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Comment 25 Feb 2020

If DJ can return by conference tournament time and Kyle Young is healthy by then I like our chances not just in the conference tournament but we may be able to make some noise at the big dance!

Hard to tell how far this team can advance at the big dance but this is awesome news!

Thank you for sharing that DJ is at practice, Demosthenes

Comment 24 Feb 2020
  1. Tennessee - I just don't like em and I'm still salty they ended our run with Turner in 09/10
  2. Gonzaga - they never go far in the big dance it seems and they usually ruin my brackets
  3. Iowa State - rub more of that salt into Georges Niang
  4. Arizona - cheatin' sob's!
  5. Oregon - same as Tennessee. I just don't like em!
Comment 24 Feb 2020

I have to eat crow...

I have been pushing to move Luther out of the starting lineup all season and the way he played Sunday offensively and defensively was brilliant! He was going to the bucket, passing played great defense, and shot the lights out.

Side note, we don't win without the insane free throw % we had. Was it 21 straight we made? 

Comment 21 Feb 2020

Been saying it all year, Luther needs to come off the bench and Washington needs to start. Luther plays good defense but his offense is such a liability that its almost like play 4 on 5. Washington takes some poor shots but we have seen him go off scoring wise several times.

Walker made some mistakes tonight but the guy played his tail off. I think he's our best option at the point currently.

Liddell always plays bad to start the game. Tonight he was mad at a call and he flipped the switch and played with a chip on his shoulder. Loved seeing him have a good game!

Andre looks like a true Freshmen this year and Kaleb I think was humbled tonight

Young is an Aaron Craft. We know he likely wont score too much but we know his heart and hustle will always be there.

Iowa has a damn good team and they only lost 1 game at home. Garza in my opinion is the best center OSU has played in years. That guy was fun to watch. The good news is our Buckeyes never threw the towel in and kept fighting.

Beat Maryland! Go Bucks!

Comment 13 Feb 2020

All of the points made above are very solid! (especially the cheap beer!)

We should just renovate St. Johns and play there full time with the occasional trip to the Schott for fun. Oh and cheap beer!

Comment 12 Feb 2020

This won't stop them from running their mouths about the "all time record" and I LOVE the facts that Eleven Warriors has at the bottom of this article. Bring this up to a ttun fan and they either say 3 things

1. Urban's a dirty cheater!

2. JT was short! 

3. Tom Brady!

Comment 12 Feb 2020

Before we jump to conclusions let's let all of the facts get out there. This sounds really bad and as much as I want to say kick them both off the team right now the truth is we don't have all of the facts yet.

The last thing anyone should be concerned about right now is the football side of things

Comment 11 Feb 2020

Actual SEC fans are very delusional but they wont treat you like trash like Penn State would.

Went to the Tennessee vs Florida game in 2014 which was in Knoxville and the Vol fans and I were talking and I told them I'm a Buckeye fan and they were super cool to talk to and they even said "I'm really sorry to hear about Braxton! You guys will be ok though!" and I was pretty shocked. They still thought they could make it to the SEC title game which I thought was adorable but they were overall passionate fans that were just delusional. Offered me moonshine and were overall nice. There's bad apples in every fan base but judas priest were they terrible to Florida fans!

Its the keyboard warriors for the SEC schools that are so stupid you get mad at

USC fans were pretty cocky when they came in 2009 and Miami fans were right up there in 2010 when they came to the Shoe

Sparty fans were really bad during the 2011-2016 era for both basketball and football but since they are fading fast they have kind of gone away

Comment 11 Feb 2020

I firmly believe this boils down to leadership and this falls on both Holtmann and our guys. Someone has to take control and light a fire while holding guys accountable for bad defense, dumb fouls, turnovers, missed bunnies/open 3's. Right now we seem content with mistakes. Everything was great when our shots were falling in December and everyone is all smiles but the real heart of a team is shown when things aren't going your way and right now we need leadership

I firmly believe that if DJ comes back by B1G tournament time this will light a spark and the tide would turn (knock on wood)