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Comment 07 Feb 2017

Living in New England and having to be around their terrible fans and the constant superiority complex(in everything not just sports)has led me to actually dislike them as much as TTUN, and therefore any Buckeye that is part of that organization automatically drops a few notches for's frustrating....shrug.... 

Comment 18 Aug 2016

This is an unpopular opinion. But I liked Cooper. He was the coach in my childhood and through my formative years, so there is a bit of nostalgic innocence there for me. And because they were so close a few times it whetted my young appetite to really see OSU succeed. Of course hindsight and knowing what comes next is also probably skewing that a little.  

Comment 19 Feb 2016

Nice!! I actually saw him earlier this month (live in Boston and took the mrs down to NYC for a weekend) got 3rd row seats!. I agree he was better than expected. He's not a dancer but didn't look completely lost being surrounded by the professional dancers. Very solid, 

We didn't go backstage though, that's awesome! We did meet him after the show, took pictures, he signed the playbill and a card I had of him from his OSU days. Another guy had Eddies Tennessee Titans Jersey that he signed. Really nice, good guy, and appreciative and genuine. He was understandably exhausted so didn't hang around to long, pretty much got in a cab right after.

But also, def recommend if you happen to be able.

Comment 13 Jan 2016

I also live in MA. Class D drugs in MA is apparently Marijuana

Also...Apparently Jones lives next door to the Police Station. So he may be pretty familiar with the officers there, etc. 

Beat me to it Ethos...

Comment 28 Oct 2015

Ooof.....that's tough. Always seemed like the kind of person that was good for College Athletics and from all accounts a genuine man. Kind of made me root for Minnesota when not playing us. Hope he enjoys a healthy and lengthy retirement.  

Comment 20 Aug 2015

Not just you.....I could watch these all seeing work you know they put in payoff and the coaches show their appreciation....dusty indeed

Comment 19 Jan 2015

Living near Boston I feel the same way about the Patriots....and all Boston teams....the fans are are totally oblivious and ignorant to anything outside of their teams. They hardly know what other teams are in the league, let alone players, matchups, strategy, etc....Its infuriating to hear the speak and....well I could go on for pages but suffice it to say I feel the same way about the Boston teams as I do about TTUN...the hatred is real....

That Said though....i hope they do have some kind of Celebration for the '42 team....invite them back have some time with the trophy.....some pointy hats and streamers....oh and cake.... 

Comment 17 Dec 2014

Great Points. This is deeper than just next man's a combo of recruiting, and coaching. The 3's have to be just as capable as the 1's. The difference in talent level can't be extreme. Urban (and Herman to an extant) has shown he's a master of this. But let us not forget Cardale was a Tressel recruit. It's almost poetic.   

Comment 10 Dec 2014

That gif is terrifying...and living in Mass outside Boston, I'm not surprised in the least the lengths that the professor went through...smh...par for the course.