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Comment 17 Oct 2019
Sadly it has been awhile. 2005 Troy Smith in the shoe. I honestly don't know the last time a QB from OSU rushed for a touchdown in Evanston. Anybody know? It's been at least 20 years
Comment 17 Oct 2019
Additional Trivia: Who was the last OSU QB to have a rushing TD against NW and what year was it?
Comment 28 Aug 2019
If you're looking indoors on campus. I'd recommend Big Bar. They have an upstairs patio that overlooks high Street as well. If you are wanting to stay in the short North try Pint House. Great beer, good food, and tons of TV'S. Hope this helps! Go Bucks!
Comment 27 Aug 2019
I am definitely rooting for Oregon and it should be a great game. Toledo over Kentucky would be amazing! I think Houston vs Okie will be a shootout. Probably in the 50's. Is it Saturday yet?
Comment 26 Aug 2019
Let's just say it's a 3:30 game... - Wake up and throw on sweats and a hoodie to take my dog for a walk - Pour a cup of coffee and watch some gameday for a little. - Build my chili recipe and toss it in the crock pot - Time for a shower beer - Throw on some gameday threads - Watch the picks - Watch the nooners and try not to pace from being nervous - Friends come in at halftime of the noon games. - Buckeyes win - Uber to bars with friends - Eat chili as a drunk meal - Wake up feeling rough - Drive to Bdubbs for wings, mountain dew, and to watch the 1pm NFL games - Head home at halftime of the NFL 1pm kick games - Nap - Check fantasy team - Grocery shop - Laundry - Watch first half of 8pm NFL game and go to bed to get ready for Monday
Comment 12 Aug 2019

If you have a Buck-ID (or can get your hands on one) and are ok with sitting with the students/getting rowdy/standing a majority of the game then I would check out the Facebook Group "OSU Ticket Booth" a few days before a game. Typically tickets are well under $100 if you want to save a few dollars. Usually A to AA tickets are about $50 a ticket but are north or south end but are still great seats and some even have pairs listed. Best of luck!

Comment 09 Aug 2019

The way I view it is that it would be like Urban not giving Nick Bosa a Big Ten Ring or Rose Bowl ring because he left the team

Different circumstances between the two yes but I believe they both had to do whats best for themselves and at the end of the day we all will look at Kelly as a Clemson Tiger and Nick as a Buckeye.

Offseason ends next weekend! Hope Tate starts and knocks off those gators week 1!

Comment 22 Jul 2019

Pigram is a liability but outside of that I think this team is overall better than in years past. The game has evolved to run and shoot and we have a solid roster of talent to do so. Sully is a great center and I wish he were out there this year but the offense almost seems to run more smoothly with him as a coach. Now we have to wait almost 2 weeks for them to play again...