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Comment 07 Jun 2019

City Tap is a great place for pregame wings and beer. Right there on Prospect, less than a 5 minute walk.

Harry Buffalo has a great food menu. I like Wahlburger's too, but it is a little pricey for what they're actually giving you. Still cool though. Both are 5 minute walks.

Comment 29 May 2019

Same I am just learning that as well. But there is a pretty big difference in gameday management for the team and facility. Players gotta wait all day to play in November (it is freezing) as well as dealing with a longer game (seems like night games take longer). Security also has to deal with fans that have drank all day LOL

Comment 29 May 2019

Miami, Oh: 12pm, BTN

@ Nebraska: 8pm, ABC/ESPN (If Nebraska is back, could be gameday?)

MSU: 4pm, FOX (I can't see OSU doing 4 straight night games)

@ Northwestern (Friday): 7:30pm, ESPN

Wisconsin: 8pm, ESPN (Some decent games this weekend with Clemson/BC, LSU/Auburn, Bama/Arkansas, TTUN/ND)

Maryland: 12pm, ABC

@ Rutgers: 12pm, BTN

Penn State: 8pm, ABC 

@ TTUN: 12pm, FOX

Comment 21 May 2019

I rarely engage with people on here but dude you need to lay off this thread. It is a place for people to share their thoughts and opinions. I am sorry that what I wanted to see does not line up with your wants and needs. No need for you to patrol up and down telling people that didn't enjoy the show's ending or the entire season that they are wrong and are fanboys. You're just mad online  because some people don't agree with you. I started watching the show following season 7 and read the books after that, so I haven't even been at this long enough to consider myself a fanboy tbh. 

Another example of fanboy being upset because HIS story line wasn't the real one

I have no issue with the story line, I mentioned ways I thought it could have been better in my opinion. 

I also agree that her body language was off putting with Sansa. But if you can connect that to her becoming Queen of the Ashes, fine. 

Comment 21 May 2019

I agree all of these are examples of her being tyrannical. And this will probably be how it goes in the books too. 

I think I didn't explain myself well enough then. I think coming off burning innocents to ash was out of character. If that was her next step in her madness then so be it but I had not seen anything to that level yet. Which is fine, just a bit shoe horned to me following the Battle of Winterfell, so her speech seemed a little off to me. But I am not saying I'm right, I just had that opinion from my vantage point (some people on this thread don't care for anyone's opinions).

Comment 21 May 2019

I have been open about not enjoying the last 2 seasons. The arcs of characters were rushed and many things happened off screen that I thought we needed to see. Many prophecies that I scoured reddit to learn about never came to fruition (which is fine since most are derived from book info, not show). However I did enjoy the first half of the finale. Jon's emotional stabbing of Dany was very cool and Drogon's reaction to kill the literal thing that brought upon his mother's downfall was very cool. 

With that though, I think that the show could have done well with Dany being carried off by Drogon and shown being laid to rest somewhere. I was thinking Drogon was going to fly beyond the wall and lay her to rest in the Land of Always Winter and she would be resurrected as the new Night Queen (if she was stabbed in the heart by dragon glass, which is possible because Jon used a dagger). It would have been a bittersweet ending for her and a continuous loop where WWs again gain power and move south and the Night's Watch will once again have a purpose (because what is that purpose anymore?).

One other thought that bothered me: Dany's tyrant speech after that immensely on the nose shot of her with wings was odd. She sounded completely tyrannical, which to me was not deserved. This is why the season should have been longer. The speech was intense and haunting (she threatened Winterfell), but 2.5 episodes ago she was toasting with the North and celebrating a victory after the Long Night. Just my opinion. I'm excited for the books. 2 larger books (if ever made) will lay plenty more seeds of her going mad eventually. And maybe Jon's parentage will actually matter in the long run ;)

Comment 15 May 2019

Noel is in OKC- comes off the bench as a versatile big that can defend and catch alley-oops... sorta.

Comment 01 May 2019

It is funny you say that because it is generally what most people point to in argument for this episode. George RR Martin's idea for the books was that the petty politics about a throne made of iron paled in comparison to an existential and mythical threat to the North that humanity was willfully ignoring. (Humanity playing their stupid little game of thrones while they are slowly overwhelmed by a much more dangerous threat they choose to ignore) The show may be going in a different direction, but that is the idea behind the books according to George.

