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Raised as the son of an Ohio State grad, I've been a Buckeye fan since a kid. Went out of state to college at the school that has since become the latest (associate) member of the B1G. Have lived in NJ virtually my entire adult life.Still get a thrill watching TBDBITL and Buckeye football.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: beating Eric Dearbaugh in the mile
  • NFL TEAM: The original Cleveland Browns
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Comment 28 Mar 2020
Same here. Glad my kids will be, and their significant others.
Comment 28 Mar 2020
While I was at JHU, Princeton and Duke had yet to ascend the mountain to blueblood status and JHU was still THE program), but otherwise you're spot on with your lust. The couple times JHU played a team from west if the Appalachian s, that other other team would have to travel to Homewood field, with the results being laughBle (as they were even against teams like Princeton). But that was almost 50 years ago, and now the times they are a-changing. With the growth of the sport in Midwestern suburbs (as near Columbus) , the gradually improve academic reputation of the school, and Ohio State's money, there's every reason to believe that the Buckeyes COULD move up. But will they? Time will tell.
Comment 27 Mar 2020
Within this offense, and the WRs we have, the TEs simply will not get a lot of receptions. But if they get targeted another 2-3 times a game with a high degree of success, that's going to make things that much harder for the opposing D, opening things even wider for our talented guys on the outside, especially if we maintain even 80% of the run success we had with Dobbins.
Comment 26 Mar 2020
A grad transfer PG makes sense only if he's the right grad transfer PG - either someone who can come in ready and able to command significant minutes effectively, or one able to contribute in a pinch or limited minutes and willing to be in that role, and in either case, not someone who would mess up team chemistry and values.
Comment 20 Mar 2020
A MUCH better topic during this LONG off-season than "will there even be a starting line-up in 2020?"
Comment 12 Mar 2020
The issue isnt the scale of the events (WWII was bigger than COVID-19), but the nature of the events. During WWII we were relatively safe on our own soil, so that holding sporting events with crowds of people did not endanger anyone, and even then, we took the able-bodied away from their athletic careers. A pandemic can be exascerbated by assembling crowds, which is what makes the actions now a reasonable response.
Comment 10 Mar 2020
Y2K is an interesting comparison. Sure, there was unwarranted worrying in the public at the very end, but the actions taken in response to the attention given it the issue over the couple years prior were what made it a big nothing. We're planes ever going to fall out of the sky? Nah, nor power grids shut down, or anything like that, but a lot of systems we depend on would have had issues had we waited until problems actually occurred before doung something about them.
Comment 09 Mar 2020
Of course it is. My point (with a fan site probably not being the best place to voice it) us that we, as a society, value our sports to such a extent that the demand for good coaches (and pro athletes) pushes salaries to such high levels. Why is it that this type of work is valued so much vs others? (So that we fans often think that the INCREASES, year to year, are inadequate, despite being more that the ENTIRE salary for other jobs).
Comment 09 Mar 2020
I realize perfectly well that these guys make the football team successful, and that a successful football program makes money to the whole athletic department and (even if indirectly) makes money for the school as a whole... but does it make anyone else uncomfortable that we as a whole society value the goes who coach sports (as well as professional athletes and entertainers) so much? Now get off my lawn! (while I return to the 1960s.)
Comment 06 Mar 2020
I watched the Flyers under Don Donoher with Don May and Hank Finkle on TV, because there was no station where I lived (and no cable at all!) that carried the Buckeyes. I still pull for them.
Comment 06 Mar 2020
It's very hard to tell with teams who only play a couple top teams each year. I wish them luck... except should they happen to face the Buckeyes.
Comment 06 Mar 2020
Nobody expected Danny to take it to the hoop in that scenario, least of all Illinois. It validates Holtman's decision to start walkons in key end of season games, which he spoke about in his post-game remarks. Walk-ons are valuable members of a team (especially inpractice when numbers are limited!) and earn that opportunity.
Comment 06 Mar 2020
Of course if he gets a 6th year, but doesn't get a scholarship, he could decide to transfer, particularly if the WR rotation looks strong in spring ball. Although it may be more likely to stay (and pat his own having, having already receiced more free education than he started out expecting), the alternate scenario us also a possibility.