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  • NBA TEAM: Whoever has the most OSU players.
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Comment 23 Oct 2017
Dear God...I love this so much. I just wanna strip down naked and coat every inch if my body in those stickers and run through the city screaming Buckeye Battlecry
Comment 18 Oct 2017
That's awesome! Good to see you spreading the gospel of delicious Cincinnati chili to the heathen southerners. In all seriousness I'm surprised you did so well. People can be big snobs when it comes to their chili (DJ), so seeing that they gave you a fair shot is pretty cool.
Comment 17 Oct 2017
Let's just call this for what it is, we beat the Crew's ass so bad their owner is leaving the state because he's afraid of us. I mean who wants to be second fiddle (in both attendance and talent) to a team in a lower division? Poor guy, can't really blame him.
Comment 17 Oct 2017
As a huge FC Cincinnati fan I love this because I think it increases our odds of moving to the MLS. Columbus fans might be fair-weather, but down here in Cincy (a real sports city) we support our teams no matter what. We actually stand and cheer at our games, unlike the army of 100,000 grandmas and grandpas that fill the Shoe and scream at anyone who has the nerve to actually stand at a major sporting event. Bye Crew, time for the MLS to have an Ohio team in a real sports town.
Comment 10 Oct 2017
Most of the quotes in OP's post are taken from an article posted on CBS sports/scout, but I don't see a link to the source material. Maybe OP or a mod could add the source material?
Comment 03 Oct 2017
Everything out of Urban's mouth is hyperbole until shown otherwise. Enjoy seeing this one time in the third quarter when we're up by 40 over some bad team and then be ready for a steady diet of grandpa JT running up the middle into a pile of bodies for two yards eighty times in a row when we play a game that actually matters.