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Comment 12 Jan 2019

To me, he has been the secondary’s weak link the last 2 years. Anybody who has watched just about every snap the last 2 years knows Arnette has been burned repeatedly. In pass coverage.  Obviously he is not ready for the NFL let alone Maryland again. Damon best worry about trying to start next year.. I’m thinking the younger talent beats him out.

Comment 07 Oct 2018

Paging Kerry Coombs!   Several years  ago I didn't like that the DB's were playing in soft coverage cause we had to much talent. We finally went to press coverage, which I liked.  Now with very weak secondary coverage to this point how about we bury the press coverage & go back to lining up 5 yds off the line?!   Sick of getting burned over the top multiple times every game. Rather OSU get dinked & dunked on 7 yds at a time til a big sack or turnover occurs.