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Comment 2 hours ago

It also, oddly, takes into consideration your overall correctness. So if you and I both put in a prediction on the same time, but I have a history of 90 percent correct and you have a history of being right only 10 percent, I'm going to get more points.

Comment 22 Mar 2018

Nope. They can’t just take a total of five official visits and only one per school. If I was in charge, though, I’d consider expanding the number of visits for each school to more than 56 (even if it’s a only certain amount allowed in the spring). And extra three months on the calendar will make it more difficult to stay under that number.

Comment 22 Mar 2018

No, they're not open to the public like Friday Night Lights. If you have a son or family member who wants to participate, though, you can pay for them to attend. The information regarding those costs is in the link at the bottom of the page.

Comment 21 Mar 2018

Will be on Saturday. He was wrapping up his basketball season, so he didn't have much time to answer them before.

Comment 20 Mar 2018

Yes and no. There’s a lot of talent in Georgia, absolutely, but it’s also notoriously one of first states to be evaluated thoroughly. That’s a big reason why they’re ranked higher from the jump. 247 finally just expanded Ohio to the Top 100 in-state prospects, too, while Georgia has been evaluated to the Top 150 in-state prospects for quite some time. Now I’m not saying Ohio is anywhere near as talented (because it’s not even close), but just giving some background behind why only a few states dominate the rankings until camp season is in full swing and into the summer.