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Comment 01 Apr 2012

Thomas had no business taking the last 2 shots.  Not saying he lost the game or anything, but the one shot was very contested and (sorry can't remember who, think it was Sully) was standing in the corner wide open.  This years draft is incredibly deep.  It wouldn't suprise me if one or both Thomas, and Sully came back.  Not saying I expect it, but with the NBA being locked out earlier this year a lot of the 'one and done' players last year came back for their sohphomore seasons.

Did anyone hear Sully say that he thought Kansas just wanted it more?  That comment really bothered me, with him sitting at the press conference with Buford after the game.

Congrats to the Buckeye basketball team!  They had a great season, making it to the Final Four is no easy task.  Look forward to many more in the future.

Comment 11 Feb 2012

Sully needs to quit crying and flopping on the ground.  It hurts the team on the defensive end.  Thomas needed to be taken out of the game, he can't guard anyone.  OSU just got hit in the mouth, now it's time to see how they respond.

Comment 12 Nov 2011

Considering that Matta went so deep in th bench last night.  I am not too overly concernced yet.  We should find out a lot more against Florida.  I don't think OSU will have any problem scoring points.  I start to worry if we are put up against a talented big man down low.  We don't have anyone with any substantial size to stop him.  Sully is good, but he's not a center.  Until Thomas learns to play defense he needs to come off the bench.

Comment 12 Nov 2011

Yes if the defender is anywhere inside the arch below the basket it will be called a block.  Craft had one called on him last night.  It's something the defenders will need to make sure they are aware of when they are down low.

Comment 26 Jan 2011

This is what happens when the Buckeyes stop playing sloppy basketball. The past few games even though they were victories were very sloppy.  Let's hope they can keep this going.

Comment 19 Jan 2011

Very sloppy game.  Glad to come away with a easy victory still.  How many jersey's are they going to use this year?  I didn't like these unis at all.

Comment 15 Jan 2011

Congrats to the Buckeyes!!  Craft is quickly becoming my favorite Buckeye.  His defense might be the best in the Big Ten.  Will Deshaun Thomas ever learn to pass and play defense?