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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2002 Nat'l Championship game. In Columbus at Champs Sports Bar (I live in Florida, so this was a last minute trip and the only place I could find -- luckily I am kinda cute and was able to secure a seat in a standing room only place). When we won, I jumped up and down so hard I pee'd myself. I also think I got kissed by about three different strange men (being kinda cute is a blessing and a curse I suppose).
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: There is no way to answer this question...
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Really, guys? Again, how do you narrow it down?
  • NFL TEAM: Buffalo Bills
  • NHL TEAM: Buffalo Sabres
  • NBA TEAM: Whichever one has the most Buckeyes playing at a g

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Comment 21 Aug 2019
There have been thousands of players celebrate thousands of wins WITHOUT being disrespectful. Celebrate all day - you earned it - but don't demean and degrade in the process. Btw, I LOATHE the Gators and this was my stance when Georgia stomped their logo at midfield. Maybe I'm just an old fart, but I'd like to maintain what's left of the dignity in college football. Now, get off my lawn.
Comment 25 Aug 2018
Some you may have seen my posts speaking about my past experience - both professional and personal - with domestic violence. In some of those posts I talked about the difference between a relationship that has violence and a domestic violence situation. They are not the same. There is power and control and the purposeful use of intimidation in domestic violence. What this very brave woman just shared with us is the kind of serious situation laws and shelters and outreach and community and awareness are designed to help and protect. I do believe there was violence - most likely mutual - between ZS and CS. But not the kind described by the survivor above. What happened between the Smiths appears to be 2 very toxic, immature, adults who lack appropriate problem solving skills and have poor coping mechanisms, who escalate situations for a whole host of reasons germane to an unhealthy marriage. Many like Mrs. Miller live with an ever present fear. We don't call the police. We don't talk about it with family and friends. We hide our injuries, we don't document them. We don't talk back and we don't pick fights. We're ballarinas dancing on eggshells trying not to make a sound. That's fear. That's power. That's control. That's domestic violence. Any implied criticisms I've expressed toward CS has not been to minimize her experience, but because those women who are at significant risk for their lives cannot be lost in the muck and the mire of the Smith's marriage. Thank you Mrs. Miller for sharing your story.
Comment 11 Aug 2018
Occam's Razor. Did Meyer: A) willfully lie about something he knew was verifiable AND was already out in the open. B) speak in reference to the information he had someone look into the night prior? Not to mention, this was posed in the hallway in relation to 2009. What happened on 09? An arrest. What did the McMurphy acticle say originally? An arrest. Seems if you go with A then you have to consider he didn't report it as he has claimed and believe he lied about that as well - again all things easily verifiable. Thus, he would have to be colossally stupid to intentionally lie at Media Day.
Comment 08 Aug 2018
Did Hoke get fired for Brendon Gibbons?
Comment 07 Aug 2018
Believing that someone is abusing his wife and believing there is a toxic volatile relationship are two different things. I've been remiss to discuss the elements of a Power and Control DV cases mostly because to lay people it may not make sense. Simply put, some of the worst most dangerous cases I've seen do not contain physical violence. Yes - you read that correctly. When one partner (usually the male - but not always) controls each aspect of the others life this is DV, again absent any violence. Some examples: *access to money *access to family, friends *access to transportation *using children against the other *restricting employment *psychological/emotional manipulation. *sexual abuse I've seen cases of men nailing windows shut and dead-bolting doors - locking women in the home while they are gone. I've seen situations where exact money for groceries is given, miles checked on cars, stopwatches used to measure the exact time it SHOULD take, and being made to leave at least one child home during errands so the woman doesn't run. Phone calls are always monitored and listened in EVERY time. Scripts are used should authorities become involved. I've seen men sit in a parking lot for a woman's entire 8 hour shift of work - every day. In EVERY case listed above there was NO VIOLENCE yet those are very, very dangerous situations. Then there are people who solve their problems with violence. Those with explosive tempers, get in faces, push buttons, shove, hit - even out right fistfight. Obviously this is wrong, and criminal but it is not always 'domestic violence' outside of the criminal construct. Sometimes there is both power/control AND violence and violence is what is used for control. When I would staff cases with my investigators (my designation as a Subject Matter Expert required this in ALL allegations of DV) if power and control elements were not present, the case was referred an entirely different direction (I was a child abuse investigator for Florida DCF for 10 years). This is in NO WAY meant to diminish anyone who has been physically abused in any incident absent power and control, but there are differing risk levels. What does that mean here? I'm not sure bc I don't have ALL the info to determine if P&C are present, if it was mutually combative or any combination of the two. What I would like taken from this is that physical violence is not always necessary to have a DV relationship and that all physical violence between two partners is not always DV (outside of the criminal elements). I would also like to note for those who always ask - why doesn't the abused person just leave? Well, statistically the MOST dangerous time for anyone in a Power and Control relationship is when s/he leaves. This is when most victims are murdered. It's bc the abuser has lost ALL control. And in order to SAFELY get out it takes some planning and coordination. I recently helped a woman escape a situation with both violence and P&C - the logistics to get out safely, conceal the plan, have protective measures set up in order to stay safe during the process as well as having a place to go and access to resources AND the courage to do it is not easily understood by those who haven't lived or experienced it. Likewise I have seen horrible cases in the other direction - cases where women have used the system in place for real victims for their own agendas. It may not be popular to talk about, but IT DOES HAPPEN and with more frequency than you would think. Again, I'm not making any judgements about the situation between the Smith's bc I don't have access to all the facts.
Comment 06 Aug 2018
Wait. I thought the ORIGINAL said felonious assault and the REVISED was criminal trespass??? I realize the chief said it's not uncommon for felonies to be moved down to misdemeanors, but I didn't think that's what happened in this case? ***went back and looked. This too is curious. Also saw Murphy allude to a 3rd report BUT again - where is it and why did he change his post of he has one that says arrested?