen to you and grow and learn, would be way more appealing than dealing with the egos of (a few of) the superstars in the NFL. I do watch the NFL as a casual fan (go Browns) but this is why I LOVE college football and just have a "meh" attitude towards the NFL.   

Comment 04 Feb 2019

I found the game to be "edge of my seat" fascinating to watch.  One great play, or one mistake, could easily flip the outcome, and with the way both defenses were controlling things, it seemed likely that whoever got the one great play would win it. Yes, it was lacking in the high scoring, up and down the field action, but I loved the whole game and the constant tension,  When it's 54-52, you figure if you blow a coverage or make a mistake, "that's OK, we just need one stop, then we'll get it back on the next drive".  But when it's 3-0 or 3-3, and there are more punts than first downs, EVERY play is critical. I'm not a fan of either team (Browns for me), but this game is one of the few SB's I've ever watched from start to finish,  Thank goodness the halftime sucked, so I had a chance to decompress.

Comment 29 Jan 2019

This is a relatively new, but risky, strategy by Maryland to get three years of strength training and development under Mickey's tutelage, without footing the bill for the Mickey or the scholarship.  Well played Maryland, well played.

Best of luck to Keandre.