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U.S. Navy Fifth Fleet, Bahrain (via Van Wert, Ohio)

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Born in the great state of Ohio. Been in the U.S. Navy for nearly 18 years... graduated in 1994 & somehow spent my youth as a TSUN fan and finally seen the light about 17 years ago...


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Comment 18 Oct 2019
Somehow 15 years later and that was the first time I seen that video for The Reason, not sure what to make of it... and where did the time go? Expect to see Dobbins and Teague run up and down the field all evening. Make it so.
Comment 28 Sep 2019
I'll take the low humidity of the west over that godawful swampy Ohio humidity anytime. Now if I could only transplant the trees and water and Cedar Point and the Buckeyes and...
Comment 02 Sep 2019
If I could I'd upvote this a hundred times. Tradition is what makes things interesting and fun. Without tradition all you have is the NFL. A stale product designed to cater to the masses. Commercials in my opinion destroy the joy of watching anything, whether on TV or in person. Sadly I think it'll only get worse.
Comment 21 Aug 2019
Did it irritate me at the time? Sure. But he beat us fair and square. So I dont have any issues. Not like being told to apologize is ever sincere... What he does may be a bit grating but he is competitive and his actions on the field back him up.
Comment 06 Jul 2019
Spent a good part of my life in both Florida and Ohio and all their amusement parks. IMO nothing holds a candle to CP. And I'll take Ohio over Florida anytime.
Comment 17 Apr 2019

I think that's to be expected. Does it suck, yeah, but no surprise.  Day's an unknown so some of these star recruits are gonna run.  We'll see soon enough if they were very wrong...