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Comment 20 May 2018

“Go lock up that elite Ohio player and then go get Miller.”

Accepting Correll’s commitment would end any hope of Miller ending up in Columbus. That’s why they don’t recruit Ohio first unless they’re an elite player.

“They're not quarterbacks, both would be definite takes if they committed.”

Correll is not a take at the moment for the above-mentioned reason. They’re only taking one center.

”Seeing Ohio's nationally recruited, elite talent go elsewhere is a problem trend for which OSU will pay when Meyer is gone and the next guy isn't as good a recruiter.”

This list is not very long, and nobody is going to care that Jackson Carman went to Clemson when NPF becomes a first-round pick. 

Comment 20 May 2018

Why? Because it’s Ohio State; because of relationships with the coaches; because they’ll have an opportunity to compete early; because they’ll win Big Ten titles and be in the hunt for national titles; because the school/program offers excellent opportunities after football is over; and so on. It’s never just one reason, and every commit tells us just that.

Comment 20 May 2018

The original poster was being sarcastic, poking fun at someone who previously gave me a hard time for calling Alex a project, despite the fact that he — ultinately unsure if he’ll play offensive or defensive line (or even tight end) at the next level — has called himself as much...