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Raised as the son of an Ohio State grad, I've been a Buckeye fan since a kid. Went out of state to college at the school that has since become the latest (associate) member of the B1G. Have lived in NJ virtually my entire adult life.Still get a thrill watching TBDBITL and Buckeye football.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: beating Eric Dearbaugh in the mile
  • NFL TEAM: The original Cleveland Browns
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Comment 17 Jun 2020
Whereas Jordan left after 3 years, if Davis and Meyers leave after this year, they will have still spent 4 years in school (having each had a red shirt season). "Early" depends on your perspective.
Comment 17 Jun 2020
As much potential you might have, it sometimes takes time to develop it. As goid as you become, your path to seeing the field might yet be blocked by someone still better. As good as you are, injuries can prevent you from performing. And in some cases, the recruiting rating might overstate how good you can or will become. I expect that the 1st three of these are what's been in okay for these guys, and that all or most will come into their own in 2020.
Comment 15 Jun 2020
I remember when Pete Rose was the first $100,000 singles hitter (after 2 batting titles). And back before that, to when Jim Brown, the best RB the NFL had seen, walked away away from his $60,000 salary to make movies. Oh, and more recently than either of those, when Woody Hayes made $43,000.
Comment 15 Jun 2020
... and we fans are the ones who essentially drive that demand.
Comment 15 Jun 2020
As soon as I saw the metrics I knew that they'd be unfavorable to those "older" teams, simply because the game has changed. In a more run-heavy era, there would be fewer pass break-ups, and probably fewer tackles by the secondary (especially with a good front 7). Changing the metrics would probably mean comparisons with contempories to see how good a team (or unit) is vs others playing the same game. This requires far more data and analysis than any sportswriter can obtain on his own.
Comment 12 Jun 2020
I don't know how widespread it was, or if it's still happening... but it DID happen (not with just a single player), and yet the program suffered nothing but the loss of those players for a few a few games. REAL cheating to gain an actual on-the-field advantage, and the silence from the media (and for all intents and purposes the NCAA) is deafening.
Comment 08 Jun 2020
Those 3 descriptors, combined, are what set this group above others in recent years. In some years we've had maybe 2 of the 3, not not all of them, and for the two holes we will be filling this year (a number which is pretty common) the new guys competing display a combination of talent and depth. The weakest link is at LT where a loss to injury could force the use of (god forbid!) a 5 star recruit or Big Thanos instead.
Comment 05 Jun 2020
I recently rewatched the highlights from that game, for the first time in a a couple years. After his first big play, and he was displaying his jersey #, I started thinking that I didn't remember Bennett being such a hotdog... before remembering that he wasn't hotdogging it at all, but honoring his friend and teammate's memory. Such a great leader making a statement on the field.