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Comment 25 Apr 2019
I'm a browns fan as well and it's a rare treat we aren't on pins and needles this year hoping and praying for a good draft. With that being said, I expect this 1st round to be crazy! I think the Cardinals shock everyone and draft Bosa. Raiders draft Murray. Haskins goes to Giants. Gary ends up slipping but falls to Seattle. Will the Patriots draft a QB? Can't wait! Just to hear football talk again makes me so happy!
Comment 29 Mar 2019

I’ll bite..

2011: We enter the season easily in the top 5 but we lost a lot on defense but we return so much on offense we get a pass. We go undefeated but Sparty’s defense gives us fits but we pull out a miracle in the B1G title then play/beat LSU in the Natty and Tressel does the “wahoo” to Les Miles’ face like he did in the press conference after they won in 2007-2008 season. Braxton gets quality reps as the #2 QB as does Carlos as RB #2.

2012: We enter the season barely in the top 10 as we lost a ton of NFL talent. Braxton and Carlos now run the offense with Smooth jazz as QB #2 and Hall/Dunn/Smith getting touches. We have several close calls and fans begin to call our offense predictable because we like to complain even if we are winning lol. We play Nebraska again in the B1G title and Braxton/Carlos go off. We play ND in the Natty and win back to back and destroy the Irish.

2013: We enter the season as #1. Braxton is the #2 Heisman favorite and just behind him is Carlos with Johnny Manziel leading all. Both Derrick Green and Mitch Trubisky are redshirting as Kenny G is still smooth and Jordan Hall/Rod Smith/Dunn are still solid backups. We go 13-1 as we fight off Sparty in the B1G (we hand it off to Hyde or Pryor stiff arms that defender on 4th down). Our defense is finally exposed and Winston beats us by 2 scores. After waiting patiently, Urban takes the USC job.

2014: We enter the season in the top 10. Braxton still ends up hurt similar to Clemson. Cardale/Mitch fight for it but Cardale wins the job with Rod Smith/Dunn/Green fighting for carries. We go 10-3 falling to VT, MSU, and PSU missing the B1G and but we play Tennessee and beat them as consolation (I HATE the vols). Sparty wins the B1G but doesn’t get to playoffs and its 1. Bama 2. Oregon 3. FSU 4. TCU. Bama goes on to win the Natty against Oregon. Tressel retires at seasons end and its an emotional goodbye.

2015: We enter the season outside of the top 10 and Fickell is hired as HC and we bitter fans are bitter we didn’t get Pat Narduzzi. Joe Burrow is now #3 QB behind Mitch and Cardale is back while Green transfers thinking he is better than this and Dunn and Smith are out so we have Weber and LJ Scott competition for the starting job. Both look stellar and Fickell plays the hot hand. We actually give our RB’s carries against MSU and we win by 2 scores. We go undefeated and beat Iowa in the B1G title band the playoff rankings are: 1. Clemson 2. OSU 3. Bama 4. Oklahoma. We take the title crown back against Clemson in a close game and Finebaum is just pleading for more SEC teams in the playoff. Finish 15-0 and Cardale goes pro.

2016: We enter the season top 5. Burrow takes over the job and Mitch transfers at seasons end but we struggle to find consistency and go 10-3 losing to PSU, ttun, and FSU. Playoff rankings go: 1. Bama 2. Clemson 3. Oklahoma 4. PSU. Clemson beats Bama and Finebaum defecates his trousers.

2017: We enter the season inside the top 10 with Burrow taking over and LJ and Weber are back and healthy. We become the hottest team by seasons end but miss playoffs losing a close one to OU and PSU but win the B1G. Playoff rankings: 1. Clemson 2. Georgia 3. USC 4. Bama. USC beats Bama for the Natty and Finebum soils himself again and states USC cheated. We win our rematch against OU and realize how bad their defense is. Weber and Scott both go pro.

2018: We enter the season just outside of the top 5 and angry. Baldwin is Burrow’s backup. Snead and Teague come in fighting for the job. We go undefeated and beat NW in the conference title and the playoff rankings are: 1. Bama 2. Clemson 3. OSU 4. USC. Clemson just shreds our secondary with Lawrence and then beats Alabama. Following the loss, Saban cries and quits and shortly after Finebaum resigns and blames Harvey Updyke for poisoning the trees. 04/01/2019 a major NCAA violation comes in against Bama for the cheating that occurred during Saban’s tenure and they get the death penalty and Greg Schiano accepts the head coaching gig for the 2020 season after the death penalty only for him to realize he wants to step down

2019: ….. If you read all of that, you earned a beer!

Comment 15 Mar 2019
We were right there and Sparty went on a tear. It stinks but I loved the heart from this team to close out the game. Wherever we play this post season, I'll be cheering! Side note: Woods is stepping up in a big way these last few games. Good to see as he was really struggling most of 2019
Comment 22 Feb 2019

The Bucks are on the bubble and if they expect to make it to the big dance they need to earn a signature victory on the road. I like the way we match up this year more than we did in Matta's last year. It will all boil down to 2 things that have plagued us all year:

  1. Turnovers
  2.  Foul Trouble

We haven't had a big W since December and its a matter of time and I believe it happens Saturday. Let's step on some turtles!

Comment 19 Feb 2019

I think a lot of it has to do with there isn't anything to do before the game right around the stadium. The closest bar is Varsity Club I believe. If they played at say Nationwide it would give fans more to do prior to tip off with all of the bars and restaurants. I hate when I have to pay a ton for parking and still walk 15 mins to get into the VC Arena. If I could get there early and grab a bite and maybe a drink or 2 I think it would be a lot better. I know it likely wont happen but I can dream right? 

I agree tickets are too high right now and something needs to be done but I don't have a fool proof answer yet but just my opinion is if I go to any sporting event I like to make an evening/afternoon of it and not just park, go to the game, and leave.

Comment 15 Feb 2019

Whatever moves the needle. Football fans that actually follow the sport would have something similar to this:

  1.  Clemson
  2.  Bama
  3.  OSU
  4.  Georgia
  5.  Oklahoma
  6.  LSU
  7.  Texas
  8.  Florida
  9.  ND
  10.  ttun

Also keep in mind fellow buckeye fans, they are PRESEASON polls. This will change mightily come October

Is it April 13th yet?

Comment 14 Feb 2019
Woods has been painful to watch. Washington needs more playing time. Overall this team just doesn't have it. I hope I eat crow but this season has been excruciating
Comment 13 Feb 2019

Its always nice to know winter is coming to a close and when Madness begins it means warm weather is around the corner but also that the the spring game is only 3 weeks away

Comment 12 Feb 2019

In my opinion, its just a tough sell to some of the fans. I love OSU hoops but the affordable tickets are up in the nose bleeds and parking is usually a nightmare. I think more affordable tickets with parking would bring more fans in. Like a gameday special 1st come 1st serve for extra tickets should be dirt cheap the day of. The past few games ive gone to it has been embarrassing seeing how many empty seats we have and how quiet/empty it is.

Hell, wouldn't it be fun to have a few games at Nationwide to bring more fans to pregame, grab a bite, etc to pack the house. The shot has nothing around it (close walking distance) to do before the game

Comment 11 Feb 2019

With as poor as our linebackers were last year, I hope its an open competition and that we see a significant improvement beginning April 13th. There were so many bad angles, bad reads, missed tackles, inability to recover a fumble, inability to drop back in coverage, poor block shedding, etc. It made it worse last year that almost nobody was being rotated.

Washington has his work cut out for him. This was honestly the most painful to watch linebacking core I have ever witnessed. We will be back to being great in 2019 (fingers crossed!)