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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2002 Nat'l Championship game. In Columbus at Champs Sports Bar (I live in Florida, so this was a last minute trip and the only place I could find -- luckily I am kinda cute and was able to secure a seat in a standing room only place). When we won, I jumped up and down so hard I pee'd myself. I also think I got kissed by about three different strange men (being kinda cute is a blessing and a curse I suppose).
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: There is no way to answer this question...
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Really, guys? Again, how do you narrow it down?
  • NFL TEAM: Buffalo Bills
  • NHL TEAM: Buffalo Sabres
  • NBA TEAM: Whichever one has the most Buckeyes playing at a g

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Comment 22 Mar 2016
I'm from Springfield and will always be proud of where I call home. I can say that bc I left four hours after graduating from high school,and but for family visits, never looked back. It sickens me when a hometown kid goes anywhere else. I thought Depriest going with Tuscalucifer was bad - this Johnson business is downright nauseating. Springfield in its current state is pretty dismal. Kid should feel right at home.
Comment 02 Jan 2016
In the short life of the playoff era, it seems it matters a great deal when teams lose. For this reason, I disagree with those who say the Bucks had their shot and blew it. While we were losing as time expired in the rain, Bama was playing Georgia Southern and Florida was playing FAU. I think this matters because of the importance placed on when a team loses. While other conferences are deep into conference play, the SEC is playing a warm up to Rivalry Week. Instead of plating their 'cupcakes' when everyone else does, they begin conference play early in the season and thus, can overcome a loss. I know the play calling was suspect and we didn't play our best, but saying we were not one of the four best teams based on the MSU game is ludicrous and I'm pretty sure the games that have been played support that statement.
Comment 14 May 2015
A ttun fan was arguing over at cft that this was the result of quality control. If 'delusional' were a sport, I'd agree they are by far, the winning-est program of all time.
Comment 23 Apr 2015
This is perhaps the only situation my little heart could bear. I love Braxton. I love Ohio State. I HATE the idea of having to love them separately. Of course I wish Brax the best and want him in a position to completely maximize his talents. I just want him to do it for the team I love. If he's not a Buckeye, then Houston would be the best scenario from a fan perspective. It makes them easier to love separate. I'll take a Braxton at Houston Heisman and a repeat National Championship for the Buckeyes before I'd have to endure beating Braxton in the Championship game. With a Bama, Ducks or FSU type place, that could happen. Just a thought.
Comment 23 Apr 2015
I'd like to see some Joshua Perry / This guy side-by-side transformation pictures. I remember when Perry posted a series of photos showing how the weight and training program at Ohio State transformed his body. Both appear to have, uh, transformed. *Full disclosure: Trey's mom was mean to me in high school. This in no way has influenced this #take
Comment 17 Apr 2015
So I checked out the tow company's Yelp page. Yikes. There is definitely something up. Read some of the ones that didn't make it as 'preferred' comments. I thought she was an arrogant entitled bitch when I watched the video. After the comments on Yelp I watched it again. Granted, she may very well be a raging arrogant bitch, BUT context is important...
Comment 09 Apr 2015
I lost my father in 1997. I was so fortunate, then and now, to be present as they each passed - I'm so grateful to have been there.
Comment 09 Apr 2015
Just want to say your condolences mean the world to me. I can't thank each of you enough for being like family to me during the most difficult time of my life.
Comment 07 Apr 2015
No, it IS about texting and driving. It's called Inattention Blindness. This means that your eyes do not necessarily tell your brain what you are seeing, but rather your brain tells your eyes what to look for. I own a traffic school and I teach this daily. I show a video of people in different colored uniforms passing a basketball and ask them to count the number of times one team passes. A man in a giant bear suit moonwalks thru the middle AND NO ONE SEES IT. This is bc the brain is busy telling the eyes to count the passes. Same when you are looking at your phone's keyboard and glancing back at the road. Also impacts your reaction time in collision avoidance. At 40mph your car is moving 60 feet per second. That's moving from the 20 yard line on a football field to the 40. Thus looking away for 'one second' moves you this far - Inattention Blindness aside Texting and driving KILLS. It's most definitely NOT an acquired skill of an individual.
Comment 10 Mar 2015
Just posting the word on the street here in PCB. I've heard from people who were there it was UT fans. Then heard the thing about Ole Miss. Again, purely disgusting no matter who/what. My daughter is a college student and home for Spring Break. She avoids the beach partly bc apparently the only time it's 'socially acceptable' to jump someone is during Break. It would seem the social fabric is desperately in need of a surger.