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Raised as the son of an Ohio State grad, I've been a Buckeye fan since a kid. Went out of state to college at the school that has since become the latest (associate) member of the B1G. Have lived in NJ virtually my entire adult life.Still get a thrill watching TBDBITL and Buckeye football.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: beating Eric Dearbaugh in the mile
  • NFL TEAM: The original Cleveland Browns
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Comment 21 Jun 2019
Story from maybe 30 years ago: LL coach blew up at a teenage umpire for a call that went against his own son, swearing and berating the kid ump. For years this coach and the ump's father, former friends, couldn't even be in the same room when a mutual friend tried to patch things up by getting them together, thing went reasonably well, until the erstwhile coach had to say "but it was a bad call." At least no one got punched.
Comment 20 Jun 2019
How do we know that he would have wanted to come back (rather than pursue the NFL dream as UFA), or that Ohio State would still have a scholarship available after their 2016 incoming class? (I suppose we could assume they would MAKE a scholly available, or that he would stay on the team without a scholarship).
Comment 19 Jun 2019
While most of the key players in 2014 were his own, Meyer also had the benefit of contributions from a significant number of holdovers from his predecessor(s) - team MVP Evan Spencer, both TEs, renowned deep threat Devin Smith, under-appreciated Darryl Baldwin, defensive leader Michael Bennett, Doran Grant, Steve Miller, and Curtis Grant, plus others who (like Cardale) were recruited by and committed to Tressel/Fickell although their Buckeye careers didn't start until Meyer arrived - Boren, Powell and (maybe) Elflein and Perry. "Predominantly" may be a better description than "almost exclusively" when about half the starters were the holdovers.
Comment 17 Jun 2019
I don't understand the need to rank a coach who really hasn't been a head coach. It's like doing an employee performance evaluation before the employee has done the job. What's next - giving merit pay raises based on predicted performance? Yeah, I get it - it derives from the same impulse that gives us pre-season team rankings, pre-season all-americans, etc. It's ridiculous. Play the games first, and then rank whatever you want. Now get off my lawn.
Comment 13 Jun 2019
... and who Luke was not allowed to replace. Luke was a defense guy, while JT had effectively been both the QB coach and OC. Luke got stuck with the walrus and a film guy when he desperately needed some creative offense-minded thinking to handle the decimated offense and especially the QB situation.
Comment 11 Jun 2019
Well, except that the game wasn't put away until Evan Spencer recovered the onside kick... and even then the game wasn't put away until the Tyvis Powell interception... but I get your point.
Comment 07 Jun 2019
Exactly. In Phillip Roth's "The Great American Novel" there was a baseball player who was so obsessed with acquiring a nickname that his teammates nicknamed him "Nickname." Just let it come naturally.