And I do not mean to come off as a know it all... but the very first episode's first scene is a White Walker murdering two men of the Night's Watch. You can say its willful misdirection or you can say that they chose to go in a different direction, but to begin any series like that generally is for a specific reason.

Comment 26 Apr 2019

I'm too young to have seen Titanic in theaters. The VHS we had though had 2 separate cassettes. Was there an intermission for that movie?

If young Hove, or any of you for that matter, need a bathroom break, do it at these moments:

  • San Fran title card comes up
  • Dr. Banner eating lunch
  • New Jersey title card comes up
Comment 26 Apr 2019

Right that's what I am guessing too. I saw Elizabeth Olen said it had a 50s vibe or setting. Not sure if that is time traveling or if they're just going to do something with the story that makes it seem that way. I definitely think you are right about Shuri bringing him back. They laid the ground work in IW that its possible he could live without. He has bits of Ultron, Banner, Tony, and Jarvis in him to carry enough consciousness. 

Ant Man helped keep thing light. RDJ really brought the hammer down with his emotional scenes.

Forgot to add... Cap wielding Mjolnir was unreal. He seemed like a seasoned veteran with it, even inducing lightning.

Comment 26 Apr 2019

AMAZING. This movie went right to my top 3 of the MCU. The fan service was so great. So many perfect cameos that really made the universe feel tightly knitted.

My favorite moments and notes:

1. Top moment has to be when everyone comes back. That scene and the "assemble" line was so cool

2. Hail Hydra - Great elevator scene (Rumlow and Sitwell cameos) that references a recent comic book story line where Cap goes rogue

3. RDJ. Amazing performace throughout. Him with his daughter was really great and developed him even more as a character. "I am Iron Man" Also- his scenes with his father were so great and helped provide so much closure. Now he can rest like Pepper asked him when he discovered time travel.

4. Thor. Everything from the beer gut to telling his mom "I'm not from the future... I'm from the future" ...then he cries LOL 

5. Professor Hulk was really cool. They made him so realistic I really enjoyed the CGI. It really infused Ruffalo's look and mannerisms well. 

6. Sam becoming Captain was really cool. Excited for him and Bucky's adventures on Disney+

7. I am curious if Loki disappearing with the tesseract in New York will be the launching pad to his Disney+ show (It is apparently going to be about him going through out history and making mischief).

8. Ant-Man stole the show. He was so funny in just about every scene and his Giant Man scene in the battle was sick. I was hoping for a more emotional reunion with Hope like he did with Cassie but that's okay, it was still great to see hem doing something together.

9. Interesting move leaving Capt. Marvel out for a while. But she is so powerful that it made sense for plot reasons to keep her away for a bit.

10. Thanos making himself food in the beginning and then losing his head was hilarious.

11. So Vision is officially gonezo since they didn't even bring him back.

12. Got really emotional during the soul stone scene. Had to figure it would be Nat though, Hakweye/Ronin was fighting to get his family back.

13. Robert Redford!!!!!!!!!!! And his body guard was ESPN's Matthew Berry!!!

14. Nice cameos at the funeral. (The one dude no one recognizes is Harley from IM3. I wonder if he is there to lay seeds for an Iron Man return, only it's him instead - could be a nice duo set up between him and Peter Parker)

15. Wanted more Fury, but his subtle nod at the end coming full circle from the first post credits scene was cool.


17. Surprised Natalie Portman returned for a bit scene

18. Rocket naming all the guardians and calling Mantis the girl with the antenna... Laughed out loud.

19. Nebula's whole arc was awesome and interesting to see how much she has changed since the days of working for Thanos/Ronan. Her holding hands with Rocket at the beginning was nice too after all the loss.

20. Nice cameo for Tilda Swinton too as The Ancient One. Her explaining the results of messing with time to Banner was cool. It was also a cool way to show a little bit more of Mark Ruffalo as a human.

21. They wrapped up everything very well. My guess on an Avenger lineup now: Capt. Marvel, Black Panther, Spidey, Bucky, Sam, Scarlet Witch, Ant-Man (Dr. Strange likes to do things on his own)

22. Cap spending his life with Peggy was great but confusing. Does that not mess up a timeline? If the Russos tell me to accept that he had a happy ending and nothing was affected, that is fine with me. I will not search for plot holes.