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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 85 Yards.
  • NFL TEAM: Cincinnati Bengals
  • NHL TEAM: Blue Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: Whoever has the most OSU players.
  • MLB TEAM: Nah.
  • SOCCER TEAM: FC Cincinnati

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Comment 13 Dec 2019
I'm on mobile so I can't post them (an assist would be amazing!), but Joe Bauserman's passing chart at Nebraska and the Bollman gif where he is a walrus and is calling plays were like the greatest things ever.
Comment 19 Sep 2019
I seem to remember a commentor on a *ichigan website (may be Mgoblog, may be their 247 website) who was laughing their ass off when we got Zeke to commit, and they landed Taco Charlton in the same week. Said (in typical *Ichigan man bravado) that Taco was twice the man and player Zeke would ever be...would do a year's worth of laundry to anyone who could find that post. PURE GOLD RIGHT NOW!++!
Comment 01 Sep 2019
I feel like his whole setup looked cheap and lame. If you are trying to make this a tradition and a big deal I feel like he needs a big stage and a whole setup that looks awesome. (Maybe incorporate some dancers or something?) All in all I didn't think it was terrible. I just think if you're trying something new, you need to go big or go home, and they didn't do that. EDIT: Maybe incorporate the DJ into the band somehow? Perhaps have them both play the same song and integrate the two together? Could be a cool fusion of new and old if done right. EDIT 2: Electronics and traditional horns have become all the rage in DCI (Competitive marching bands basically) and Ohio's own Canton Bluecoats have been doing it better than anyone for YEARS. In fact a lot of people credit them for evolving the sport into what it has become. I know many of you aren't band nerds, but I beg you to give this a listen and you will understand what can happen when you fuse electronics with a traditional drum and bugle corp.
Comment 01 Sep 2019
Wisconsin out west. But in the east, a bunch of teams looked scary good. Penn State was insane. Maryland played outta their minds. MSU's defense was totally dominant, and scUM had some hiccups, but look like they are a solid, talented team. Hell, even buttgers looked halfway competent. I guess if I had to go with one after last week it would be PSU, but damn, there are a lots good looking teams in this division right now.
Comment 25 Jul 2019
The only reason people on this website hate Beth Mowins is because she is a woman and they can't stand the idea of a female announcer. The only thing that would set those meatheads off more would be a gay announcer, which I would love to see some day.
Comment 22 May 2019
Does anyone else notice Urban's disciples Fickell and Herman are on this list also? Could it be a philosophy thing?
Comment 04 Jan 2019
I went to my one and only buckeye football game, the one where we murdered penn state. It was 42-7 before half time and there was this old ass man who was screaming "SIT DOWN! SIT DOOOOOOWWWWWWNNN!" and there I am 22 years old, screaming my lungs out. I lost my voice by halftime. Half time was over and him and the rest of the geezers in my section LEFT THE DAMN GAME. I was glad. At least we didn't have to get yellled at for cheering.....AT A FUCKING PRIMETIME FOOTBALL GAME THAT I SPENT OVER 400 DOLLARS ON TWO TICKETS TO ATTEND AT A TOP FIVE ALL TIME PROGRAM ON NATIONAL TLEVISION AGAINST A MAJOR CONFERENCE RIVAL? Well, the old people did accomplish something. It was breast cancer awareness night and they managed to complain about how "gay" the pink glow sticks they handed out for free were. You old mother fuckers ruin buckeye football. Are you insane? Let's do an under 30 night and an over 60 night and see what is the better atmosphere. Bet the rent. Under 30 wins every damn time.
Comment 17 Dec 2018
1. Woody. 5 natties and he was before my time so I can romanticize his coaching career in a way I can't with JT and Urban. 2. Jim Tressel. Listen I know Urban recruited better and won at a higher rate. But when I was a kid growing up in Cincinnati the Iowa Hawkeyes were my favorite team because I liked the bird on their helmet. Lame I know! But it never occured to me that a team from Ohio could win a championship. All that changed on that night in the desert against Miami. I'll never forget that night as a kid. I sat two feet in front of the TV for the entire four hours. It felt like forty. My dad and I bonded over that game in a way we never have. Go bucks! 3. Urban. Great players. The talent has been insane. But the frustration has been overwhelming at times as well. 2014 could be my favorite buckeye team of my lifetime (along with 2002 and 2012)
Comment 17 Dec 2018
Not sure how to embed on mobile. Hope this works: Tim Shoemaker (@TimShoemaker) Tweeted: hearing Justin Fields' family just closed on a house in Dublin. Must credit Tim Shoemaker EDIT: Aaaaaand it didn't work. But this is already a done deal if true. EDIT 2: Can confirm. This is a joke, my IQ is 80 and that is generous. Love y'all. Go bucks.